Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Narendra Modi's Policies Have Failed India?

[PADA: I knew there was going to be big trouble when they said that there was going to be a "cash-less society" where people would only use credit cards and smart phones for financial transactions, when many poor and rural people have neither, in fact there may not even be a bank nearby at all for many folks. Industrializing and modernizing India more extensively is simply creating bigger problems for example: the traffic nightmare, the smog, the polluted rivers, the copper mines -- that are causing riots for allegedly polluting ground water etc. India needs to go back to a more simpler style of living, or face a catastrophic environmental and social mess. Of course Mr. Modi cannot probably do that even if he wanted to, there are powerful Westernizing forces there that are not going to be changed easily -- by anyone. ys pd]  

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