Thursday, August 31, 2017

Devotional Creeper Weeds Overtake Radhadesh ISKCON Belgium

Conor Ryan (Kanai Das) laments: 

The overgrown weed filled gardens at Radhadesh Temple, that he once had in wonderful condition. 

(Petite Somme 5 Septon, Luxembourg, Belgium 6940).

[PADA: There really is not a whole lot of commentary one can make about these disheartened ex-members of various temples, farms and communities. Its pretty self evident what has happened here, the self-sufficient "varnasrama farms" projects that Srila Prabhupada wanted and ordered (and he said are the next 50 percent of what he wants done) have been largely neglected, and maybe made into giant weed piles with not enough manpower to revive these projects. 

We hear reports of various project's: buildings being deteriorated; cow's fences gone down and not repaired; cows suffering due to lack of funds and manpower; heaters going down in winter -- and poor devotees dressed like snow men in the freezing temple inside; and basically a lot of the "farm project" efforts that were minimized, dwindled down, closed, sold off and so forth. 

The gurukula schools project was also neglected, to the peril of the children inside. The householder's based management program was also neglected, and gradually a few big shot so-called sannyasas grabbed almost all the legal, financial and micro-managing controls, and made mini-fascist states where they had absolute reign. And that means just about anyone who had doubts had to be driven out on a rail, and since almost everyone had doubts, these projects became empty shells -- or as Lokanatha swami said, they became empty ghost towns.

And now the few people remaining -- in what Lokanatha swami says are the "skeleton crew" folks, are having a very hard time managing what is remaining. All this so that a few elite people could live opulently and drain the resources of the society into use for what seems to be -- their personal opulent / jet set lifestyles. An ex-gurukuli told PADA, this is exactly the same way Kim Jong Un manages North Korea, a few elites live like Saudi Princes, while the peons get to eat a few old corn husks, if they can find any.  

Anyway! Good job explaining this Kanai Das. 

We Prabhupadanugas are forging ahead to make our own independent process of worship of Krishna without having to be under the dangling Damocles swords over our heads from the GBC overlords. No one can block a person from connecting to Krishna if the person is sincere, and that is why so many people are now making a roundabout path to Krishna -- going to Krishna without these elite overlords to block, harass and check their progress. What these alienated guys need to do is -- make their own independent programs, temples and facilities, and serve Krishna without all the baggage of these mis-managers. Bangalore, Singapore, Vancouver, Montreal, Sunnyvale, New Jersey, Boston and many other places are already doing this and we need to expand on this platform. 

Yep I know, a number of people already told me how ironic it is that Srila Prabhupada says we have to beware the weeds of our devotional life, and how these farm projects turned into piles of weeds due to these mis-manager's neglect and / or exploiting these programs. 

I also had several recent whack-doodle conversations with the followers of Narayan Maharaja and Sridhara Maharaja, where they told me sure, there was banning, beating, molesting and assassinating going on, but these "advisors" had to encourage the GBC to be gurus to "unify the society." Great, they unified the society on the principle of worship of deviants as messiahs. What could go wrong here?   

**** Dasi: They poisoned Prabhupada and then poisoned everything else.

ys pd  

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