Friday, May 11, 2018

Peace for PADA and Hare Krishna Community Jaipur?

Thanks prabhu, yes lets get the Hare Krishna Community Jaipur and PADA to make peace. I am all for it. First of all however, when Prahlad das (Paul Coats UK?) was there at Dayalu Nitai's HKC Jaipur, he was making death threats to PADA. He said he was going to circulate my photo to the GBC goondas to get me killed


Because we helped liberate hundreds of children from being abused when we got their parents to pull them out of these bogus GBC's guru programs. And we ALSO helped young girls who were going to be married to much older men against their wishes, and we ALSO helped stop some molesting victims from committing suicide. Self-evidently Prahlad loves to see Krishna's children being abused if not molested and having them die as a result. In fact he is probably the biggest cheer leader of this program on the planet? No one else defends the GBC's abuse project as much as Prahlad does? 

At that time, a number of HKC Jaipur's leading people (relatives of Dayalu Nitai?) took the side of Prahlad an they attacked PADA and they encouraged Prahlad's view, apparently -- that anyone who opposes child molesting and who liberates hundreds of victims from that process --- needs to be killed. Now you say I have not been merciful to HKC folks? Nope, we could have gone to the police and reported that the HKC Jaipur's program has been harboring a person engaged in international terrorist death threats, which is a crime, and they are also encouraging this person. Which means they are acting illegally. 

Thus! We may have been able to get HKC's Dayalu Nitai's program into trouble with the police, but we were very merciful and did not report him. We never seem to get any credit for being merciful on this point?

Of course, I also have friends who are police and they know about these HKC people and their program, so if anything untowards happens to me, they could be investigated as part of that process. Subsequently, other folks from Jaipur told me Dayalu's program engages in dubious money collecting techniques and mistreatment of members and so on, which we tend to believe. Because if his program would encourage even death threats to Vaishnavas, all so the HKC program could assist Prahlad in defending known child abusers and guru poisoner's agendas, why would they not engage in other crimes and misdemeanors? 

In any case, the HKC has never explained why they supported a person who says they want to see Vaishnavas assassinated, all because -- that would put a crimp on (what seems evident) is Prahlad's child molesting program which he is apparently afraid might be crimped or halted by us? Why is Prahlad even defending child molesting in the first place, and why is he using death threats to defend and keep that odious process going? And why is HKC encouraging Prahlad, after we reported his death threats -- against people who curb molesting of children? A number of ex-kulis therefore tell PADA, these HKC type people are simply another manifestation of the GBC's process, Tamal's boot lickers? 

In sum, why are the HKC folks taking up the side of Kirtanananda's goondas who -- also wanted to kill us? Why don't they even know the Kirtanananda program is a criminal enterprise that victimizes children, and therefore they should not help assist the same activities as that program (defending child molesting with death threats)? Why would they even want to talk, act, and / or behave exactly like the Kirtanananda people towards us Prabhupadanugas, unless they have never left that camp?  

No one from the HKC ever explains? 

Worse, we are the people who brought out Srila Prabhupada's poison complaint. Attacking us helps chop the legs off of our protest of this issue? Why would the HKC Jaipur leadership help defend the Judas sabha by attacking anyone who says Srila Prabhupada complains of poison? They do not even know, the Judas sabha should not be assisted by taking down its critics?

Then Prahald says Mukunda's neo Nazi Illuminati program is great, because its getting lots of hits. Why is the HKC involved with promoting the Hitler's-anugas process? Why do they evidently want to have Krishna lumped in with -- Hitler? And HKC people REPEATEDLY sent me links to Prahlad's site, where Mukunda's links have been given? Then Prahlad says PADA is a liar, exactly what Tamal says? Why are the HKC folks encouraging Tamal's topmost hand maidens like Prahlad?

Prahlad's pal Mukunda UK also said he wanted to have the ISKCON children "killed in a bloodbath in Dallas." Why do these people always want to see the children victims and / or those advocating for the victims killed, while they let the perps go scott free? Isn't that the same thing the GBC does? The victims need to be stomped on with jackboots, but the perps always go free? Why do the HKC folks apparently support these agendas?

Then Prahlad sent links to have people listen to his new shiksha guru BHAKTA DAS, a big cheer leader of the GBC and people like Radhanath. And the HKC people sent me links to that video. Why would the HKC folks promote a program whose people are burying various KNOWN deviants and sexual predators in the holy dham? And why is Prahlad trying to introduce these deviations into the Prabhupadanugas program, and the Dayalu Nitai HKC program has been acting as his hand maiden?

Then it turns out, Mahesh says Prahlad's mentor Mukunda is a wife beater. Why is Prahlad supporting / promoting /defending children abusers and women abusers programs and their leaders? Then, when we tried to rescue a woman from an abuser, how did you guess, Prahlad took the side of the abuser and attacked us. Again, why is HKC involved with these agendas? Sorry, these are the issues we need to JETTISON from the Hare Krishna religion.  

So I am always in favor for making a peaceful settlement. However, unless we can address some of these important root issues, its not going to be easy to resolve. Maybe you can try to negotiate something. I am always willing to discuss and make a resolution. Lets do it! 

The Christians pray "Satan get out of our house" -- they have the right idea. We cannot simultaneously get away from Satan and -- invite his agenda into our camp? Did I forget to mention, many devotees are agreeing with PADA, we need to save women and children from abuse and the defenders of their abuse program like Prahlad. HKC should at least issue a declaration they are not part of this process and PADA is right, that would help make a start. ys pd             


Mario Pineda and Prahlad types have no platform to support any temples, programs or ritvik devotees either? Where is their program to do that? They say Bangalore folks are not doing enough, but they at least are making a $10,000,000 temple program here which attracts thousands of guests, has a cow goshalla and so on. They had a fantastic Hanuman Jayanati here with many guests in attendance and so on. 

Yes, there is not enough facility for the rtiviks, so people need to make that happen. Who is doing that? And the GBC is spending $20,000,000 suing Bangalore, because they see their program as a big threat. The GBC is not spending 20 cents suing Mario Pineda, because he has nothing of substance to attack? 

So lets admit the ritviks as a group are failing to make practical programs, but criticizing Madhu Pandit is not going to produce anything that will help the situation. Krishna Kanta is also doing the same thing, criticizing Bangalore, but he is not even making a little home temple program in UK that he manages, that we know of anyway? 

If he cannot even manage a small home preaching program, how can he mange more than that? This is the program Bangalore is making here. At least there is something here, Mario Pineda has not produced anything, what to speak of even close to this. In sum, people need to get their own projects going, simply attacking other projects will not make another project. PS the Sunnyvale program expanded by sending people to New Jersey where they made a big program there, and now there is a branch in Boston. ys pd


PADA: Meanwhile, this program seems to be getting the job done nicely in Jaipur:


  1. Right prabhu, using death threats as a means of resolving issues among "Vaihnsavas" is simply not acceptable Vaishnava behavior, never mind its criminal even by karmi standards. Its amazing that some of these programs which issue death threats then complain "PADA is giving ISKCON a bad name," when its really their violent cult process which has given the movement a bad name, not us victims. Anyway the good news is, we are getting more people on board with our idea to heal the society by removing the criminal elements and their odious behaviors, and these criminal elements are dwindling and having less and less of an effect on the society. Even a number of ex-kulis are saying that they think the society has been overtaken by these crooks and they want this program and its agenda to be taken out of Krishna's movement. In sum more people are agreeing with us, not less. ys pd

  2. You are right, some people can physically leave ISKCON, but they may still remain brain washed victims of GBC mind-control. Yes, its sad that some people remain tethered to that process and they cannot break away. Of course, some of the more innocent followers of these programs might not even know that the leaders are supporting such deviations. Yes, often the followers are not as implicated as the leaders. Agreed. So there are perhaps sincere people who worship Srila Prabhupada in this and many other programs, but they are stuck in the institution and cannot see another option at this point. ys pd

  3. Yes, they really cannot get a very large program going after all this time. Yep. No doubt this has to do with their trying to merge together the Prabhupadanuga's program with other bogus agendas. Yep. Whereas people who are just promoting Srila Prabhupada as the acharya, without all this bogus baggage (like the Sunnyvale program here) are growing by leaps and bounds. Agreed. ys pd

  4. Bhakta Robin made a video saying that we are "speaking lies." Nope. Prahlad's site still says that the Windle Turley lawsuit was not required. Right, that means that the hundreds of children who were pulled out of GBC's schools should have stayed (and possibly faced abuses); The young girls being married to older men should have accepted that without protest; And the suicides should have continued unchecked. Sulochana said these people are tossing children into a wood chipper. Why do they want that process to continue unchecked? And HKC Jaipur folks not only backed Prahlad VOCIFEROUSLY, they listed him as one of their senior people AT THE TIME. Sorry, this is not a lie. They may have some sort of program, cows and what not, fine, and ISKCON has some sorts of programs here and there as well, ok -- but that is not a licence to support the biggest defenders of child abuse on the planet? Anyway, at least some of them are finally taking notice here, sheesh! What took so long? This had to go to the karmi courts, the karmi courts are the only people who said these children are NOT liars. ys pd

  5. MC: Not sure about what is being said about HKC in Jaipur, but I live here in Jaipur and used to visit Dayalu's community. It's his exclusive community and although he's claiming to be a "ritvik", he'll remove anyone who challenges his authority or his decisions (even bad ones). He's trained his followers to treat him as a worshiped guru and he has a subtle disrespect for white bodies. I know, I am here with the scene.

  6. We should not protest? Prabhu, Prahlad was promoting that my children were taken away by the government and made to eat meat, and HKC Jaipur was promoting Prahlad's sites. My children are infuriated with this guy. This never happened.

    In other words, he is attacking children. That is not the way to make an argument for your case. Even my children know he is a goonda. This is really not about blame or not blame, its about correcting people who attack children.

    We should defend children when they are attacked, that is called human society. My children were attacked, I responded, its that simple. Anyone of you would also defend your own children if they were viciously cyber attacked, please don't say you would not. We know ALL off you would do the same! Anwyay, now we know why some INDIA bodied temple manager's people are shying away from the Westerners, they are going to India to cause them TROUBLES. Hee hee! ys pd


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