Thursday, February 6, 2014

Please Support the Milpitas Temple!

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  1. Who's name will the temple be in, Puranjana Dasa's? Will he be the sole proprietor of the ten million dollar project? What will happen if his followers find out he has fallen down in the past, or find him falling down in the future? At least with ISKCON the theory is if someone falls the temple remains in the society but with this temple who knows what will happen?

    [PADA: ISKCON has already lost, closed and sold many temples, and sold off farms and other properties, and many of the remaining temples are in bad shape, some have had problems like rats and bed bugs and etc. At least we have some money to make a nice place for the deity. It does not matter if I am fallen or not, no one is worshiping me as the acharya. Right now ISKCON is in trouble with its financials because it does not matter how much lipstick you put on a pig, people are not going to worship it, And neither are people going to flock to these GBC gurus anymore, especially around here, the party is officially over. That is why there is no money at their temples and there is plenty of money at ours, we are worshiping the actual acharya. ys pd]


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