Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Various Hawaii Devotees Facing Volcano Erupting

[PADA: Various devotees are reportedly living near the existing volcano area. It seems new fissures are opening up on a regular basis, and creating new (and very dangerous) lava flows without much warning. Meanwhile, if the volcano actually explodes and blows itself up, it could propel large rocks and flaming debris over a wide area. Some of the rocks we saw that had been tossed from a now dormant volcano in Northern California looked to be as large as cars.

Overall its not a good situation.

This has been described as "hell on earth" by some news reporters and it would be, what with the heat and poison toxic gas. If any folks from that region, or who know folks from that region, would like to send us a report on the situation there -- send to: Meanwhile, lets pray that these devotees and especially their children can get rescued from any danger there. ys pd]     

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