Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Laxmimoni found guilty by ISKCON CPO

PADA: Great: cannot give classes for 10 years. Unfortunately, this also sometimes applies to their "gurus from Vaikuntha." "The resident of Krishna loka ISKCON GBC guru cannot initiate more disciples for three years, when found deviating, and the guru has to park his Mercedes Limo and use a Lincoln town car instead." Where is the legal and criminal prosecution for these leaders, perps, enablers and others for criminal child neglect and so on and so forth?

There is never any apparent criminal prosecution or other form of meaningful punishment? Well at least there is some justice for the victims, now at least they have the justification -- that they are not liars. 

This is the same problem we have had all along with many others, such as: GBC's folks / Narayan Maharaja's folks / Sanat / Mukunda (UK) / Prahlad das (Paul Coats UK?) / Dayalu Nitai's HKC Jaipur folks etc. As soon as we say there is child abuse / molesting problem, these folks all stomp their jackboots in unison saying "PADA is a liar." They all say the same things because they think alike, talk alike, act alike, all because they are alike. And thus they collectively wanted to nullify us and suppress the victims whose case we presented, and self-evidently boost the perps and the regime that maintains them. 

Of course folks like Prahlad says he wants to help the GBC's goons come and assassinate people who oppose his molester guru empire, because he is a giant boot licker defender of the children abuser regime even up to now. At least Prahlad fully admits to us he is still working with the GBC's goondas and GBC guru / Radhanath lovers like Bhakta das.   

As such, there is no real difference between these programs and the Kirtanananda folks -- who told us the same things. Sulochana said they are either knowing or not knowing molester lovers and defenders, and that is why they will come after us, and they will kill us if they could. OK attacking us as liars is really saying, the victims are liars too, because we are acting as alerting others to their plight. 

And that is how these people -- direct or indirect -- helped form a giant army of defenders of the molester messiah's regime, and this is how they enabled and empowered said regime. Of course some of them threaten victims and us with violence because such regimes are generally enforced with jack boots enforcers.  

In sum, the molester regime has many allies and maid servant helpers. How can these people claim to be devotees of God, when they are in real life jack booted devotees of regimes of mass abuse of children? AGAIN! That is how all of these people co-created, enabled, empowered and defended these molesting webs and nest regimes all along. And they are proud of that result? No wonder the karmis had to take these fools to court and prove conclusively -- that these folks form an evil jack booted regime against children, and yes, the children victims and us were speaking the truth, not these perps and their enablers. 

Sorry, the victims and us are not liars, all of these abuses occurred and all of the people who called the victims and us liars all this time are co-responsible for co-creating this entire situation, they co-opted with it. 

Wow! CPO ki jaya! 

They finally came to conclude what the victims and us said all along, problem being -- its a little -- too little too late -- to be of much help for the society as a whole, or to help many victims, some of whom now have serious mental problems, never mind some committed suicide. Most victims are never going to participate in ISKCON, and now that the GBC is co-helping bury a known sexual predator in a samadhi in Vrndavana, various victims told me -- that is like re-victimizing them. 

So its a little progress, and we appreciate that, but this process now needs to go after her co-conspirators, defenders, handlers, apologists, enablers, assistants etc. Of course Yamaraja will do that eventually if no one else does. Did I forget to mention, we also said Srila Prabhupada complains of being poisoned, and many of these same folks also said this is one big "PADA lie." Nope! Its a factual verified complaint. Sorry, we had to be one of the messengers here, but shooting the messenger never fixes the problem. ys pd 


  1. Right. Well we did not start any of this? We came out and said there is an abuse issue, then all sorts of people came out to say we are liars. They wanted to attack the victims by attacking anyone advocating on their behalf. We simply defended the victims and their testimony. If their testimony was not true, why did the courts, many devotees, and even the GBC acknowledge there is a problem? ys pd

  2. She is getting a slap on the wrist when she and her kind all need to be in jail. (from Ex-kuli)

  3. Yes its terrible. The teacher who locked you up in a small room and made you sleep there over night in horrible conditions and so forth, is still floating around ISKCON circles acting like nothing is wrong. And she never even was made to apologize etc. much less be sent to prison. Yes she is not fit to be a mother or a teacher.

    One woman we know found out the teacher of her 7 year old was pinching and pushing the kids in the public school, this woman wanted to go to the school and punch out that teacher right on the spot. Yes it is amazing that thousands of times much worse things have been going on and hardly anything is ever done at all.

    Clearly, something is wrong. I am glad you will never allow anything to happen to your kids, that's the spirit we needed all along here. Yes! There is a real problem when the former perps and their GBC enablers are allowed to be given a sort of elevated status as senior people, when this is the most disgusting thing the victims can possibly witness. Yep, twisting the knife in the backs of the victims ... agreed. Yamaraja will get ALL of them eventually, you are correct. ys pd

  4. For anyone out there interested, this is the official ISKCON Child Protection Office decision on Laxmimoni dasi.
    However please be warned, the ISKCON Child Protection Office is NOT an independent body.

    The ISKCON Child Protection Office has NO legal standing and ISKCON temples can ignore this decision .... ys

  5. Yes, it is sad that you have to find out about the CPO report from PADA, because no one at your local temple even mentions these type things or notifies the congregation. Unfortunately, this type thing happens all the time. I am glad you are going to share this info with others now, thanks for the appreciation. ys pd


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