Sunday, February 9, 2014

RE: Attentive Chanting

Attentive Chanting

Attentive chanting of the holy names of Godhead is the only bona fide means to elevate oneself through the grace of the spiritual master to following God by following His will. There is no way to cheat God, for He can feel everything that troubles one’s soul and everything that is as sweet as celestial nectar from chanting without anxiety. The science of bhakti yoga, loving devotion, is to have love for the Lord while praising His spiritual form of pure transcendence, for a heart that does not yearn for His association through the sound vibration hare krishna is a heart that is bereft of the mercy that is freely given to liberated and conditioned soul alike.
Liking to chant the maha mantra as a door way to cleanse the temple of the heart from millions of intentional and unintentional offenses to the living entities and to all other forms of His diverse energies, Krishna Chaitanya is the secret essence of any endeavor to satisfy the Supreme, taking no offense into consideration because He has unconditional devotion for anyone who even tries once to praise His pastime as being the incarnation of the Name.
Formerly worrying over whether Krishna Chaitanya will accept you, keep such thoughts far away from one’s chanting heart, for a heart that doubts the absolute mercy of the holy name is a heart that doubts its eternal relationship with the Principle Expansion of Godhead, Sri Radha’s heart felt tears of wonderfully pleasant expressions of ecstatic devotion. Devotion is not the unique property of anyone, but is there for everyone to take to, for we cannot eternally delay our union with the Indwelling Lord. This meeting primarily takes place when the soul, despite being imperfect by all standards, still hankers after the mellows of being at one with the peace of Krishna. 
Everyone deserves to be loved by God just as they deserve to love Him. Make no delay and immediately take up the cause of Krishna prema by being an ambassador of love of God through the pure preaching of the softness of Lord Chaitanya’s golden holy name. Immersed in the ecstasies of sharing the same heart with Him, chant as if He were always there and not there at the same time. Chaitanya Deva’s message of peace through the ocean of nectar produced by uttering hare krishna is the foundation of any preacher in any town or village.
Feeling confident and humble because of being a dear and precious part of Godhead, never forgetting Krishna is as simple as always remembering His Name. O brothers! Fill your hearts with the love of God and be taken back into the arms of your Beloved Mahaprabhu; the answer to all of our prayers. Our relation to Him through His Name shall never be broken from this day forward, for in giving love of God, your soul with eternally be intoxicated by drinking from the source of eternal bliss and by risking every good plan for the expansion of empowering others through bhakti yoga; the king of yogas.

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