Monday, August 14, 2017

Temple Hi-jacking Team And: Guru of the Jagat?

[PADA: Thanks for your report prabhu, that after it was well known that Romapada swami is helping Ramabhadra for years if not decades with the Brooklyn building imbroglio, he is immediately welcomed in Los Angeles, apparently with the big leaders there falling at his feet. And he is immediately announced as: their initiating guru; sum total of the demigods; shaksat hari tvena messsiah of the jagat etc. And he reportedly initiated people there. Is this because the leaders in Los Angeles think Romapada is another Jesus, and he can be a diksha guru and absorb sins like Jesus? 

Yep, at the same time, isn't he a property hi-jacker according to other GBC authority? MANY ex-collectors who "did the pick" to collect millions of dollars to buy all these properties tell us they are now very hurt and disgusted that the GBC would allow a few people to hi-jack these properties and basically BAN the people who built these properties with their hard work and labor for so many years.

You are right, this is another method how these guys take over property, they initiate people, gradually get their own initiated people set up as legal signators on the properties, and then de facto, they own it. Anyway, here he is, his temple is locked up, changed the keys, and the rest of the GBC are not allowed on the premises. And yet he is given the keynote speaking post, and guru post too?

Yep! And his pal says he will have GBC arrested for trespassing, and yet, the LA authority / some on the GBC / apparently still says -- he is another Jagat Guru, savior of the universe? How can a property hi-jacking team member be the savior of the universe? Dunno! Ask them! Yes this is getting ridiculous! Hee hee! I also think you are right, this appears to prove the whole lot of them are corrupt to the core. ys pd]    

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