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Lack of Child Protection Causing ISKCON's Destruction (Sanaka Rsi)

[PADA: Correct. The bogus GBC gurus and their hand maidens like Dayalu Nita's HKC Jaipur folks / Sanat / Mukunda / Prahlad / Janardana / Krishna Kirtan / Brahmatirtha etc. are all attacking those of us who wanted to have children saved from their abuse agenda and its odious conditions, and we wanted to create some sort of support system and / or shelter for the existing victims. 

As Sanaka Rsi points out herein, these are the actual people who are actually destroying ISKCON and everything it stands for, by purposefully destroying the next generation(s?) of the children of the Krishna society. Sanaka Rsi correctly points this out herein and yes, PADA agrees with his assessment. OK Sulochana simply said, these people are tossing children into a wood chipper.

Anyway! Bravo Sanaka Rsi prabhu! 

I am not sure who can argue with Sanaka's assessment, since he is a participating eye witness to their whole scenario. Sanaka's pleas for help are being rebuffed and ignored -- just EXACTLY like our pleas for help on this issue were rebuffed and ignored. We know he is right because we have experienced the same exact counter push back from these same exact individuals. 

The good news? We have many thousands of people who are now outside of their foolish infrastructure and / or institutions and they are going to make another Krishna society independent of these criminal deviants. And we are currently helping some of these people in different ways in private correspondence and etc. Several people wanted our permission to translate our stuff into other languages and etc. They get it! And the number of these people getting it is increasing strength to strength. Good job Sanaka Rsi team! ys pd]   


Dear Badrinarayan Maharaj,

Please accept my respectful obeisance, All Glories to Srila Prabhupada.

As you have requested to be removed from this list, I will not trouble you with these (un?)important matters after this letter. You point out that mass emails are seldom very effective and invite me to attempt a different approach. You suggest following vaisnava etiquette, perhaps a heart to heart over the phone could be more valuable.

Under normal circumstances I would agree. Few would resort to imposing mass communication and shaming tactics as a first option.

Sadly, from my past experiences I have never seen such lovely “heart to heart” with ISKCON leaders deliver anything constructive or positive, especially when it comes to child protection. This, I assure you, despite any doubts you may have, is not due to a lack of willingness and numerous attempts on my part.

Growing up in ISKCON gurukulas, I began noticing from early on, the inconsistencies between what was preached and how my teachers and the leaders of ISKCON lived their lives. We heard a lot about mercy, compassion and forgiveness, but couldn't find any traces of these qualities: they were nowhere to be found.

As I grew older I realized that hypocrisy and corruption are rampant in this world and that sadly ISKCON is no exception. As I became more and more acquainted with the history of "child protection" in ISKCON, I was shocked with disbelief.

Nothing could have prepared me for the degree of unscrupulous malfeasance and callous indifference I encountered among many (most?) leaders. I now believe that any decent human being that carried out an in-depth study of the history of child protection in ISKCON would struggle to view the leadership in good light when it comes to this matter.

Brahmatirtha and several other GBCs have shown to be entirely unconcerned with the devastation that Laxmimoni has caused in the lives of so many girls, as if their lives are inconsequential and irrelevant. If Laxmimoni is to follow the standard CPO protocol, as anybody else would, I don’t believe she stands any chance of qualifying for an appeal, yet, truth be told, at present it is quite likely that she will be granted an appeal simply because a number of GBCs and senior devotees are (ab)using their position and influence to try and force the CPO into submission and grant her an appeal regardless.

I ask you Maharaj, knowing what you know about ISKCON and the CPO, can you honestly tell me that you genuinely believe that having a "heart to heart" may produce positive results? For the last 10 years we have been having consistent and disturbing reports ranging the full spectrum of child abuse in the Vrindavana Gurukula. The apex of this sinister operation was probably when a child drowned in 2016, yet the GBC continues to look the other way and bless the new Gurukula project that is operated by the same incompetent and abusive management.

Do you really believe that more of the same will somehow produce a different result??

In Mayapur last year a young gurukula graduate died of an opium overdose. Following in the disturbing tradition of covering up anything that could make ISKCON look bad, the official and sanitized version of the incident is that the boy died of a heart attack. Because if our children die of overdose in Mayapur, ISKCON has a problem, but if they die of a heart attack, then there is no problem!!!

Maharaj, frankly your polite request to be removed from this discussion is disheartening; it seems to say in the nicest possible manner (nobody can fault you vaisnava etiquette): "Don't bother me with these matters; I have more important things to do with my life. This is a personal disagreement between Sanaka and Brahmatirtha and it does not concern me, in fact it is a disturbance on my life and service".

I invite you to consider the possibility that, this may well be one of the most important and most neglected services. From my perspective we have a fire in the house and very few seem to even notice or care... How many more children will have to be sacrificed, before ISKCON as a society starts to give child protection the importance it deserves?

You claim that these mass emails accomplish nothing, and yet, nothing else works... Thank you for taking the time to consider these issues.

Yours in the service of the Vaisnavas


P.S. I will add an email I received from Tamohara prabhu a GBC member wherein he seems to confirm my concerns about GBC interference in Laxmimoni's case and the reply I sent him. I am also including an email that was sent to me by your Godbrother Giribaradhari prabhu, where he comments on whether the sanctions imposed on Laxmimoni are fitting of her crimes.

From Tamohara prabhu

Hare Krishna,
On this issue, I agree with the general direction of your comments.
I have been urging the GBC to NOT intervene in this case, and rather, support the CPO process, which is based on polices that are part of ISKCON law, enacted by the GBC itself. Processes of appeal, etc., are already built into the policies, and for the GBC to overstep and insert itself based on some members dissatisfaction with one case outcome would have many negative consequences, and could undermine many devotee's confidence in our support of child protection.

your servant,
Tamohara das - GBC, former CPO Director


Surely this calls for a celebration! This has got to be the first time we agree on anything. In my view any attempts to interfere with the CPO proceedings in Laxmimoni's case would have several far reaching repercussions, some of which may be difficult to anticipate.

Even if the GBC were truly not sufficiently enlightened to appreciate the value and necessity of prioritize child protection on its own merits, still they ought to consider it for themselves; just in the off chance that some of you will have to come back next life.

I don't have it in me to wish being raised in the Vrindavana gurukula (in it's current state) upon anybody, not even the least appreciated GBC member...

Just a thought I've had...

I really hope the GBC can get it right this time. Witnessing the seeming short-sight of the GBC body with regards to child protection often leaves me in disbelief. ISKCON in many ways has experienced the same challenges of the Catholic Church; we are a miniature version with many of the same problems.
After Ratzinger the Church realized that they had reached a point where the institution was spiritually, morally, culturally and socially bankrupt. If they wanted to survive they had to reinvent themselves. And they came up with Pope Francis.

He is the perfect candidate to resurrect the Church from the ashes, he says and does all the right things. While I cannot measure his degree of sincerity and purity, it is evident that purely from a PR perspective he is simply brilliant, a stroke of genius! Such genious is either a God send or the work of the devil.

Even if we assume that his anointment and policies are purely cold, calculated, strategic, tactical stunts, and that he is actually an atheist playing his part exclusively for the survival of the exploitative institution; still, from this perspective alone, prioritizing child protection, makes good business sense.

And yet, it is puzzling for me to see that ISKCON leaders just don't get it. Their reluctance to prioritize child protection is leading Prabhupada's institution to destruction.

Sanaka rsi das


Does the punishment for the crimes?

Hare Krsna, Sanaka.

In examining the restrictions against Her Grace Laxmimoni devi dasi, who is 70 this year, it seems to me that she is merely being asked to retire. She can visit any temple she likes but just can't stay over night. So what! She can stay nearby.

She can stay as long as she likes in Vrindaban and in Mayapur. She can stay one night overnight in Delhi. If I read the restrictions correctly, she can choose two temples to reside in Canada and two in the USA.

She can't give classes or lead kirtan or attend meetings. And she can't offer a garland to Srila Prabhupada. She is being asked to retire. She probably wants to retire anyway. She's seventy this year. It seems to me that the punishment definitely does not fit the crimes.

No money to the victims. No payment for anything. It seems to be very lenient restrictions in my opinion. Nope. To me, the punishment definitely does not fit the crimes. 

Hare Krsna.

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