Monday, February 10, 2014

Another Gurukuli Lawsuit?

*** PADA NOTE: Yes, she still wants to hear from people who were ALREADY part of previous lawsuits, she wants them to sign onto the new one anyway. She says her lawyer has worked on that issue. Yes, she wants to hear from victims from India as well. Some of their friends in India are already preaching to locals there, and getting some of them to stay away from GBC's guru process. Yes, they have some form of networking going on already.

PADA: Some of the former children residents of New Vrndavana (and similar others) are somewhat appalled that people like Radhanath swami have become the darling messiahs of ISKCON. They remember children being abused at New Vrndavana. They remember 13 year old girls being "married off" to older men who were abusive. all conducted under Radhanath's administration (some of these folks were the 13 year old girls at the time). They remember the lack of facility they had, while many "big GBC gurus" were riding around in new Town cars and Cadillacs, staying at expensive hotels  -- and eating like giant pigs. And when some of these (then children) tried to bring their problems to the attention of some of the leaders, like the GBC and Radhanath types, the leaders never cared to help or certainly did not care enough, maybe because they were members of the abusive regime.

Why is Radhanath now the darling of ISKCON? One of them said to us, this is like being in a dictator's concentration camp, where you were being starved, beaten, abused and tortured, and after getting out of the dictator's camp, seeing the dictator's face plastered all over town as the greatest holy man on earth. Yes, they said -- this problem itself -- has lead to some suicides.

In other words, they recall all kinds of hellish things that were going on under the Kirtanananda / Radhanath program and they are simply amazed that ISKCON is currently making the same exact regime leaders their big authorities, and they are even burying deviants like Kirtanananda in a samadhi in Vrndavana. They also have testified to PADA -- all along and even recently -- that Kirtanananda was himself an abuser and he should not be recognized as some sort of samadhi-ized saint, and any society that does that needs to be exposed.

This time they want to go after a sort of criminal prosecution, which they feel (and we agree) was not done under the Turley case. Things like: Criminal neglect of children; Embezzling money meant for children to go to the guru's Cadillac's and fancy hotel funds; And of course orchestrating the banning, beating and assassinating of people (like us) who protested. That's why they appreciate our testimony in this regard.

At the same time, some of these people are disappointed that the Prabhupadanugas as a whole have not been very serious about this matter either, because none of them has even tried to make a serious criminal prosecution. They do not think that the Prabhupadanugas as a group are truly serious about opposing these bogus gurus, and that's a hard argument to defeat. It seems to be a fact -- that the Prabhupadanugas as a whole -- have not been able to prosecute these gurus for much of anything.

Some of these ex-kuls ALSO complained to us, that some of the persons claiming to be Prabhupadanugas, ok like for example Sanat, Mukunda, Prahlad types, who originally said in 1999 that these children need to be killed and chopped up (to save their hero messiahs like Radhanath and Kirtanananda) are simply interested in protecting the GBC's gurus. Some victims said, even at the time their edict was issued, this alone proves that these folks are with the GBC gurus right there all by itself, they are anti-children raksasas. Birds of a feather protecting one another.

And some of the ex-kulis also know this above group is currently claiming to be STLL working with the GBC's goondas -- as they have been all along -- trying to get us assassinated. And worse, they are STILL promoting the likes of Radhanath's biggest cheer leaders and groupies such as Bhakta das. Even worse, they are crying like babies that we got their hero messiah Tamal removed from ISKCON. In sum, they think sectors of the Prabhupadanuga program are fully compromised with the GBC's molester guru program, and they have been all along. They think there are fake Prabhupadanugas, just like there are fake gurus, and all of the above have failed to take proper action to clean up ISKCON.

Not only we cannot argue with that, we are saying that ourselves. Anyway, there is a ex-kuli woman who is heading this up, how did you guess, apparently many of the brave men have ran off the battlefield. If any ex-kulis want to talk to her about this, we'll send you her contact information. E-mail us @ and tell us briefly who you are, because we do not want to send angry nut cases and cranks to her. She has already had way too much of that already.

Anyway, the fact that she has to try to clean up the molester messiahs program out of ISKCON means, she is right, everyone else has failed to fix this. Even if she has no success, at least she wants to try to clean up the house. That makes her a rare soul, most people simply want to sweep the stinky mess under the carpet and hope no one else will notice. Anyway, we will keep our readers advised as this progresses, lets see what happens. I have so far not seen any draft of how the case will be organized, or anything else official yet, this is all at the starting stages. Apparently, it takes a woman to even want to clean up the house. Stay tuned. ys pd    


  1. has published an article stating that the pizza place at the temple in Mayapura is on of Mayapuras "Central locations". It has a pictorial layout staring who but Jayapataka. And here's a cartoon to go with the article.

    1. Even though Jayapotato is in the center of all those pictures it looked to me like not one of his disciples were looking at his face in even one of those pics. It even seemed like they were more interested in the pizza! Probably it would take becoming second initiated then waiting two more years before a Bengali becomes eligible to receive even one slice of leftover pizza at the end of the night from the looks on their faces. Yet Jayapotato is pointing at one of the pizzas like what? Like he is demanding, "Get me that pizza there!" And his disciple is also looking at that pizza like he is thinking the same thing. Just see how wide open the eyes of the disciple are! It is in one of the pics toward the middle.


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