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HKC Jaipur Rejects PADA's Peace Proposal? (Child abuse issue update)




Discussion of the gurukula issue with Bhakta Peter prabhu:

Jaipur HKC website:

PADA: OK so we recently put out a "peace proposal" for Dayalu Nitai's HKC Jaipur folks, and their apparent counter reply to us is, they are digging in their heels still supporting Prahlad's (Paul Coats UK?) program which says -- PADA is wrong to have helped dismantle the bogus GBC's child molester webs, nests and infrastructure project. Yep, stopping children from being abused is a big no, no in HKC world -- self-apparently.   

Had that infrastructure NOT been dismantled starting around 1999, many parents would NOT have pulled out their hundreds of kids out of these bogus "guru schools," and worse many more kids would have still been pumped in, and sent off to that odious machine -- where more victimization was possible if not probable. So Prahlad and his HKC Jaipur's fan club's BIG PLAN has been, and apparently STILL IS -- to keep these type molester regimes going, and not have us help take them down -- at all!  

Let the molesting party keep partying! That is their plan to fix the world? Has any of these HKC folks ever asked the victims if this was the better plan? Did we forget to mention -- the bogus GBC's plan was to NOT help us take this down either? Ditto heads of a feather?

Of course the only good news is, this TOTALLY confirms everything we have said about this issue up to now? Prahlad das and his HKC Jaipur disciples are apparently quite happy to see many small children being victimized by an odious abuse regime, otherwise why would they vociferously oppose us having this regime dismantled? Or as one victim says, why are they molester program's lovers? Can't really repeat what some other victims said about Prahlad and his HKC disciples on a public forum!

Now some folks in the middle of all this keep sending me photos of HKC kirtans and programs, trying to show me this is a bona fide program. OK but the GBC's programs ALSO had ALL sorts of kirtans going on all along in the 1980s -- when we tried to address the attitude of the GBC's leaders towards the molesting issue then. So kirtans are nice no doubt, but the topic here is -- what is the attitude of these leaders and elders -- of either ISKCON / or HKC -- towards abuse and molesting? In other words, before we get into a process of exploiting people's sentiments with kirtan, we want to know -- what is that program's policy about abuse?   

And it is increasingly clear, the HKC Jaipur's top leadership types have sided with Prahlad's process -- that we should NOT have DISMANTLED these vicious mass molesting nests and rings, and the HKC still are apparently his disciples on this topic. OK so what makes them any different from Tamal's and Kirtanananda's regimes, on this issue? Again, sticking with the issue at hand? Molester programs should not be dismantled? That is their plan? Same plan as the bogus GBC ilk orchestrators of this regime?

And this is Prahlad's mantra that he has trained the HKC in? Why do they vociferously oppose having mass molesting stopped, unless they are on the side of that agenda? Why would they be on the side of the abuse regime and still claim to be reformers?     

KD: Watching HKC from last one decade, never seen Crawford prabhu visiting HKC or HKV. May be once / twice in 10 years. This is far less than the time than what Prahlad prabhu and me have spent with HKC devotees. What to speak of believing his words about HKC.

OK so Prahlad is STILL the self-evidently welcomed shiksha guru of the HKC Jaipur's folks on this molesting issue, which is what we said all along? And on Prahlad's web site it STILL says -- PADA is wrong to have opposed the molesting regime, and Prahlad is STILL infuriated took we took their program down to the mat. OK so he is clearly a molester regime lover. Prahlad direct or de facto says: he wanted the molesting program to continue, because -- we should not have taken it down, its on his own site?  

Peter prabhu keeps asking me, where is the written proof? OK, and as we said many times HERE on this blog -- its ON Prahlad's own SITE. He opposes us dismantling the mass child abuse infrastructure. He openly states that. And HKC people are his disciples ON THIS ISSUE, if not why have they agreed with him in the past and never stated otherwise? And why are they still saying he is with HKC folks many times over the past ten years, if he is not a welcomed guest (and adviser, as he was on this issue in the past)?

Bhakta Peter ... Let me clarify -- the general (HKC Jaipur) congregation is not sophisticated with the internet, but the devotees there running things all have engineering degrees. The dozen or so devotees there that do run things all have engineering degrees, and do have diverse skills. They are much more educated then 99% of devotees in general. How many devotees do you know that have REAL engineering degrees? They are more educated then you Mr. PADA.

Wow! So in order to become one of the best boot licker disciples of the biggest advocate of keeping child molesting regimes running, I would need a college degree in engineering? This is getting more silly by the moment? What good is a PHD in engineering -- if one STILL does not know child molester regimes need to be dismantled? And that people who favor keeping molesting regimes going are deviants and not our welcomed shiksha gurus? 

So this confirms what we said all along, some HKC top tier folks sided with Prahlad's plan of -- KEEPING THE MOLESTING going. And they thus sided with KEEPING THE MARRIAGES of underage girls to much older men (against their will). And they also sided with not having us help save people from suicide. etc!

And you'd need a PHD to be such a child oppressing deviant?

Sorry, there are billions of dogs on this planet and not one of them tried to impede us from saving hundreds of children from victimization, bogus marriages and suicide? The only entities that try to halt us from doing that are in human bodies. And we should name some of those bodies, ok GBC folks and their HKC henchmen disciples like Prahlad das and his HKC clones. Yes, even a dog with no PHD does not try to stop us from saving children, only these folks do. That means dogs have better behavior than these PHD graduates? 

Anyway, again the only good news is --this confirms EVERYTHING WE SAID all along on this topic. Please do not send me anymore HKC kirtan photos, seen that, done that, been there already in the 1980s. The GBC folks also told me the same things, so what -- we have nice kirtan? OK, but a nice kirtan program does not make a license to oppose people who dismantle child abuse programs.

I also pray that the HKC children there in their guru school are not being told that it is a good idea to keep child abuse regimes going without being checked.  Anyway now you all know why this had to go to public police, FBI, media and public court etc., these type people sided with the oppressors, forcing the issue into the public courts.
 ys pd    

PS: Correct prabhu, many people leave ISKCON physically but remain there in sentiment and following the same deviant policies and ideals. Right! We cannot simultaneously "reform" the Krishna religion and act exactly like the deviants we are trying to reform from. Goody! ys pd


  1. Yes prabhu, evil PADA is bringing out: Srila Prabhupada's letters, the will, the appointment tape, the molesting issue, the book changes issue, the poison tape and issue and so on. We should have not bothered and "got educated" and gone to engineering school instead! Amazing, this is exactly what GBC folks have said as well, PADA should have been getting a better mundane education and job! Very similar mindset to the GBC folks. The reason folks do not want us to bring out these issues, because they have sympathy for the GBC gurus and their bogus process? Why else would they want to have all of these issues suppressed? Yes, do not bring these things out, go to school and get a better job, exactly what some GBC clones said in the 1980s. Which is why Sulochana said, birds of a feather flop together! Hee hee. If we had not brought out the poison tapes, it would have kept the issue covered for who knows how long. Yes, they still have sympathy for the GBC bogus guru's folks, its self evident. Suppress PADA, save the bogus gurus, same agenda. Yep. Why would they want to have the poison issue suppressed unless -- they are in league with that camp? Agreed. ys pd

  2. Anyway we offered to discuss and resolve these things, they are not interested. Not news really. Neither the GBC was ever interested in resolving things? As for them saying PADA is a liar, nope, there REALLY was molesting, there REALLy was changed books, there REALLY was a poison complaint, none of this is "all PADA lies." Sorry for you HKC GBC guru apologists but many / most people agree with us on these issues, its just that we have the facts and you do not! Our facts are being accepted more and more daily. Anyway, you defeated your own "need for court" argument? The molesting issue had to go to court, because thinkers like you HKC folks said -- the molesting is all PADA lies, and the HKC folks still says our molesting expose is all lies. They are the most diehard GBC fans on the planet! Yep child molesting is all lies, that is how people like you HKC folks create molesting programs in the first place. Too bad we had to expose you guys, but we think its important for people to know what your hidden agenda is. ys pd

  3. Thanks prabhu. Yes I know some HKC folks have recently been saying "no one agrees with PADA anyway." Really? Out of the total world population, lets say 7.6 billion, how many folks agree with HKC types like Prahlad that child molesting should NOT be halted, and we need to allow children to worship sexual predators as their acharyas and messiahs? MOST people want that?

    Hee hee! Right, NOT TRUE its only their teeny clique of just a few GBC type folks and a few HKC folks who do not agree with PADA -- when we say that molesting has to be halted. Yes, easily 999999.999999 percent world population agrees with PADA, abused children need to be rescued. How many people agree with bogus GBC / HKC that children should not be rescued from abuse? OK less than a billionth percent, at best?

    "How many" is also not a good argument in the first place, because most people do not accept that Krishna is God, that does not mean Krishna is not God?

    So this is very silly, they think MOST people agree with them, that we should ALLOW CHILDREN TO BE MOLESTED -- and to worship deviants as their gurus. Nope! Hardly no one agrees -- with them! We are in the clear majority here! Wow. These HKC type folks actually believe MOST people want to allow children to be molested and to worship deviants? That is their whole argument against us?

    Yep! This is another GBC clone argument. This is what the GBC folks said all along, most do not agree with PADA. Most who? Well yes, most of the perps, molesters and deviants agree with them, while most sane and moral people agree with us, that gives us the 99999999.99999 percent on our side. We win that argument hands down. Hee hee. MOST people WANT to allow children to be molested and the do not agree with PADA, it needs to be dismantled? Wow, that is the entire argument of the HKC ilk nowadays? Sheesh, they are getting desperate. ys pd

  4. Thanks prabhu. Yes you are quite correct, child abuse is factually illegal and criminal activity -- even according to the standards of the karmis. That means that the karmis have a much higher standard of justice than Prahlad and his HKC pals, who are encouraging this illegal molesting program to continue, by telling PADA -- we are wrong to check these crimes against children. Yes, that means Prahlad / HKC folks have been encouraging criminal activity. I would agree. So yes, they are criminals, what else can we conclude? No wonder they are not happy with PADA, criminals never liked our program the whole time. You are quite correct, even karmis have a much higher standard of behavior than these people. And that they are encouraging crimes against children (even telling us not to help stop these abuse crimes) makes them not very high on the behavior scale. Agreed. Then again, the GBC's folks discouraged us from dismantling criminal behaviors all along as well. Birds of a feather? Yes, this is criminal behavior, we agree fully. And that they are encouraging crimes against children means -- they are not even advanced as regular criminals, who are against child abuse. Yep! You got it prabhu! ys pd

  5. Dear PADA: "Everyone agrees that child molesting should not be stopped." Everyone where? They forgot to tell us, they took their survey on Patala loka! (PADA: Heh heh heh, lovely).

  6. Yes. Over the years we have heard terrible stories of testimony from hundreds of "gurukula" victims. Even recently one of them came out and confided to me -- for the first time -- about his horrible whole story, because many victims know we are advocates for their cause. No wonder GBC and some HKC Jaipur affiliated folks hate us, we advocated for the victims of their child oppressing policy. Yes it is amazing, even after some GBC and HKC Jaipur ilk are knowing of so many stories of victimization like this (because PADA reported on it?) they still say they wanted all this abuse and victimization to continue and not to be checked and dismantled by PADA. These GBC and HKC ilk goondas clearly wanted the child abuse agenda to continue and they are angry we spoiled their child oppressing agenda. Yes, there is no other good explanation: These GBC and HKC ilk child oppressing goondas wanted to create hundreds of more children victims, and even have more and more children worship these deviants as their messiahs. And they are upset we spoiled their child munching for dinner party and agenda? Now they are arguing "not too many people agree with PADA." Well how many people agree with their agenda of tossing children into a wood chipper program? Why would anyone STILL defend mass child abuse at this stage, unless they are child munching deviants, as Sulochana said they are? Yes ISKCON was infiltered by deviants -- and even NOW and TODAY some GBC types and their HKC affiliated folks are STILL the current top cheer leaders of this agenda. That IS the only logical explanation. The good news is, they are being exposed more and more, and more and more victims are coming forward to confide with us because they know, this GBC and HKC ilk agenda is DEMONIAC. Yep. We stopped their agenda of tossing children into a wood chipper, no wonder these cry babies are so upset. ys pd


  8. Prabhu, this is not an "attack" on anyone? The HKC folks joined forces with the GBC's molester messiah's program by saying the ongoing abuse program / worship of deviants program / should not be dismantled by us, and they attacked us for saving children from their agenda. That means they started this all off by attacking children, saying its an offense to save children. If people want to attack children, we will defend children. I cannot help but notice, hardly no one apart from Peter prabhu is coming to their aid? Now if we want to know why so many ex-children and others have developed a bad attitude about the religion, its because of these HKC types and their agenda people saying abuse should not be halted, and that is endorsed by the religion. Its not! FYI: This is ALSO how many ex-gurukulis and others got a rotten image of the religion from square one, saying that abuse should not be halted mis-represented the religion all along, and the HKC are part of that agenda EVEN TODAY. Saying that abuse should not be halted is how people got to attack the religion all along, and they are hand maidens of that process. Then, after the HKC folks joined the GBC's deviants and endorsed saying children abuse should not be dismantled, they wonder why folks have a bad impression of the religion? Its because they made the bad impression by supporting this anti-children agenda. Prabhu, they started all this? We simply responded? If they want to join the GBC goonda's agenda and attack children, we will defend children, its what we do? They already knew that? ys pd

  9. Bhakta Peter discussed the gurukula abuse issue with PADA editor here:

  10. One gurukuli said he got $25,000 from the settlement and he used that to go to college and in that way he had some trade so he could get a better job working as a clerk in an office building. Otherwise he would have had to spend his life as a dishwasher in a meat serving restaurant, the only job he could get before that. Why does the HKC ilk think that Krishna's children should be working in a karmi meat serving restaurant washing dishes for their whole lives? They wanted Srila Prabhupada's children to have a job in a meat serving restaurant for their whole lives as a dish washer? Is that what they want for their own children? Not sure why the HKC clan folks wanted Krishna's children to have no job, no place to live, and no money for food? This kuli said NO ONE ELSE would have given him a dime, and no one else did. Why does HKC ilk keep saying they wanted these children to be homeless people with no means of livlihood? Is that how we should treat children? Yes, its amazing that they wanted the children of Krishna to have a lifetime career of washing dishes in a meat serving restaurant and they are envious that these children got a better start to their lives than that. Amazing, these children got a teeny settlement and the HKC ilk are envious that they even got a dime, because they wanted to have them washing dishes in a meat serving restaurant for their whole lives. They HKC are envious that these children got -- anything from anyone. Let them suffer with nothing, same policy as the GBC's program? ys pd

  11. Thanks prabhu. So this has been a problem, the GBC / HKC Jaipur friendly policy has been -- to starve out resources for many of the ISKCON children who did not get much support to start their lives off. Many of these kids had not even been given a proper High School level education. So they had a hard time adjusting to leaving ISKCON and going out and making it on their own. Some had very hard times finding ANY work and especially finding work that would support a person properly, never mind support a family if they wanted to get married and etc. Many of the parents were also poor and could not offer much support, some parents just did not offer support even if they had a little money because they thought the children were "offending the GBC guru's process." So the fact some got even a little support in the form of the legal process was literally a God send to a number of them to get themselves some sort of starting off funding for their lives. Its amazing that people seem to forget, these are Srila Prabhupada's children and they deserved a whole lot more support to get their lives going than they got, never mind some of them also suffered from PTSD type mental break downs making it even harder for them to survive in the material world. So at least some of them got something, and it is amazing that the GBC / HKC plan for some of them was -- to have them spend their entire lives washing dishes in a meat serving restaurant, and not have any funding to get a better educational training so they could at least support themselves better. No mercy for the victims. Notice, after saying that these children of Krishna should be left out to dry with nothing to support them, maybe even out on the street in some cases, "let em all die with zero resources" attitude, and even begrudging that they might get a better job in an office, now these folks claim they cannot understand why some of these kids might have "a negative impression of the religion"? They have a negative impression because of you holier than thou guys, you GBC / HKC types wanting them to die even on the street with no support, is what gave these kids -- their bad attitude? Your guys agenda is what caused their bad attitude! After you guys caused the bad attitude, and are still trying to foment even more bad attitude up to now, you wonder why some of these kids rejected the religion? Your guys agenda is what caused them to reject the religion. You stomp jack boots on children, and then expect them to worship you as their higher authority? Not happening! ys pd

  12. Yes its shame that Peter and Prahlad ilk are linking HKC Jaipur to their molesting defending agenda. They are using Dayalu Nitai's program to defend their agenda. Agreed. Yikes! Now Peter prabhu says that because we rescued hundreds of children from possible molesting (many thanked me personally), and rescued a number young girls from being married to much older men (and some of them thanked me personally for saving them), and possibly saved many others from suicide (many thanked me personally), and we got some funding for children who would have had nothing to start their lives off with (and some thanked me for that ... saying they would have been in dire straights without these funds)... HKC pal Peter says all this saving children makes us "Dirty nasty old men." Wow, HKC Jaipur defender Peter prabhu wanted Srila Prabhupada's children to stay in the hands of actual dirty old men, not let us rescue young girls who are being married to nasty old men, and not let us help children who are dying from their agenda of allowing molesting. Peter, you and your HKC pals are the boot lickers of dirty old men because you did not want us to save children from your dirty old man molesting agenda. Why do you want Srila Prabhupada's children to continue to worship sexual predators without us halting your agenda? You need to realize that molesting is a crime and if you want to allow that, you are criminals, same as GBC criminals who also opposed us dismantling your agenda. You want to save the rivers in India, but toss Krishna's children under the bus? Anyway, now you are down to name calling, that means according to debate rules, argumentum ad hominem, the last refuge of rascals in a debate. So yes, you guys need to quit licking the boots of real, actual dirty old men programs and quit being the biggest cheer leaders of that agenda on the planet. Name calling PADA, that is what Tamal was doing? Birds of a feather? ys pd


  13. Sorry I did not make the origins of this conflict more clear. (A) Dayalu Nitai's people were illegally using the Akshaya Patra charity name to collect funds for their own program. (B) Bangalore had to issue a legal "cease and desist" order against HKC Jaipur, because this is criminal behavior and Akshaya Patra cannot legally allow anyone and everyone to collect funds in their name with no accountability. Its illegal. So then Prahlad and Peter and others started to assist Dayalu and attack Bangalore, because clearly they think these GBC style illegal cheating techniques are fine and dandy. So they have started all this off by saying they should be allowed to act like criminal crooks. (C) Then we agreed with Bangalore that these GBC style crooked behaviors have to be halted, and so HKC started to attack PADA. And then the HKC folks started saying PADA should not EVEN stop children from being molested, which means the HKC are endorsing even more criminal behaviors, even crimes against children. So they do not get it, the reason Hare Krishna has a bad name is because of their agenda of endorsing criminals and crimes, saying this agenda should not be checked. So a lot of people were not too surprised, if they endorsed some crimes, why would they not endorse other crimes? In sum! Crimes against children is illegal, if they do not know that, then they are simply covert agents of the GBC. That is what more and more people are agreeing to. The good news? Even the hamburger eating karmi courts know that child molesting is a crime and they had to put the brakes on their agenda. Anyone who still thinks the way forward is to be a criminal or to allow crimes is not understanding how the Krishna religion got into the mess its in already, that means they are part of the agenda that gives Hare Krishna a bad name, never mind their agenda victimizes others -- including children. So yes, this all started when they were exposed as crooks, and other crooks came to their aid, but the growing devotee consensus now is -- criminal behaviors has to be stopped, and for no small amount of reason that its giving Krishna a bad name. ys pd


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