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Hrdayananda Says GBC Deviated with Gaudiya Matha Advisers

[PADA: You mean after the GBC promoted all sorts of Gaudiya Matha leaders, Hrdayananda was never in agreement? Why didn't he say all this previously? Now Hrdayananda says the 11 were never meant to be gurus, only Governing Body members and not more. 

Well goody, that is what we said all along! Yes, the GBC went to the Gaudiya Matha and followed their advice that the 11 are gurus, and this is bad advice. I really do not see Hrdayananda stepping down form his guru post however? 

The Rocana / Torben / Ajit Krishna / Kim Moller crew also say we should have consulted with the Gaudiya Matha? Wait a minute, didn't this create the illicit sex acharya fiasco in 1936 and later after 1977? Why has Hrdayananda held all this information in for such a long time? And when is the GBC going to become a GBC and not a guru factory? 

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Hearing from gurus in other Institutions


Regarding your question about hearing from gurus in other institutions, I will explain. First, it would be very nice, and in a sense most natural, if all the Gaudiya Vaishnavas could associate together as an extended spiritual family. Certainly, there are sincere devotees in other institutions.

The problem, unfortunately, comes from a bad history. It began when Prabhupada was here, and some of his godbrothers actually plotted to take over ISKCON. Prabhupada discovered this plot, which involved several of his own dear disciples. Prabhupada was heartbroken, he expelled those disciples, temporarily, from ISKCON, and he strongly warned us to respect his godbrothers but to avoid them. You can find the details of this terrible episode in the Prabhupada Lilamrta.

But it did not stop there. For example, around 1976, the GBC went ‘across the river’ to Navadvipa to attend a program at the ashrama of Prabhupada’s godbrother, Sridhara Swami. When we returned, Prabhupada called us to his room and asked us about the program. Tamala Krishna Goswami recorded the program and Prabhupada asked him to play the tape. After listening for a few minutes to a Gaudiya Matha devotee speaking in Bengali, Prabhupada stopped the tape and said, “He is offending me. You should never go back there.”

At our first GBC meeting after Prabhupada’s departure, held around Gaura Purnima 1978, the GBC sent several members to speak with Sridhara Swami to ask for his blessings and advice about how we would go on in Prabhupada’s physical absence. Sridhara Swami basically gave the advice that destroyed the united Gaudiya Matha after Bhaktisiddhanta left — he advised us strongly that the gurus are above the GBC, and that each guru must have an exclusive guru-zone. 

This of course led to the failed zonal-acarya system, but fortunately we knew that the GBC must be the highest authority, as Prabhupada instructed us. I do not blame Sridhara Swami for any of these events, but the danger was there of receiving advice different from what Prabhupada taught.

Years later, Narayana Maharaja from the Gaudiya Matha attacked ISKCON for years, actively scheming to take devotees from ISKCON. I personally witnessed him doing this in various countries, and he personally spoke to me “instructions” that were different from what Lord Caitanya taught.

I am aware that no everyone is the same, and that there are sincere devotees in the Gaudiya Matha who do not attack ISKCON. In India, for example, by Prabhupada’s instruction, ISKCON has given many donations to the various Gaudiya Matha centers to help them rebuild their temples. Prabhupada himself actively tried to reunite the Gaudiya Matha. In fact, he engaged me as his secretary to invite his Godbrothers to come and speak with him about this. But ultimately, they chose to remain separate, and Prabhupada was disappointed.
In conclusion, there are historical reasons for ISKCON’s caution toward the Gaudiya Matha. I still hope that in the future, we can restore good relations and cooperation. It may be possible in the future. We do not want to be sectarian, but there are real historical dangers and so we must proceed with respect for all Vaishnavas, but also with caution.

With best wishes,
Hridayananda dasa Goswami

Namarasa Das As a second generation ISKCON devotee, I refuse to inherit the offenses of the first generation toward Srila Sridhar Maharaj and other elevated vaisnavas. This has to stop!

Ananda Maya Devi Dasi Hare Krishna Maharaja, very clearly and plainly put without making nasty comments as have been used in the past. I think more and more, offering respects with caution is a more honourable way to address the situation. 

Kavi J. Diaz In all spiritual groups/religions, there seem to always be leaders more interested in their own fame and followers (and getting credit or adulation), than in whether the universal knowledge gets passed on to others. I respect Prabhupada above all.

Marvin Sarria some might be offended by the plain and simple truth. I do not see any reason or know of any reason of Hridayananda Dasa Goswami making false statements as stated by Bhagavavat Maharaja or some other prabhus. Hridayananda Dasa Goswami maharaja does not gain anything by stating the simple truth but of course others had offended him already.

Malini Dee As a disciple from the lineage Bhaktisiddhanta-Sridhara-Govinda at Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math, I feel hugely disappointed to read this, in print and online, at that. Srila Bhaktisiddhanta would say that the printing press is a mrdanga.

Amala Gaura Das This is the full conversation with Shridhar Maharaj:

I blame the GBC / gurus more than Shridhar Maharaj. If it wasn't for Shridhar Maharaj the "gurus" would still have managed to elevate themselves to an improper position.

LalitKishore Dasa Lauren Sinclair Wow if you'd have said that to Srila Narayan Maharaj when he was here, then he would have corrected you nicely. What a first class fool you are acaryadeva. I really can't even be bothered arguing about this anymore, if some of you iskcon people that have been around for decades still don't know the true history, then good luck to you.

Melissa Maharani I appreciate this. Very well said. Always remember Krishna and never forget Srila Prabhupada! All glories to your service! 

Jack Eskildsen Interesting. I have been following the guru controversies of the Hare Krishnas for years. I enjoyed your commentary in the 11th and 12th cantos.

James Alm History is better that philosophy for making a point. Very well done dear God Brother

Citanya Gosai Das Thank you very much Srila Acharyadeva. Hare Krishna.

Sean Subhadra Pinnell Yes and very well put so there's no confusion or offences.

Chit Ananda Das You say the GBC is the authoryty inside ISKCON and i have one question whatt happened with Kirtanananda swami, Bhavananda swami and others? 

Jimmy Mello Clear and hit the nail right on the head as usually! Hare Krishna H. D. Goswami Acharyadeva 

Rhonda DeAraujo Thank you for explaining it to us. I really like seeing your posts here on facebook.

Malati Priya Than kyou, Maharaja, for clarifying this most controversial topic!

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