Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Original Books Commemorate Sulochana's Departure (Copenhagen)

Sankirtan revisited. Book distribution coming back after 20+ years. Together with Caitanya Candra and Krishna Avatara prabhus in inner Copenhagen with Srila Prabhupada's original books. Curiously, this is on the historical day of the commemoration of Sulochana's tragic demise.


Prayer About Sulochana by Anubhavananda das


Now that I can write
I must write whats eternally right
from our only eternal guiding light
God's Servants at the highest height.

Yes now that I can speak
I must speak to all I meet
and just perfectly repeat
him at Krishna's lotus feet.

We are eternally divine servants of God
we may know by the grace of Shrila Prabhupada
most recently come from God's eternal kingdom
to enlighten everyone from where did they come.

We do not belong to this place
all fallen from Shri Krishna's grace
to be nothing but a disgusting disgrace
no this can hardly be called a human race.

So we must learn again the proper example
for every creature and human kind
by hearing everything from his grace divine
repeating sinless sages in a pure disciplic line.

His divine grace Shrila Prabhupada
made himself available for everyone
for the next ten thousand years
living in his books is all we need to hear.

So I'm begging you Shrila Prabhupada
you living forever in your perfect translations
of the womb of all scriptures the eternal vedas
the highest wisdom from all the greatest sages.

Yes all must beg you Shrila Prabhupada
to keep forcing open our tightly closed eyes
to the Lord always in the greatest sages eyes
unlimitedly youthful attractive, powerful,wise.

Dearest Shrila Prabhupada
everything is resting on your grace
with out all your rarest blessings
no one may know Krishna or leave this place.

For thy blessings come from God's servant's blessings
from thy complete obedience to thy guru
who was obeying his guru who obeyed his guru
all the way back to Krishna the supreme original guru.

So with all the seriousness we possess
we must with full determination seek only the truth
and Lord Krishna will send you the perfect sinless guru
Shrila Prabhupada in his lawbooks for me and for you.

We must be Prabhupada's surrendered servant like Sulochana
and give up our lives so Prabhupada's importance may survive
so we must point out to the ignorant the greatest cheaters
who entered Prabhupada's society to be leaders.

These persons are most dangerous
to all of planet earth
they simply want to destroy
all that has eternal worth.

All that can bring to all peace
freedom from repeated birth,
death, old age and disease
all that will make God pleased.

It all comes from complete obedience
to the instructions of God through His Servants
now purely and perfectly translated in Prabhupada's texts
that must remain unchanged to make everyone blessed.

As with out light we must remain in darkness
with out God's torchlight of knowledge
flowing perfectly from Prabhupada's books
humankind must remain blind everywhere it looks.

These pretenders are destroying Prabhupada's mission
to spread only pure and unalloyed love for Krishna
by changing all he worked for to a perverted abomination
of the perfect example and words to form a real civilisation.

But behold Prabhupada's original books still exist
its our duty to see they remain perfect as they are
we must set the example of God's brightest star
living sinless lives to manifest love for Shri Damadara.

And like Sulochana we must lay down our lives
to make the perfect human sacrifice
by just obeying God's Servant all wise
only repeating the Supreme Lord's advice.

Now we must surrender to God's names
they are the only deliverance for this age
just by always chanting them all the way
with this greatest maha mantra we must pray.

We will be praying directly to God
give us all thy protection
and just give us life's perfection
always absorbed in thy loving service
with all our attention, love and affection.


Thus the books of Shrila Prabhupada
must be the lawbooks for all
especially his Bhagavad gita as it is
for all must hear Shri Bhagavana's call.

God's most wise song to Shri Arjuna
to remove from his heart all his gloom
and the gloom of all me and you
by just hearing what is eternally true.

That we are not these gross and subtle bodies
we are eternally unchanging pure souls
with one function to serve the Supreme Whole
the one person in Supreme control.

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