Thursday, August 3, 2017

ISKCON Long Island Janmashtami Aug 15th

PADA: OK Wait a minute, didn't the "ultimate managers of  ISKCON" aka the GBC, want the Long Island ISKCON temple to "surrender" to the managers of the Brooklyn Bharati Society? In which case, the GBC could be losing this building as well? Or was that the plan all along, to get rid of these buildings and have a few elites benefit from said sales? 

The Brooklyn Bharati program sued the Long Island ISKCON program, claiming that this is their property, and this issue is still in court apparently. However, why does the Bharati Society have any say in what ISKCON does, since they admit they are not part of ISKCON? Moreover, they are seemingly kicking ISKCON's GBC out of their own Brooklyn building? 

Can someone splain all this to the Attorney General of New York State, that this is another example of outright FRAUD. Anyway, forget the Brooklyn program, go to the Long Island program instead! ys pd  

Attorney General New York State:

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