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The Hitler Prajalpa-ites (Update)

PADA: OK, some time ago we were trying to save a young woman who was being exploited by a much older "devotee" man, and the Sanat / Mukunda (UK) / Prahlad (UK) / Pancali / Janardan / Krishna Kirtan team and / or their hangers on such as HKC Jaipur types -- they all joined up to attack PADA -- and defend the exploiting situation. 

They do not know that its sinful to exploit young devotee women in the name of Krishna? OK, and these people ended up creating a catastrophic mess, not unlike the same type of catastrophic mess that sometimes happens in GBC's guru land. As usual, we predicted they would create this disaster years ahead, and it came to pass.     

They apparently also do not know that child abuse is wrong, because they said PADA is wrong to have hundreds of children pulled out of that process. Why do they think keeping children in oppressed situations is the way forward for the jagat? 

As a number of ex-kulis ask PADA:

What makes them different from the bad guys?  

Worse, Prahlad said we need to send the photos of those opposing his women and children exploiting program to the GBC's goons, to get them killed. Why are some of these guys still working hand in glove with the GBC's goondas? They don't have enough Vaishnava's blood on their giant jack boots already? 

Ooops, and Krishna Kirtan is promoting Krishna Balarama swami, another grand wizard messiah wanna-be. At the same time, their creating all this friction simply gave the GBC-ites ammunition to say the ritviks "do not get along." Why do they want to always discredit the Prabhupadanuga's program, and give ammunition to the bad guys? Did we forget, some of them also made a video with Bhakta das, chief cheer leader of the Radhanath program? OK none of the actual ritviks think Bhakta das is their authority. 

In the end -- they apparently helped no one, especially their victims, and confused many. I still really cannot see any actual evidence that they are now helping their victims? Worse, it appears some of the GBC ilk are correct about them, these people vociferously promote exploiting, and then leave their women and children victims without any proper support, while saying this is not right when done by others. 

Or worse, some of them (like the IRM?) have been saying that child victimization needs to continue to "save the buildings from lawsuits." We need to save some stones and bricks, but not the people? Again, GBC ilk is accused of the same heartless if not criminal mentality ... 

It thus seems that one of the first problems with the Hitler prajalpa folks is, they cannot seem to run much of a functioning program themselves. And if someone does make a functioning program, like Bangalore for example, they will complain that this program "does not have enough kirtana." OK maybe, but where is their big kirtana program? 

We keep getting requests from folks in the UK to send us the address of our Prabhupadanuga programs there, ok and where are they? And why aren't these guys doing it? Oh I forgot, they are meditating on WW II and not Krishna? Yep, Bangalore folks are taking the GBC's gurus to court, to prove that Srila Prabhupada is the acharya. So we need to stomp on Bangalore, to save the bogus gurus?

At least the Prabhupadanugas in many other places have something going on. Its almost as if -- the reason some in this team admire Hitler is, he had no success in attaining what he set out to accomplish, and he allegedly killed himself in a bunker, not even going out to die on the battlefield like a proper soldier. Is this their idea of success? Mukunda says we all need to be like Hitler, and die in a bunker after losing? And Prahlad says Mukunda's videos are great, they get lots of hits. Swell! Srila Prabhupada says a leader living in a bunker while his soldiers are outside dying is -- demoniac.

Of course then again some of these same guys promote Bob Dylan, who goes to Israel to perform music at Jewish ceremonies. We need to be promoting going to Israel and singing at the Bar Mitzvah? And PADA is bad, because we are not joining their program of singing at Bar Mitzvahs? And PADA is even worse, because we used "contaminated taxi driving money" to help Sulochana and later make copies of the poison tapes, when we should have left the poison tapes become eternally secret and hidden for the next 10,000 years, while we "got a better job." Getting a better job is the goal of life? Who knew!    

Anyway, now some of these folks are still going on about the "Jewish Body Devotees," the so-called JBD's and their influence on ISKCON. For starters, some of them complain that the "JBD's" are 1% or 2% of the total of the 5,000 original disciples. So that would mean, the greater mass of 98% devotees were bewitched, bewildered, be-fooled, and cheated by the 1% or 2% percent. Why don't the Hitler-pada-ites explain how this process happened? If the blind are leading the blind, why is one party the main cause if many of them are falling into a ditch? 

OK and that would mean -- a lot of the 98% failed to take proper action to protect their religion rather simply, and they did not use much logic, rational thinking, or discrimination, what to speak of shastra, when the 1% or 2% percent said, henceforward ... conditioned souls are acharyas. 

That issue alone should have raised major red flags among the 98% from square one (as it did with some of us) ... and the mass of 98% should have opposed the deviant 1% or 2%, and they should have stood with us and said -- deviants are not acharyas. That is not what happened, the 98% mainly sold out, and then later on left, or whatever, but as a rule, they did not launch a proper counter point. 

Q: Didn't the 98% know that deviants are not gurus? 
A: Yup. 
Q: Did they join us in protest of said deviant gurus? 
A: Not very much. And a number opposed us -- for protesting. 

An ex-gurukuli told me just a few days ago, as far as he can see, almost all of the original 98% of devotees have simply lost interest in what happens within the walls of ISKCON. He said, even if the ISKCON GBC announced a program of worshiping Satan, and they kicked out Krishna and installed Satan deities, it would still not rally many of the 98% into any action, as they are "engaged in other things." 

OK the 98% did not fix the mess at the outset, and for the most part (with few exceptions) are not interested in fixing it now, despite knowing it is a mess by now for sure. Same as the Gaudiya Matha, one party deviated, one party abandoned ship and sat around in the tea shops, both are useless.

Then again we have guys like Rocana, and he basically says that Srila Prabhupada wanted all the deity worship to stop because there would no longer be any initiated "post samadhi" disciples. So we invited Krishna to come, just so after 1978 we could move Him off into an empty warehouse storage building, or force Him to take offerings made to conditioned souls, when there were no more proper poojaris (as has been happening under the post samadhi-ites)?

Well yep. 

So that means the lack of resistance -- if not acquiescing and compliance of most of the 98% -- enabled and empowered -- the bogus 2%, whether so-called JBD or non-JBD "gurus" like "Bhakti Tirtha Swami Krishnapada"; Germans like Hansadutta; Baptists like Kirtanananda; ex-Hindus like Gopal Krishna, Swarupa Damodar, Gaura Govinda maharaja and so forth. Meanwhile some of the top "advisers / assistants" of the GBC's gurus were Indian bodied folks like -- Gaura Govinda Maharaja, Sridhara Maharaja, Narayana Maharaja, Babajis, Fakir Mohan, to some extent BP Puri and others.  

And did we forget to mention the 1936 Gaudiya Matha had the same bogus guru process, with 100% India folks? No JBD's in attendence? And a Brijabasi told me -- poisoning and other forms of murdering of gurus, in order to take over their properties and disciples, has gone on for "thousands of years". OK its not just a current "JBD" program's "guru take over" exclusively. Its a broader question of motivated people who want to be gurus, and take over assets, and these people are everywhere at all times evidently, especially in Kali Yuga. 

What these anti-JBD folks are really saying is, most of the 98% mass of devotees were essentially not to blame for allowing the pirates to overtake the ship. Why not! And the 98% were not too well versed in shastra, and so they could be fooled very easily by a teeny group of cheaters. Doesn't that really mean, most of the 98% failed? If the snake oil salesman sells a few hundred people bogus medicine, and people get sick and die, aren't the people who bought and promoted the bogus product also guilty of not checking out the product? 

Most of the 98% apparently simply did not check to see if there had been a guru appointment, they apparently did not check shastra to find out that gurus do not become debauchees etc. etc etc. And a lot of the 98% gave us grief if not personal attacks when we tried to point out that the 2% were -- cheating the society. So the 98% were largely complicit by omission or commission? Or what? 

OK agreed, the snake oil salesman is the primary culprit, true enough, but if many other people help the bogus salesman promote his bogus products, aren't they almost as much to blame when people suffer ill effects of the bad medicine? So the crew of the ship walking off and allowing the pirates to take the ship is another problem, and its really the larger problem. 

In any case, a Jewish friend of ours says -- thanks to Hitler bombing the be-jeepers out of the British, the Brits became so weak they had to decamp from Palestine, and this is how the state of Israel was allowed to come into existence. So according to his theory, Hitler was actually helping the Zionist homeland come into being. Is this success for the so-called Hitler agenda? Would it not be better to find a hero, who actually has had some success? 

Hitler did not stop anything of substance really, he just made a huge mess, all sorts of people died, and then he died ingloriously. Of course, some "Hindu Nationalists" might say -- to Hitler's credit, he did weaken the Brits and this got them out of India, which is probably why some India nationalists appreciate him even now. At the same time, India is now very much Westernized and they have not removed the Western influence very much, so its a little -- watered down success.

In any case, what is the need of the hour is to actually form real programs that are actually preaching, printing books, making temples, installing deities, and gathering folks together for congregational chanting of the Lord's name. Sitting around yabbering about Hitler / the JBD / the Zionists / the Illuminati / chem trails etc. is not producing any of these results, and never will. Then again, someone told us, making Hitler into some sort of saint using the name of Krishna is -- what the Illuminati would want, and thus -- these guys are the Illuminati. Did we forget to mention, this agenda is simply not popular now, and -- it never will be? Which is why Srila Prabhupada said, we should not read about or discuss Hitler. ys pd

Not really popular.

Not Krishna's Agenda  

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  1. Thanks prabhu, so now Mukunda is saying Prahlad (Paul Coats?) is a Zionist sympathizer because he does not agree about some part of WW II history? I have not seen that, I dunno. Please forward me the materials if you have that. Or maybe not, its not something we'd probably print at this point because these guys tend to go on tangents all the time. Anyway, now the thieves are fighting over stolen bread?

    All I know is -- you are right about one thing -- Prahlad picks fights with everyone: The Prabhupadanuga alliance we are working with; Nityananda and the people investigating the poison issue; Bangalore and its many devotees and centers; PADA personally, And he is all over the map promoting and sometimes not promoting: -- Bob Dylan fans, the Illuminati-ites, INFO-wars; GBC pals like Bhakta das and Hari Sauri's writings -- who knows what else. And Mukunda does about the same, fighting everyone else while citing all sorts of dubious sources?

    In other words, they have no loyalty to anyone or anything, they just want to be persons who create troubles for the Prabhupada program, so they shoot at anything that moves. I think that is a pretty good assessment. Meanwhile, also correct, they cannot seem to build much of an alliance or tangible program.

    Yes, Prahlad did say that we should stop what we are doing, and quit our mid-1980s taxi driving, and get a better job and thus not help Sulochana with funds, or later use our personal funds to make audio copies of -- and print text copies of -- the poison transcripts and so on, he wanted all of this to be halted while I went to college to get an engineering degree so that -- none of this info would have ever come out, and I'd have a "cleaner karma job." It does seem that all he worries about is, who has a better job and who does not? Yes its so mundane its pathetic, he is only thinking of how devotees need to get better karmi jobs rather than getting Srila Prabhupada's materials out and published. Yes, that means he wanted to squash the poison issue, he wanted it not to be funded by ANYONE. So yes, he seems to be more on the Judas side than Prabhupada's?

    Anyway, meanwhile, what is his job? Hee hee, crap disturber for the devotees? You got it! Why does he want to stop the poison issue and have it not funded? I give up. Ask him! ys pd


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