Friday, September 1, 2017

India's "Cashless Society" a Total Bust

[PADA: Yep, everyone in India should have a virtual wallet app on their smartphone, and use "virtual cashless transactions" by paying for all their items at the shop with a wifi / cloud based payment system, which the government can then monitor. Fine. 

What about the millions of people who do not even have an old flip phone, and they have no access to ANY phone? What about the people who have a village where there is no wifi service? What about hacking into the wallet app if your phone is not well protected from spyware? What if the bank is hacked?

America is a lot more technologically advanced than India, and even here the smartphone app program has all sorts of problems, it simply does not work all the time and problems that need correcting means a log time on the phone getting technical help. Then again there are a number of India villages where there is no bank at all, so they cannot load their virtual account? 

I think this news account is correct, the India leaders were highly over ambitious and all they did was create a lot of chaos for the mass of people with little tangible good result. That is the problem all around, India is trying to become a Westernized technology society, and its just not going to happen despite all these big plans, and the more they try to artificially "enter the 21st century of technology" the more problems will ensue for the masses. ys pd   

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