Monday, February 24, 2014

A Suicidal Civilization + News


A Suicidal Civilization
Srila Prabhupada: How can they prevent death? They do not know how to prevent it. They can accelerate it, that's all. Here is your problem, Mr. Scientist: janma-mrtyu-jara-vyadhi -- the cycle of birth, death, old age, and disease. Solve it! Where is the scientist who can do that? Instead they take some childish problem and try to avoid the real problem.

" So what? We work tonight and sleep tomorrow. " 
Hakoblo Sabludoski, a nice Jewish man, was Mexico's number one Emcee newscaster and respected throughout the world. I had been on his show, and I had explained, "Our mission is to bring happiness to the Mexican people. They are very joyful people, but we have come to give them even more happiness by the grace of my spiritual master."

There is no pleasure in this material world

Jai Srila Prabhupada!

Krishna Balaram Ratha Yatra at Johor, Malaysia
Hare Krsna Ashram, Malaysia conducted annual Krishna Balaram Ratha Yatra for the year 2014 in a grand way at Johor Bharu, Malaysia.

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