Friday, August 4, 2017

Broolkyn Temple Hi-jacking: Part of Larger Pattern

Radha Madhava Dasa

Regarding the unfolding Brooklyn Temple scenario:

FYI, what goes on in the name of ISKCON isn't ISKCON, it's the Bhaktivedanta Holding Corporation (…)

Back during the Robin George case: 

in order to escape getting all the temple properties taken away by lawsuits, the GBC had put all the temples in NA into other trusts names. The only one left in the name of ISKCON Inc. was Long Island, NY, which is the sole beneficiary of the original BBT.

Since that time, it has become very apparent that the "GBC" have zero fidelity to Srila Prabhupada and are run by pedophile loving criminals. Those faithful to Srila Prabhupada have been fighting back against them.

The temple president of ISKCON Long Island rejected the false authority of the hijacked GBC, and maintains the real ISKCON corporation that Srila Prabhupada founded. The false GBC have been in court for over a decade trying to get it back in their control. They are suing ISKCON Inc. from a company they made called the Bhaktivedanta Holding Corporation.

In the lawsuit ISKCON Inc. argued against the false GBC that "You're not ISKCON, you don't have ISKCON on most of the signs on your temples, websites etc. it's all New-This and New-That" So the hijacked GBC (Kuladri, Tamohara, Anuttama) approached me at that time to make a logo which would contain the terms "The International Society for Krishna Consciousness", "Founder-Acharya His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhuapda", and "The Hare Krishna Movement" so that they could copyright those terms first to have a stronger argument to try to steal ISKCON back from those loyal to SP who rejected their false authority.

I've since become disillusioned with their antics by seeing them first hand.
Now Ramabhadra seems to be doing the same thing with Brooklyn. The building is in the name of the trust he manages. I'm not aware of all the legal arrangements, but this seems to be the case.

That's why he's removed the ISKCON sign, so as not to be liable to their legal attacks using the long name of ISKCON, Srila Prabhupada's title etc.
There are those who are Illuminati posing as ISKCON leaders (Asuras), and there are those who are actually devoted to Srila Prabhupada (Devas), and there are those who are just after their own material profit (Raksasas).
It will be seen if this is a fight between Asuras and Devas, or Asuras and Raksasas.

Either way, the truth is that the Lord is in absolute control and we must depend on Him only. All is revealed in time. May Srila Prabhupada remove all the false "devotees" from his society.


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