Wednesday, May 16, 2018

"Vrndavana Today" Editor Replaced

[PADA: Some sort of editorial power struggle going on here? Well that's about par for the course, devotees fighting over the post of editor, manager, guru and so forth. I'm pretty much done with all that personally, thank you Jesus.

But! Not sure why so many people went along with the bogus GBC's guru process for so long? They did not see the writing on the wall earlier? 

Part of the "new management team" apparently used to work for Hrdayananda's program. Not sure how this will all pan out, we'll have to see. It is good to have transparency of course, and we hope more emphasis will be placed on examining the GBC's guru process going on there in the dham. 

At least this "former editor" wrote some form of apology / attempt at explanation, very few others ever do so. As far as we know, this person was not a sexual abuser himself, but he seems to have known there were problems and did not act accordingly. Anyway, what is worse is -- bogus ISKCON GBC sometimes places former trouble makers of various types as their senior leaders or even gurus. ys pd]

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