Sunday, September 24, 2017

HH Danavir Goswami Health Update

[PADA: Danavir was one of those people who said we need to accept the 11 GBC's as liberated acharyas, and that they are parampara members / acharya links / diksha gurus i.e. those who can absorb sins like Jesus etc. Well jeepers, many of his alleged messiahs and diksha gurus fell down, and badly. 

And some of us would argue this is in part because Danavir told his guru pals to go ahead and accept the sins of many sisyas, and by taking these sins, these alleged gurus got sick, fell down, and a number died prematurely. All of this was the result of their disregard of the instruction from SRILA PRABHUPADA -- that we neophytes are not qualified to absorb the sins of others, and if we try artificially, we will suffer and fail. 

Did we forget to mention Danavir's gurus orchestrated a process where many of Srila Prabhupada's original disciples were banned, if not beaten, if not assassinated, and there was a huge molesting program in the schools managed by Danavir's messiahs? And this resulted in ISKCON being sued and bankrupted and so on?

Well now this process seems to have caught up to Danvair himself, he is in failing health and one devotee friend said we should "say good bye to him" because he won't be here much longer. Yep how did you guess, some ISKCON folks have been saying we need to pray for the health of these gurus like Danavir because they took too much karma. OK wait a minute, Danavir is taking sins like Jesus, and now we need to pray that he is relieved of the burden of making pretend he is another Jesus? 

Why would God save a person who thinks he is another Jesus, and he is usurping the post of the actual Jesus? 

Anyway, don't watch this too long or you will get a migraine brain freeze headache, just watch a few minutes and you'll get the idea, i.e. he is going the way of the other GBC gurus, they got sick, fell down, died prematurely, and lets not forget the madness that befell a number of them. Danavir's Vyas pooja is coming up soon, all glories to Danavir, the person who is just like Vyasadeva, the sum total of the demigods! He is a diksha guru who can absorb sins like Jesus! He is the shaksat hari tvena liberated paramahamsa walking on the face of the earth! 

OK, maybe not? Did we forget to mention that Srila Prabhupada says artificial acharyas are destined to go to the lowest regions of the universe? And they may escape the laws of the mundane authority, but they will never escape the laws of God? ys pd]       

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