Tuesday, February 4, 2014

ISKCON "Cure Of Souls" Department?


[Ravindra Swarupa's money begging web site. Getting desperate are we now? And what exactly is his "ISKCON Cure of Souls" program? ys pd]


  1. You mean you can set up a tax free donation site to give money to your guru so he can do even less than he is now? Amazing! Unfortunately even if he wrote 108 books before he dies they won't be any better than Satsvarupa's in my opinion. I have read one of his books before. It didn't exactly make me want to follow him. Just the opposite, it made me wish to avoid him like the plague. Anyone who donates to his book printing should be aware that if any trees are cut down in the making of the books the donater will have to suffer the karma. I hope he releases the books for free at any rate on the internet with all that money he is collecting. Otherwise what exactly is he collecting for? A life of luxury? With all that money he is planning on getting his disciples will be in the poorhouse trying to give all they can to their guru not knowing he isn't supposed to live like that! He is supposed to be RENOUNCED! I really hate the way things are going on in the society.

  2. "Cure of Souls". Does Ravindra really think if he writes his books he will cure his disciples? Satsvarupa said the same thing, his books would give his association to his disciples, and the word was spread they would benefit spiritually by reading them. What could be more blatant?

    Prabhupada did not say his divine 3-5 books he had planned would be so good they would cure people's souls, even though his books could. He humbly translated the Bhagavad Gita, Srimad Bhagavatam and Caitanya Caritamrta. Yes some smaller books were printed and served their purpose, but Ravindra Swarupa's books, are you kidding me?

    If I wanted to learn how to break the principle of "no illicit sex" I would donate to Ravana, I mean Ravindra, because in my opinion that is what he is good at, and nothing else. In my opinion he isn't even good at hiding it.

  3. ISKCON officials: Eldery Prabhupada disciples who refuse to become gurus are not being killed. Please note, nobody is killed! They are simply being taken out to the country to live in a tent.


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