Thursday, May 31, 2018

GBC Goons "Calling the Police" on Prabhupadanuga Samkirtana

PADA: GBC goons called the police five times already to harass their samkirtana party. Poor samkirtana devotees asked "who trained the GBC people to call the police on us"? Hah hah, they already know, its the GBC's debauchee's acharya's project leaders. Yes, unless we all want to chant prayers to their living debauchee's acharya's lineage, we should not be allowed to chant! 

Did we forget to mention some of these Prabhupadanugas were once GBC's followers, but they read some of our Prabhupadanuga's literature and then decided not to worship the debuachee's guru process, and they wanted to worship Prabhupada instead? And then people tell us our efforts to convert the GBC people has not been a success? Its having success every single day, day in, day out, year after year!  

Right, anyway this is what these GBC's guru goondas do, these GBC's goons find it intolerable when anyone chants Krishna's name and worships the pure devotee. OK and then people sometimes tell PADA "you are giving the GBC and ISKCON a bad name." No, the GBC clan are giving themselves a bad name, we did not even have to lift a finger here. Its self-evident the GBC clan are Vaishnava oppressing gangsters. We did not even have to comment on this for these victims to know the situation themselves. 

Of course this is the same exact thing that happened with HKC Jaipur's "senior adviser" Prahlad das (Paul Coats?). He threatened he was going to assist the GBC's goons to come and kill me, because these pedophile acharya's lovers club folks all think alike, act alike etc. Birds of a feather. So that is the goonda's process since 1978, banning devotees, harassing devotees, calling the police on devotees, even having devotees beaten and assassinated -- to sum, vaishnava aggressing goondas.  

Even the police here told me, "these people want to drink your blood." Yep, even the police here know these guys are vicious gangsters who want to have us vaishnavas for dinner! Hee hee! The good news is, this is desperation tactic. When one is down to the lowest levels of -- name calling, making threats, making vicious attacks, harassing, and so on, one has run out of rabbits to pull out of one's hat. So all these GBC lover's club folks are doing is CEMENTING in the notion that they are violent goonda gangsters who defend the worship of a debauchee guru line with viciousness, because they have no siddhanta. 

Now these Prabhupadanuga people are MORE CONVINCED than ever that the GBC's party are the anti-Lord Chaitanya's movement. Again we did not even have to comment, its self evident.

So this is good news and bad news, the good news is -- these Prabhupadanugas now know for sure the GBC's folks REALLY ARE GOONDAS, the bad news is -- they are making the police and others in the public think the devotees are crank calling idiots. So the GBC folks are making a BAD PUBLIC IMAGE of devotees. The GBC folks wants to make chanting God's name a crime, so they are harassing the chanting of GOD'S NAME in public using the police. 

This is making the chanting look foolish and / or criminal, of course its what these GBC's folks do. Again! Its what they do! Anyway, hopefully the police will eventually realize the GBC folks are the criminals, just like the police here have done a long time ago. 

ys pd    

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  1. Correct. Goonda tactics will generally only work for some short period of time, then the mass of people will rise up and reject and revolt. Its not a great way to have to defend one's position, we will ban, beat, sue and kill our opponents. Works great, but only for the short term.

    Of course what is more amazing is that some of these same people blame PADA for all "the bad publicity," but its been their policy of banning, beating, suing and assassinating their opponents that has been causing the bulk of the bad publicity. Of course this is another symptom of Kali Yuga. No big surprise here. ys pd


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