Monday, February 17, 2014

Srila Prabhupada Ordered: "Chasing Crooks"?

Dear Acharya das, We did not cause any loss whatsoever. The GBC said in 1997 they wanted to sue us "for the next 100 years" and they decided to let Krishna's temples fall apart into bad repair while they spent millions on lawyers. That is the GBC's choice. They lost their original 1997 case and they appealed it many times over, and they have been in court ever since 1997 wasting millions of dollars.

They wanted their lawyers to have nice new Mercedes and mansions, and they wanted their temples to fall apart, because that is their choice and policy. They wanted this, not us? We never told them to run the temples of Krishna into the ghetto and spend maybe $20,000,000 buying mansions for lawyers? They said that is what they wanted to do, we never told them to do this?

As such, we have reported this problem ever since 1997 in our newsletters, i.e. various ISKCON temples having problems like: holes in the roof, mice, cock roaches, rats, bed bugs, bad plumbing, and so on. And some temples have had problems with the government making fines for their temples being in bad repairs. St. Louis restaurant for example was closed by the government. 4 rooms in one temple were just recently shut down by the government and the devotees had to move out -- and how did you guess, the devotees were moved to a house that had a reported rats and plumbing problem. 

Boston has also had rats and bed bugs, Philadelphia has also had rats and bed bugs, and so on, because the GBC wants lawyers to live in mansions and Krishna to live in a ghetto. One temple is begging people to buy a washing machine for the devotees, and so on and so on. There is no money for a washing machine, but there are plenty of millions to buy mansions for lawyers, that's what we said because its a fact.

We did not chose to spend $20 million dollars on lawyers and let the temples get into ghetto conditions, rather we have been telling the GBC that their temples are falling apart because they are taking care of lawyers and not Krishna. Assuming you are correct, that Madhu Pandit is a crook, where does Srila Prabhupada say we need to spend $20 million dollars chasing crooks and put Krishna in the ghetto? And worse, your devotees are suffering and in pain (like Laxmimoni), and you want to chase crooks instead of helping your own people with their health crises? Your devotees have to suffer in pain, with inability to get medical treatment, so you can buy a new Mercedes for a lawyer? 

There is no order from Srila Prabhupada to spend $20 million dollars "chasing crooks"? ys pd

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  1. Dear PADA since twenty years you tell us to mutiny, to revolt against ISKCON leaders in public. For people in general this looks like an act of piracy, a mutiny of the mob.

    [PADA: People in general have rejected these gurus a long time ago because of all their bad activities that was published in all the newspapers in the USA. We simply agreed with the people in general, these people are not gurus.]

    Karmis respond to all this with by opening more and more brothels and gambling houses.

    [PADA: Well yes, as religion degrades, then irreligion takes over, Thats true in examples of all types of religion's failures from all over the planet. There is increased adharma when dharma is corrupted, thats a fact.]

    Everywhere you are having now brothels and gambling houses. What to do, after all these are karmis? When they see that Vaishnavism is in bad shape they conclude to kill more cows and have more porn.

    [PADA: Yes, the ISKCON leaders have some very grave karma coming their way for causing mass degradation of the entire world from their corrupting of the Krishna religion. This is stated everywhere in shastra, false religionists go to the deepest levels of hell, and they stay there for extreme periods of time.]

    Of course the richer class is now richer than ever. However so far they won't donate even one cent for a Prabhupada temple. Any idea? At the same time ISKCONites feel secure that they are right.

    [PADA: They are not feeling that secure right now, they know they are under attack from all kinds of enemies they created by their evil actions, its catching up to them more and more these days, they are in a state of panic and chaos.]

    In sum, course of action should be to ask the government why they allow unconstitutional groups in their country, hostile to the constitution? Running a system of dictatorship, falsely posing as God's direct representative should not be tolerated on US territory, Mr. President!

    [PADA: That is why the Sri Isopanisad says these false religionists may escape the laws of the state -- but they will never escape the laws of God. They are going to "the most obnoxious regions of the universe," and there are some pretty obnoxious conditions right here on earth, so one can just imagine their terrible fate on planets that are thousands of times worse than earth's bad conditions. They are doomed, even if they wanted to correct things now, they have done so much damage already and many of their victims are already dead and gone etc. Of course if they repented that would help reduce their sentence somewhat. ys pd]


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