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What Really Happened in 50 Years? Gadi Das

Krishna is not a business

What Really Happened in 50 Years



And this is just one sad layer:

Honestly, Krishna has given me a great memory and perception of the reality that is the International Society for Krishna Consciousness, or more accurately WAS the International Society for Krishna Consciousness. And to be perfectly honest, it still exists… in the heart of someones… somewheres. I'm on the ground here… I hear, see, and become informed of the truths below from those who experienced it, myself included.

Here is what was:

Happiness in our temples... There was real happiness in our temples... (usually a rented house rented under false pretenses)... happiness is why people joined. It was free form kirtan... interactions... Hairnam... great prasad… and a feeling of protection that was coming from Krishna directly. Complete dependence on Krishna, we never knew where our next dollar was coming from. By no means was it perfect, given the immaturity of the devotees, but there was hope... lots of hope and optimism for saving the world. There was a power that was transferred directly from our sampradaya through us and into the conditioned souls' hearts.

It was a fabulous time for the planet earth ... she was being revived with soft feet of the Harinam parties and Back to Godhead, the magazine of a spiritual revolution. Bhumi was encouraged. All and everyone gave themselves selflessly... there was never a thought of keeping a dime, even the lonely dime found on the sidewalk. Most of us dropped everything… like dropped out of college, dropped out of marriages, dropped our friends, dropped our parents... It was absolute freedom finally embraced by the loving arms of pure bhakti... Radharani... Our mother was sheltering us, and that's all we knew or needed. What a mysteriously perfect world we'd been given... We operated on love and trust... some may say naively... but that's how it went... Srila Prabhupada's eternal dandanvats...

Did it survive?

Here is what we have now, just 50 years later...

Sadness... lonely devotees, if there are any -- white or black, or other colored bodied devotees... they come and go... no real dedication. They know nothing of the revolution, they hardly know what a BTG is. They are attracted to Krishna, but turned off by the rituals and formalities, and the arrogance of the occupiers... performed in the name of Krishna of course… the temples are formal, unfriendly, elitist, full of pretentious occupiers who think that Srila Prabhupada came to make them brahmanas. 

The occupiers have hardly a clue what Lord Caitanya really came to give. After all, everyone is discouraged from reading Caitanya-caritamrta... it is "too advanced"... (Then why the hell did Prabhupada print it in English and Bengali, and so many other languages?)

There is hardly any kirtan, except for the regulate arotik... and then usually only one or two people. The prasad is orchestrated to be burning hot... usually too hot for the western tongue... you must have a Bengali tongue... Many of the buildings are now great architectural beauties... (even though Srila Prabhupada has written, "do not construct big buildings... useless waste of time"). Money is the objective... getting the cousins and relatives into America via OUR temples, under religious worker permits... getting them green cards... then they go out into the material world to make their mark... and are usually never seen again.

[PADA: Correct. After kicking out almost all the original 1970 era Srila Prabhupada devotees, and alienating almost all of their children -- i.e. the "second generation" of "gurukulis" -- by orchestrated neglect and abuses, then the GBC started to import "replacement" people from places like South America, former Soviet Block, Bengalis and so on, and they often gave these "loyal" people a salary, a promise of green card, a promise of marriage or etc. And the pattern has been, after many of them get their green card, they leave. 

That just happened recently, a temple cook just got his green card and he immediately ran off to work in a karmi restaurant. Basically, a lot of their current devotees are foreign nationals, hired servants etc. One USA temple was allegedly busted by the Federal ICE program for "running a green card business." 

So that was the GBC's plan, to get rid of the Srila Prabhupada disciples, then alienate and get rid of their children, and then "import" people who need material benefit like a green card, because then those people will have to surrender to the GBC to get their material benefits. And this is the problem with Rocana and his living gurus, they have made ISKCON into a mundane business.]

The word revolution has absolutely no meaning to them... No... the temple is only for worship and sacrifices, and rituals, and all pious things. (NO IT IS NOT!!!) BUllS?HT... Everything is about getting the other Indians outside to reach into their pockets deeper and deeper, and continuously...

[PADA: Yes, even the leaders of the New York temple admit they want to sell the Brooklyn temple to move to an area where more Hindus live, so they can extract more donations from the Hindus. These leaders are not moving nearer to a college campus so they can do more preaching ... its a Hindu money raking in business, again, their plan all along. 

One temple is now reportedly shut down all week long, and its only opened on Sunday so the Hindus can come in and give donations. Its become a Hindu cultural hall meeting place. And despite a few other GBCs complaining about the Brooklyn temple sale, there seems to be little or nothing these gutless wonders can do to check the sale, or to check much of anything else deviant going on anywhere else. Worse, more people are getting kicked out for protesting the sale, so its appears that when people protest deviations they are generally booted out, and the rest of the GBCs tend to offer little or not support for the protesters.]

And college... Let's not go there... Oh but we must... we must get our degree and get a good job... make big money and support the city temples... I really don't want to go down that path right now, and watch helplessly as young vibrant youthful souls are encouraged to go to the slaughterhouse... Why? Just to support the city temples of the occupiers. NO, I SAY… find a village... forget the slaughterhouse.

[PADA: Yes, some of our worst attackers in the early days were some "disciples" of Tamal who were here on education visas provided by Tamal, and they were taking computer classes in Texas. They even told me they had to be careful fighting with me because "it could harm their visa status." Yep, after they graduated college -- we never heard from them ever again.]

The temple is such a nice place to live and have an office and operate my business from... keep up with the sales and keep track of those cousins and such out there working for ME! My pockets get heavy with dough, while I spend the very least I can on the Deities flour dough... Oh yes friends... this is just the tip of the berg... We have been duped... we have been taken... we have been misguided... we are victims of our own apathy and victims of too much dependence on those who have enacted failed policies... 

[PADA: People were duped, well yes, but most folks knew there were problems all along with these "gurus." This is nice: "we are victims of our own apathy," i.e. we allowed ISKCON to go into a ditch, well yep!]
And our once radiant Radha, Who embraced us with love and protection, is now the Divine object sold to the highest bidder... for the abhiseka ceremony. 

[PADA: Right, there was a recent incident where people had to pay to perform the abhishekha ceremony, and to buy garlands to place at Srila Prabhupada's sannyasa ceremony. A business.]

And let's not forget the demigods, lest we create an offence... I say hell with that too... I am not afraid to call the spade what it is when the time is at hand... and I believe the time is at hand right NOW! 

[PADA: Better late than never.]

Along with the spicy offerings... which may or may not be Lord Caitanya's idea of prasad, comes the offerings and fire yajnas to the demigods... Oh yes my friends... those pictures from India that we thought were so cool back in the 60's have now appeared 3D for worship, even though our sampradaya forbids it. ... Lord Caitanya forbids it... Narotama Das Thakur forbids it... Srila Prabhupada forbids it...

[PADA: This has been a big problem too, and now some temples are doing Hindu car poojas, Hindu marriages, Hindu demigod worship, and even allowing Hindu mayavada swami speakers and so forth. A business.] 

And that is why there is sadness, my dear devotees... that is why there is sadness. The heart of Radharani has been surgically removed. 

[PADA: A business of devotional service does not attract Radha, nor does it attract her sincere devotees generally.] 

By the heart of Radharani, I mean her love coming through our acharyas and Prabhupada has been cut out. Lord Caintanya's Siksastakam prayers ... cut out ... Prem Bhakti Chandrika... cut out... Caitanya-caritamrta... cut out... Etc. cut out... And with that surgery, we sever the hope of the conditioned souls. Why? Because those literatures will destroy the urge to be fruitive... and the urge to make money for the occupiers. 

[PADA: Well that is what we said all along, these GBC gurus are "the occupiers," the usurpers, and so on, well right! Others are waking up, goody!] 

Those books create joy and happiness in the soul... and detachment ... We can't have that kind of bhakti interference in the temple... It will ruin all my business plans... What will happen to my parents back in India? After all, I promised them I would send money... etc., etc.

Oh yes, and everyone has an iPhone to keep up with the latest social media trends, and the latest movies... all in the name of Krishna Consciousness, mind you... And this is why Prabhupada warned Brahmananda prabhu in Africa... the Indians here wanted to construct a big temple... "get away from the Indians... they are only interested because of sentiment and culture... I am the only Indian in ISKCON! … Go out and make African devotees"... and he did...

But now, as we have literally more Indian managers and congregation than say the white-bodied Americans ... many more... now they have taken advantage to subjugate the white born Americans... 

[PADA: Correct, India's temples, and many USA temples, they have been taken over by Indian managers, because they will promote the worship of the GBC's gurus. Whoever promotes their worship gets to be their leader and director, and right now this is mainly Indian type folks. Westerners are not too interested in worshiping an illicit sex guru lineage, so they are dropping off their support. Many of the ex-kulis have also drifted off to Narayana Maharaja and other programs, they too are voting with their feet as a protest of the GBC's bogus guru's program.] 

Promoting the philosophy that those in the white bodies must take birth as Indians next life to make success. 

[PADA: Yes hee hee, some Hindu type GBC supporting people wrote to tell me that as well, "you Westerners have to wait until your next birth in India to make advancement," and then what? We will be as advanced as them, and promote the GBC's fools and deviants as Krishna's successor acharyas?]

Yes, this is reported to me... this is what they think... and it hurts like anything, because it is 100% bogus, no... 200% bogus... no... oh well ... let me just chant Hare Krishna in my apathy... What a heap of ... and not cow sh.. t, either... It's no wonder my God brothers and God sisters don't feel comfortable or welcome at the temples they helped create. This is what that culture and sentiment have created.

[PADA: Do not feel comfortable in the ISKCON temples, right, who feels comfortable promoting the worship of illicit sex messiah programs? Its Satanic at best.]

This is what happens when opulence is placed in front of pure unalloyed devotional service. Opulence creates a distinct mood, like just see how God, (Krishna) favors us! Well maybe God favors you because God is everywhere anyway... after all, how many pious religions are there anyway? 

But Krishna is nowhere to be found in that self-righteous atmosphere... Krishna only lives with the cows, He covers His opulence with sweetness, and where the twigs, flowers and vines are His favorite toys, and butter and yogurt are His favorite foods... where He plays freely with His cowherd friends... and meets His lovers in secret places everyday ... and every night ... Nararyan has no business there ... God has no business there ... just as Krishna has no business in Vaikuntha.

These wandering children I spoke of earlier are just looking for Krishna ... it looks like Krishna ... and it looks like Radha ... but something is not right ... Because the love net that Srila Prabhupada caught us in is missing. Now it's just God ... and like I said, God is everywhere ... Vaikuntha ... Where's the revolution, anyway?

Vrindavan is very different, and distinctly unique... and can only be found where love for Radha and Krishna is flowing ... This is what Srila Prabhupada gave, and why he wants us to live like Krishna lived. "How happy they were living with Krishna and the cows... this is what I want... that you make Vrindavan villages everywhere... no big buildings... useless waste of time. Chanting always should be our motto... " "At any cost do it". But has it been done?... NO IT HASN'T. 

And it is for this reason and many others that there is no real happiness in our temples, because we are not living the village life... and why these sad stories have been told to me:

"We don't allow any black or homeless people here"… "You are not allowed to serve prasad, you are not allowed to enter the kitchen, you are not allowed to wash the pots… you simply are not welcome here." Go away...

"We have no sleeping in our temple compound... you cannot sleep here... we do not have an ashram... go away." I will call the police if you do not move."

"You must fill out this application to live here... and we will do a background check..."

I ask you... what young homeless person has not had some altercation with the police? Many do not even fill out the application... they just go away...

So you can have hundreds of high falootin galas... hundreds and millions of books put out there, but the books can remain locked and unread... hundreds and millions of sangas and Ratha Yatras... hundreds of festivals, etc. …but without the heart of Vrindavan in the center, well... you know what I'm saying.

Something big and wonderful has been lost, but hopefully not lost everywhere. Just keep searching and Krishna will help ... Well, I think I have made my point. Happy 50th Anniversary ISKCON! (Yes, us.)

Your servant because of his mercy... always on call... Gadidas

[PADA: Good analysis! High falooting indeed! Thanks Gadi das, you are talking more like a PADA-nik every day. ys pd]

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  1. Yes, Murarisevaka is an official GBC project and the guru there has been Jayapataka, and he is the person who is currently suing the Prabhupadanuga devotees in India for their crime of not worshiping the GBC's illicit sex guru project. So Gadi does not seem to get it fully, that the reason his project is not flourishing is because the guru program he is promoting there wants to spend maybe $20,000,000 on making legal programs against the Prabhupada devotees, and they are not spending that amount on farms, cows and so forth. And as long as they sue people for worshiping the pure devotee, and they force people to worship their illicit sex acharyas instead, their projects will not have manpower because almost no one wants to donate their manpower and money to a legal program that is banning, removing, stopping and suing people from worshiping the pure devotees, and is forcing people to worship their illicit sex acharya programs.

    Its never going to grow until the root issue is fixed, and that is, people are not going to be attracted to the worship of illicit sex guru programs, its like selling rotten moldy tomatoes and then wondering why there are no customers. So he has to address the root issue more clearly, right! ys pd


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