Thursday, August 10, 2017

Kavichandra swami's Hindu blow out

In 1979 the Gainesville temple invited the Hindu community mostly doctors and businessman from Jacksonville for a Shiva festival. Dronacharya the temple treasurer kept a very detailed mailing list. A beautiful flyer was made and mailed out. A sculptor from Atlanta made a beautiful Shiva Deity. Dozens of big Cadillacs and nice cars parked under the camphor trees. The donation box was filling up with large donations. 

Everything was going fine until the visiting Sannyasi swami and guru Kavichandra swami gave his lecture. He was criticizing Lord Shiva for smoking marijuana etc. Claimed his followers were ghost worshipers in the modes of ignorance. 

Suddenly one of the businessman from the Hindu community stood up and protested. He shouted out powerfully, "this is a place of great blasphemy! I am leaving now and everyone should leave here immediately and never return". And then everyone got up and left. That was the last big box of Laxmi the Gainesville temple ever got from the Hindu Community of Jacksonville. The temple leaders where devastated. The next day Kavichandra was asked to leave.

[PADA: Hee hee, that is the way to go. Many of ISKCON's gurus cannot even make a good show of being bogus Hindus. ys pd] 

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