Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Gunagrahi Swami needs your prayers and $$$


PADA: OK so Gunagrahi swami -- and / or actually all the rest of us disciples really -- were told not to become premature diksha gurus, because it means we would be absorbing sins (like Jesus) and this would cause us to get sick, fall down or both.

Ooops! Gunagrahi violates this order, he takes the sins of many people and then presto chango, bingo bango, yep right exactly on target, he gets sick and falls down (watching pornos?). Of course what is worse, he has encouraged other neophytes to make pretend they too are another Jesus and they too can take other's sins, thus he is causing his own BFF's to, how did you guess, get sick, fall down, and die prematurely from taking sins. Why does he want others to get sick, fall down and die?

And now, we need more and more money to fix the mess he made by violating the orders of his guru?
Why didn't he follow the order? Where is all the money the GBC collects going, that they cannot take good care of another sexual predator's messiah's project member?

Why did Gunagrahi apparently encourage others to go ahead and get sick, fall down and die, ooops. as he is doing himself? What a great man does, others will follow, so we should all get sick, watch porno, take the sins of other by declaring ourselves another Jesus (who can absorb sins,) and then we will also die? Why does he not just say, hey this is bogus! We were never authorized to take all these sins? Not only that, taking said sins is causing us to fail, just as our guru warned us would happen?

Srila Prabhupada explains: A pure devotee does not accumulate the sins of his followers because he has sufficient BRAHMANA TEJYAS which burns off the sins of his followers and moreover he is thus NOT contaminated by the material energy because of this brahmana tejyas. However, if a neophyte takes these sins, and he does not have this tejyas, these accumulated sins will STICK onto him (he will carry them on the subtle body?) and he will suffer reactions now and he will have to carry these sins with him into the next life.

He cannot unshackle from these sins because he does not have the potency to remove them. So not only is Gungarahi causing his fellow devotees to fall down and die, he is taking them down to the lowest planets where they will have to take these sins with them to burn them off down there.

And that is why Srila Prabhupada says false gurus go to the lowest regions, they are over-burdened by all these sins which they cannot burn off, the sins will follow them into the next life. Never mind all the sins of banning, beating, molesting and murdering devotees in order to facilitate this false guru regime, and all the karma that entails.

Good luck dudes, seriously. Sulochana said he would not trade 10,000 years of his future bad karma for one second of their future bad karma, because that one second suffering will be far worse than his 10,000 years of suffering in the future. We agree! ys pd

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