Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Has ISKCON Lost Romapada's Entire Zone?

PADA: Good question prabhu!

Latest is: Brooklyn temple has made it impossible for guests to come there who are not surrendered to the Romapada swami program there. Security guards have been hired and official ID cards will be needed to enter the building. Devotees who were outside trying to figure things out said that they were being filmed by people inside the temple (so they can identify dissenters)?

Ramabhadra has apparently notified people there that he is no longer officially part of ISKCON. Great, well he has not been in ISKCON all along, ISKCON does not promote the worship of fools as its acharyas, this was never part of ISKCON from the get go. Radhanath is the apparent actual smart guy here, his India program is not in the name of ISKCON from the get go, and we heard reports his NYC Bhakti Center is not surrendered to the GBC either.

Of course, since Ramabhadra works hand in glove with Romapada swami, that means Romapada is also leaving the GBC authority? Or what? Non-Romapada devotees in Brooklyn are going to use the hall across the street from the temple to make an independent program. They should have done that decades ago.

Meanwhile, Romapada has kicked out people from Chicago for years and years, those who did not surrender to his process, and apparently he has the entire place being run by his loyalists. Therefore he has de facto gained legal control of that property as well? Or what? At the same time, devotees told me that we need to know what other properties Romapada and / or his loyalists are legal signators of, to see if he has the ability to hi-jack other property as well, or he has de facto done so already?

Meanwhile Rocana das (Sampradaya Sun) and his evident lackeys like Ajit Krishna, Torben Nielsen, Kim Moller etc. are still saying we need to place the photos of these GBC folks like Romapada swami on our ISKCON altars and offer bhogha to them. OK so we still need to keep the ZONAL GURU system going, never mind these zonal gurus turn renegade and walk off with money, manpower, assets, and even buildings? And if we offer bhogha to deviants, then we will be eating deviant contaminated food stuffs? How is that helping? Why not just offer your food to Satan and get it over with?

Of course! That is -- when the Rocana and GBC messiahs are not caught "engaged in illicit sex" or other scandals? 

Why do we still need these Zonal Gurus when all this chaos is the result for decades now? Anwyay, here is Romapada's apparent schedule at least according to his web site. Yep, it appears that the GBC says he is a building hi-jacker, and at the same time, he is their messiah and keynote speaker all over ISKCON? There is more to this, but just wanted to get this part out for now. ys pd  

ROMAPADA SWAMI Travel Schedule   

International Travel (Jul 06 to Aug 10)
Chicago (Aug 11)
Indianapolis (Aug 12)
LA (Aug 13 to Aug 14)
Chicago (Aug 15 to Aug 16)
Houston (Aug 17 to Aug 20)
Chicago: NA GBC Meeting (Aug 21 to Aug 24)
Detroit (Aug 25 to Aug 26)
Chicago (Aug 27)
Omaha (Aug 28 to Aug 29)
Des Moines (Aug 30 to Aug 31)
Chicago (Sep 01 to Sep 07)
Atlanta (Sep 08 to Sep 09)
Boston (Sep 10 to Sep 11)
Atlanta (Sep 12 to Sep 14)
College Station, TX (Sep 15)
Chicago (Sep 16 to Sep 19)
International Travel (Sep 20 to Nov 08)
Detroit (Nov 09 to Nov 11)
Naperville (Nov 12 to Nov 13)
Potomac Area (Nov 14 to Nov 18)
NJ (Nov 19 to Nov 26)
NY (Nov 27 to Nov 28)
Portland (Nov 29 to Dec 03)
Naperville (Dec 04 to Dec 07)
Phoenix (Dec 08 to Dec 10)
Orlando, Alachua, Tampa (Dec 11 to Dec 14)

He is hi-jacking our buildings, therefore, he is our keynote speaker? Hee hee! 

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  1. As a former gurukuli, it looks like Romapada's travel expense for a year is more than they spent taking care of all of us for ten years. Why is he going all over ISKCON when they are also saying he is a temple thief?

    Is this why some hindus told me the ISKCON society is totally in tatters, and even hindus are getting fed up with these people? Its hideous that it looks like they spend more on their personal travel expense than they spent taking care of us. And when they were sued for not taking care of us kulis, they put the building in the name of Romapada? Really?

    Sincerely, not too happy with all this.

    (I do not want my name used because I do not own a bullet proof vest.)


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