Saturday, May 12, 2018

Potential devotee project in Greece?

Antony was a devotee in the 80s in Greece and he is now living with his mother and brother in a camping site, which they own in Northern Peloponnese in Greece. Due to financial problems the business is not going well so Antony feels he'd better to be open to devotees for help and cooperation. 

So anyone who feels inspired to take vacations or want to make a project there, should think about this opp. The camping is by the sea and has room for tents and at least 50 Motorhomes. If you come with your tent he will charge you only 0.80 cent per day (currency is Euro). Here is his phone and address: 

Antony Konstantopoulos 0030 6983142416 ELEON BEACH CAMPING ELEONAS 25003 AIGION AHAIAS GREECE

[PADA: I really do not know who these devotees are or what siddhanta they accept, or how practical this project could become etc. Let me know how this is working out if there are any reports:]

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