Monday, September 18, 2017

Another Example of the Mad Acharya Disease.

PADA: Srila Prabhupada says when a neophyte person becomes guru artificially he will absorb sins, and this can cause him to get sick, fall down, or both -- from absorbing said sins. Many of these GBC guru folks fell down badly, and a number are now very ill, and a number have died prematurely. OK, its clear that absorbing sins is causing these neophytes to degrade and deteriorate. In fact, the Nectar of Instruction says that when a neophyte imitates the acharya, he will eventually become degraded. 

He will degrade, its certain. 

There is another more subtle factor involved here, this imitation can cause buddhi nasa, lost intelligence or even madness. A devotee was arguing with me about why so many apparent mad and foolish things are going on with the GBC's leadership. And this is certainly one explanation, they are losing their sanity by their offenses. This devotee did not have a really good counter point when we suggested this is a probable cause of their foolishness.

Of course our friends like Hanuman Croatia say, we ritviks should also take the post of diksha guru prematurely, so all of us can ALSO get sick, fall down, go mad, and die prematurely like the rest of this lot seems to be doing? Thanks but nein danke! 

Yep, more and more devotees agree with PADA, the living gurus program folks are gradually going off a cliff. So this should serve as a warning to all of us, do not attempt to imitate the acharyas, its not going to produce a good result for the individual or the society. Srila Prabhupada also told us not to stay overnight in the place where the rasa dance takes place, or we will go mad from that offense. Overall, madness can be seen as one symptom of people who are making offenses. The guru brother of Mahavishnu is now blessing dogs, yep these signs of going off the deep end are getting worse and not better. ys pd    

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