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Srila Prabhupada Siddhanta Das: On Unity

PADA: Unity is needed. Thanks Srila Prabhupada siddhanta das for pointing out that unity is needed, and arguing among the Vaishnavas is not helping anyone. Agreed. Some folks who are friends with us, just because they liked our Krishna Art, were totally surprised to get messages from some of our opponents -- telling them that PADA is a demon etc. They wrote to us, we have not even joined your religion yet, and some of your religion's people are trying to get us into their "jihad" against you.

They were shocked at the childish, crude and cruel behavior of these people, and just astonished at the Taliban style of writing of some of our opponents. And they are amazed people would try to recruit brand new people into their campaign, just like the Taliban recruits non-combatant children into their campaign. As a result, the only thing they NOW really know "fer sure" about the Hare Krishna's is, yep its fer sure, some of them "hate other Krishna's guts," and they are very aggressive Taliban style fanatics.

So our opponents are writing to the non-combatants, some of these people who barely know who Krishna is, and do not even know what "PADA" is. The GBC is doing the same thing, they make a huge lecture against "the ritviks" to temple guests (like Harivilas did recently) but these are people who never even heard of the ritviks? Not sure how that is helping the world's problems?

One of them wrote to tell us, your opponents are worse than the school yard bullies we encountered in high school. Why are some of the "Krishna's" preaching like this, that is what they are asking us? They are also not at all surprised that people wanted to kill us after seeing the type of fanatical rhetoric some folks are using against us, which was sent to them by our opponents. Taliban pt. 2.

Needless to say, this is not convincing many people to join the religion itself. Its making the whole thing look sort of like fanatical Taliban in-fighting warrior groups, which attracts no one really. Had more of us unified at the start in 1978, when we said Jayatirtha is bogus and not a guru, all of this mess would have been avoided from square one. There was no unity. Then, people drifted off and would not help us, thus the evil regime became unchecked and unfettered, and the results are self-evident.

At the same time, some of our other friends are telling us they are simply "signing off" various internet groups and discussions, and avoiding Krishna discussions on the net, because they are not attracted to the infighting, and this is stopping their participating in anything. They are just walking away from having anything to do with the whole mess. And when they are running away, they are thus shutting down their nice positive preaching and sites etc. We need more people who want to preach about Srila Prabhupada in a positive way, if we scare them away, then what? More than several nice people wrote us to say, they are quitting all their programs altogether on the net. Of course this is what the GBC does, they stop nice programs. We should not become what -- we allegedly oppose?

So this process also means -- its stopping their preaching to the innocent. For example, one very nice program of putting up Srila Prabhupada's quotes was shut down because of all this, and that means now people will NOT have access to this service, its been stopped. Again, that is what the GBC does every day, they stop nice preaching programs and services by beating up on folks who are our friends and allies, and thus discouraging others from doing ANY service. The bogus GBC gurus do that same thing on a regular basis as well.

And many of our long term friends, people like Mahesh Raja, who we have worked with us for decades, are totally disgusted that people claiming to be Prabhupadanugas are always attacking our program  -- a program that we have been working on together since the 1980s. He is trying to preach, and our opponents are saying that our whole con-joint program is bogus because his associates are bogus, and that helps -- no one?

It makes it harder for people like Mahesh to preach when some folks are demonizing our whole program, a program that we have worked on together all along, that's all. It is already hard for these people to preach, so making it harder, helps -- ??? And then other people -- sitting on the sidelines -- see how hard it is for people like Mahesh, by people saying he is associated with demons, so they give up altogether and so on and so forth, its pushing down the preaching overall.

So, since its already hard for these people to preach, demonizing the people working with folks like Mahesh simply makes it harder for him to do his service. We should be helping people do their service, not trying to chop their legs off, so they cannot move forward at all? Demonizing Mahesh's associates makes it harder and harder for sincere people to do their service. That is of course what the GBC does daily.

He and others like him see that the only beneficiaries of all this in-fighting, are the bad guys. Of course, me and Sulochana had this problem all along. As soon as we said there is a problem, many "Prabhupada faithful" attacked us, and this aided and abetted the evil doers. It still does aid and abet the evil doers. Anyway, one thing is for sure, after nice people are discouraged by the infighting, that means their preaching has slowed, its hampered, its harassed, its stopped, and that certainly does not benefit anyone, ok except the bad guys. This is the same identical process the GBC's guru process is guilty of.

The whole child molesting issue for example was caused by this exact process. We reported that there is a problem, our opponents shouted us down, thus the problems continued. Shouting us down, that only helps the criminals, and no one else. And when sensitive people see us being shouted down, then they just pull away and do not participate, then the problems snow-ball into huge issues because everyone is now afraid to speak up, and get shouted down. And a number of ex-kulis also read our sites and ask us for help on various issues, so if we want them to be repaired and get a good impression of things, saying that anyone who helps them is a demon is not going to impress them, its alienating them further. We need to turn that impression around if we ever want to outreach and help them.

OK, and this is alienating process what the GBC does all the time. This process is why we had all these problems in the first place. And now we find some of our opponents want to have us assassinated, yep, GBC ditto head's program. Same wine, different bottle. If people see no difference in the mentality, demeanor and behavior of our "Prabhupada" group -- and the GBC's guru group -- then what?

Also you are right about the books, we need to read them. I had a night security guard job and took Chaitanya Charitamrta's there every night, and read the whole series over and over maybe ten times, cover to cover. That's where I researched many of the nice quotes later used in our "position papers." I had these books filled with many book marked places, and would then type those quotes into our papers. People simply are not reading these books, or they would have had better discrimination. You got it!

Oddly, the Syracuse New York courts who sued ISKCON for fraud -- did -- read the Chaitanya Charitamrta's books. And they used these books to prove in court that ISKCON is not following their own books, for example the books say "samkirtana" is congregational chanting of the name of the Lord, whereas it seemed to the court, the Krishna's leaders are calling "samkirtana" -- selling candles, "save the whales" t-shirts, record albums, oil paintings, collecting money for the blind -- and not giving it to the blind, sending women into topless bars to sell trinkets, and so on and so forth.

Never mind also the court (and everyone else) knew that "devotees" were also being arrested for working as drug mules, selling designer drugs, the PDI bust, the Hanadutta farm bust, selling illegal guns, robbery, felonies, credit card fraud, etc. In other words ISKCON lost their Syracuse Federal Court FRAUD case and was sued for "systematically defrauding the public." People were not (and still ARE not) reading the books, they did not know what is samkirtana, but the courts knew what is samkirtana better than the devotees, because the courts read the books!

So we agree, these books are not being studied and this has lead to many of "the troubles." One of these new people also asked me why I am being criticized for "wearing a sari" and I had to explain, yes, anyone who risks their life and limb, and fights a child molester guru cult is considered as "weak and womanly," while a lot of these "big men" sit around -- shouting us down, so they can protect the evil program. Its a means of keeping the evil program afloat by demonizing anyone who opposes it.

Same thing the GBC says, we are "wearing a sari," so if we act like the GBC, talk like the GBC, have the same goals as the GBC, this is not helping anyone, ooops, except the bogus GBC's guru program. The good news is, us "sari wearing" (?) folks kicked boots on the bogus gurus, apparently other "big men" could not move as fast as us -- because their pantyhose and girdles were too tight.  

Anyway, progress is being made in spite of all these things. Lets try to make 2014 a year where we drop the hatchets on the other Prabhupadanuga devotees and try to work for the benefit of helping others connect to Krishna and Srila Prabhupada. That what we all want to see here in the Bay Area, and I think that is also what you want to see, so lets unite and work under one banner of serving the pure devotee, and help others in the process. So you and others should encourage what we are doing here locally, we have a nice group of Prabhupadanuugas who want to see things moving forward, and so we should give these folks encouragement and not another boat load of troubles, of which they have had their fill for several lifetimes worth. Jaya Srila Prabhupada! ys pd


  1. PADA: We have already made a number of statements saying -- we do not endorse the anti-semitic views of some of these Illuminati people - or anyone else with these views. We also do not endorse the "serpent people" program and etc.

    We have made all of that very clear all along.

    I also really do not have a secretary, since I have to type everything myself. There are some people who support some of what PADA is saying, but they are not supporting all of what PADA is saying.

    We cannot be responsible for the people who have partial sympathy, but not full. Srila Prabhupada had the same problem. Some of his disciples only accepted 10 percent of what he said, others 25 percent, some got way up to 50 percent, a few rare souls maybe got up to maybe 75 percent, but there are none we can name off hand who accepted 100 percent, because that person would be a pure follower. There are none that we can name.

    So yes, we have had to work with people all along who were only partly in sympathy with our ideas, and Srila Prabhupada had to work all along with people who were only partly in sympathy with him. At least we are getting some things done by that process, and so did Srila Prabhupada also get things done by that process.

    Srila Prabhupada cannot therefore be responsible for people who only accept part of what he says, just as WE cannot be responsible for people who only accept part of what we are saying. We do not think its fair to expect PADA to be responsible for everyone who has some general sympathy for what we are doing, anymore than Srila Prabhupada can be responsible for all the people who had some partial acceptance of what he said.

    What we need to understand is -- that he worked with people who had partial sympathy, and if we want to move ahead, we might have to do the same thing. In any case, our views on these things are very clear, if people agree or not, that's not something we can control. ys pd

  2. Sorry Wyatt you have never posted any negative counter argument, you have said we are wrong, you have never made a negative counter argument for what is correct. We have asked you repeatedly to send us your position paper on what was actually ordered, and where it is being implemented, you have never sent us any counter reply, ever. We also asked you to identify anyone else who is giving pure divyam jnanam which destroys sins (aka diksha) other than Srila Prabhupada, you never tell us. Sorry, we have been waiting for your counter reply to our points, you never send that, you just keep repeating that we are wrong, you have never told us what is the right idea. We cannot keep posting your statement that we are wrong, if you have nothing that is right. We need to know what is the right idea, you have none. Simply attacking is not a positive proposal, send us your position paper on what was ordered and show us what that order is, and we will post it. ys pd

  3. Why position paper?

    [PADA: Because you have no position? You have not identified your source of divyam jnanam which destroys sins (diksha). You are saying Srila Prabhupada is not that source, so who is? You have none. So a person who does not accept a source of divyam jnanam which destroys sins (diksha) is called an atheist. That is what you are, you have no source, you are an atheist.]

    This is a simple thing.

    [PADA: If its simple why can't you name your source of diksha? Because you have none, that's why, and we exposed that.]

    You are a supporter of the idea that Srila Prabhupada is the source of divyam jnanam which destroys sins.

    [PADA: Correct, and you have no superior counter idea.]

    We say there is no such thing. There is nothing in the letter where it states Srila Prabhupada wanted a ritvik post samadhi initiation.

    [PADA: Great, walk into a Christian Church and tell them they cannot worship the "posthumous person" Jesus because Jesus never wrote a letter saying he should still be worshiped. You are an atheist.

    Pure devotees are worshiped for millions of years, none of them has to write a letter saying they need to be worshiped. They are worshiped because they are qualified. Anyway, tell us who we should worship instead, you never do.

    That means you think you are worshipable. Srila Prabhupada says when a person does not identify their guru, its because they are making themselves the guru. Sorry, you are not our guru. Tell us who the current diksha guru is, or admit, you are making yourself the current spiritual authority, just as Srila Prabhupada says you are. If you do not name another source, then you are making yourself the source, Srila Prabhupada says a person who does not name another source, is thinking they are the source, so -- you are now the current diksha guru? Really? ys pd]


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