Thursday, May 31, 2018

Unqualified Guru Accepting Karma (Govinda Dasi)

[PADA: Wow! Srila Prabhupada said we neophytes cannot be diksha gurus and absorb sins. He said: If we take sins without authority, we'll have to suffer. This story explains the results way better than we ever could! ys pd]


As told by Her Grace Shrimati Govinda Dasi.

There is a famous story in India, you've maybe heard it. A great saint was walking with his disciples and they saw a large black snake writhing in pain, while being eaten alive by dozens of ants.

He asked his disciples, "what is this"? They said, "its a snake being devoured by ants."

Their guru then said, "No, the snake was a pseudo guru, who could not save his disciples, so the disciples have become ants and are eating the snake alive, causing him to suffer so."

And so, (with apologies to Bob Dyan) ...

A Mayavadi died last week, and we're free now of his rants, but he has reincarnated as a snake, being eaten alive by ants.

And those ants they were his disciples, and they're enjoying now their snack,
cause when they paid him to become Gods, you see, there was karma to pay back.

Oh Krishna! Can this really be the end, to be stuck within samsara, and in a serpent's form again. This story reminds me of the time we were having a morning walk in Brooklyn with Srila Prabhupada. His Divine Grace was sauntering like a conquering general as usual, in front of a large crowd of devotees including me. Suddenly he stopped pointed with his cane to the cracks in the sidewalk and asked, "What is that?

Naturally devotees had answers: "Oh that is grass growing from the sidewalk, Prabhupada." (Like he did not know... duh)

To which His Divine Grace replied, "No one has come here to plant this grass so where did it come from? These are demigods whose good deeds have become exhausted. And they have fallen down in the rain to become blades of grass.

With that he tossed his regal head back once again and continued marching along ... with devotees struggling to catch up!

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