Monday, February 24, 2014

Hindu Leader Consults PADA

PADA editor had an interesting exchange with ISKCON guru cheer leader Sudarsan das. He promotes the idea that we have to follow the GBC's "tradition," apparently a tradition of the worship of illicit sex, homosex, drugs, criminals and debauchees as our acharyas. PADA argued, that's not our tradition for starters. And Sudarsan's alleged tradition is only working because -- as soon as members of his "tradition" find out that we want to worship a pure devotee, then we are immediately shunned, banned, if not beaten and killed.

In sum, their "tradition" only works by criminal oppression, i.e. stepping on the skulls of thousands of victims, and by vicious goonda sub-violent cult behavior, never mind their system creates crimes, child molesting, all sorts of lawsuits, bad publicity, and more importantly -- empty temples. In other words, as soon as we describe the actual working example and history of the Sudarsan guru program, their program has no explanation for how all these evils have evolved from "a guru succession from God."

And so Sudarsan sort of went away -- not able to offer any explanation. Same problem we are having with people like Wyatt, he cannot even begin to explain what his system is, what is the history of his system, what is the example of his system etc. They just run away when we ask them about their system, because their system does not work. They cannot defend their system, because it has major pot-holes in it.

Anyway, an important Hindu leader was sent this conversation and he has asked us for details of what has been going on over here in ISKCON. So every day, day in and day out, another person wakes up to their bogus guru's and their history, that means their system is doomed. And every day another person accepts our system, so its just a question of time. We are winning and will win totally over time. ys pd  

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