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Bhakti Vikas Swami follower debates PADA!

Bhakti Vikas swami / headquarters: Salem, Tamil Nadu India.

[PADA: A tale of two Bhakti Vikas Swami disciples. 

A week ago one of them "debated" me and he caved in pretty quickly. He gradually admitted we are right -- that the GBC's first of all made false gurus in 1978, then they forcefully purged and kicked out most of the original Srila Prabhupada disciples to make that program work artificially. Then, they started giving perks, benefits and salaries to those who remained, making them dependent on the false system. He gets it. Ooops, but here is yet another BVKS follower, evidently not so smart as the other one. Heh heh heh!]  

Vijay Gopinath Das: U ritvik eunuchs, why  don't you philosophically come out and debate with us rather than hiding with this cowardism....

[PADA: OK lets debate? The GBC's spokesman Jayadvaita swami says their GBC gurus are sometimes -- engaged in illicit sex with men, women and children. Is that deviation found in ANY bona fide parampara from Krishna? Jayadvaita wrote that idea in a position paper. 
Where in the actual guru parampara from Krishna do we find -- illicit sex with men, women and children? Where is this stated in shastra?]

Vijay Gopinath Das: Why did you comment on Bhakti Vikas Maharaj who's guiding his disciples with guru, sadhu and sastra.

[PADA: Once again from the top: where do we find illicit sex with men, women and children guru's contained in Krishna's guru parampara? Please cite chapter and verse from the Srimad Bhagavatam etc. where this parampara is found? This is found in what shastra?]

Vijay Gopinath Das: U foolish rascal.

[PADA: Fine. Anyone who worships Srila Prabhupada, and not the BVKS illicit sex acharya's club, is a foolish rascal? Anyway,
 BVKS is voted in in as guru in 1986, when the GBC reinstated Bhavananada, who was having sex with taxi drivers. Why is BVKS voted into that sex with taxi driver's guru parampara?]

Vijay Gopinath Das: U guys are simply offenders.

[PADA: Again. What is a sex with taxi driver's guru parampara? OK so you cannot find any shastra to validate this?]

Vijay Gopinath Das: Maharaj is successful in making preaching.

[PADA: So, let me get this straight, a sex with taxi driver's guru parampara is -- a successful preaching process?]

Vijay Gopinath Das: Vedic guru kula, temples ...

[PADA: Again. How is sex with taxi driver's guru parampara a success?]

Vijay Gopinath Das: U fools are wasting time in midday meals.

[PADA: Ok so you have a temple that worships the sex with taxi driver's guru parampara? What is the value of that? I'm lost here?]

Vijay Gopinath Das: U fools worship Madhu pandit.

[PADA: So, your guru parampara contains sex with taxi drivers, and that is your idea of success? And worship of Srila Prabhupada is for fools? Anyone who does not worship the BVKS illicit sex with men, women and children guru parampara is a fool? Where is this stated in shastra?]

Vijay Gopinath Das: U ritviks are just a bunch of crazy people.

[PADA: How is that success?]

Vijay Gopinath Das: Crap. U guys are good for nothing.

[PADA: Ok so you cannot explain why your BVKS guru parampara contains illicit sex with men, women and children and sex with taxi drivers etc.? And how is this bona fide?]

Vijay Gopinath Das: U care for your crazy talks. Maharaj will continue to prosper.

[PADA: Wait? You said we never debate, we just asked you one simple question, and you cannot answer it.]

Vijay Gopinath Das: In spite you are barking like dogs.

[PADA: What is a sex with taxi driver guru parampara?]

Vijay Gopinath Das: U hypocrite fools. What you did for Prabhupada?

[PADA: So you have no knowledge of shastra? Sex with taxi driver guru paramparas are not found in shastra? You have no understanding of shastra.]

Vijay Gopinath Das: Completely ruined his movement.

[PADA: But I am not participating like BVKS with the GBC's guru program, which has been saying sex with taxi drivers are among the successors to Krishna and Prabhupada, ok like the BVKS program has done? So we do not accept that the parampara FROM KRISHNA contains illicit sex, therefore we ruined the movement?]

Vijay Gopinath Das: In the name of Philanthropy.

[PADA: What does philanthropy have to do with the BVKS illicit sex guru process? 
OK you said we should debate. Again: why is the BVKS program saying sex with taxi drivers and other deviations are found among the successors to Krishna in His parampara?]

Vijay Gopinath Das: Busy in real estate. U fools.

[PADA: Real estate is not the topic? I am not a real estate person? I simply do not worship an illicit sex with taxi driver's guru program? Illicit sex is found in the parampara from Krishna, all because -- I am a real estate person? Makes no sense at all? It does not matter what I am doing, the parampara from Krishna is an eternal process, it does not contain deviations.] 

Vijay Gopinath Das: U guys all make false allegations.

[PADA: I asked you a question about the guru parampara from KRISHNA and what its say in shastra about that parampara, and then you started talking about real estate? You cannot even follow the basic rules of a debate to stay on the topic? Or you have never read the shastra?]

Vijay Gopinath Das: U guys are simple interested in money.

[PADA: No, Bhavananada was having sex with taxi drivers, and BVKS was voted into that parampara?]

Vijay Gopinath Das: But this is not bhakti.

[PADA: So I need to have bhakti for the BVKS sex with taxi driver's acharya's program, or I have no bhakti? How is bhakti for illicit sex guru programs bona fide? Again you are avoiding the question?]

Vijay Gopinath Das: So what if Bhavananda had sex. Now he has changed.

[PADA: OK so acharyas are falling down into illicit sex with taxi drivers. So what? What is bhakti for sex with taxi drivers guru programs? Sorry! Nothing has changed. They said acharyas fall down way back in 1979, they said that then, they say that now. No change has been made? Now you are saying the same thing, sex with taxi driver acharyas, so what?]

Vijay Gopinath Das: Apicet. Bhajate mam ananya bhak.

[PADA: So acharyas fall down into sex with taxi drivers, and so what?]

Vijay Gopinath Das: Rascal.

[PADA: So that is your opinion of acharyas, they fall into sex with taxi drivers?
Why would you BVKS folks say acharyas fall into sex with taxi drivers, and so what, who cares if they do?]

Vijay Gopinath Das: I don't want to waste my precious time with fool like you. Let me chant my rounds. U fools keep offending and the gate way to hell is opened..

[PADA: Good, so you folks can worship the BVKS sex with taxi driver's guru parampara, and people voted into that parampara like BVKS, and we will worship the pure devotee. Incidently, you are the person who ran away from the debate, not us! How many people in Tamil Nadu believe that the guru successors to Krishna are often debauchees engaged in illicit sex with men, women and children? I think this is illegal fraud. He is defrauding the public by teaching this nonsense. 

South India is where they worship great acharyas like Ramanuja. They are fools because they do not worship the BVKS illicit sex with taxi driver's guru process? No, they are not fools, they are bona fide people. 

ys pd]

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  1. Yes prabhu, it does appear that Bhakti vikas swami does not train his followers to understand even the most basic points of siddhanta, that the guru parampara is eternal and pure. If its not eternal and pure, how can it take one to Krishna?

    Instead, they are apparently trained to insult, harass, attack, name call, oppress, and generally act like goondas. Then they say sure Bhavananda was one of their acharyas who fell down, so what, acharyas fall down left, right and center? Any questions? That means they are taught that the parampara is chock full of conditioned beings and deviants who fall down. Guru apradha.

    Worse, they are only able to discuss things like money, real estate, and mundane items, which shows where their minds are at -- when someone asks about guru parampara, they immediately think of money and buildings. Yep, this shows a total lack of training. I agree. What is worse is that they are training little children that the guru chain from Krishna contains debauchees, drunkards, womanizers, sexual predators, criminals, and so forth. That is corrupting the morals of minors in our opinion. This is criminal. Of course Yamaraja will handily deal with such crooked people who spend their whole lives attacking the parampara as a pack of deviant fools and debauchees. ys pd


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