Saturday, August 19, 2017

Swarupa Hebel's Son Cancer Fundme

[PADA: Swarupa Hebel is another person who thinks PADA is "offensive" "a mad man" is "too radical" etc. Yep, but when we said the GBC's gurus and / or their lackeys get all their medical treatment expenses paid, if not fancy apartments in India and so on, while the peons / second class citizens / slaves get basically none, or hardly none, guess what? We were right. 

Its an economic war on the humble Vaishnava citizens by a self-styled elite class, and has been all along. Thus! When these elites have a medical problem, they seem to get the best doctors in the best hospitals, but the peons, ok not so much. Told ya! 

Anyway if you feel moved to help here, that's nice. 

Of course another question we get from time to time, why are so many apparent Vaishnavas getting so many lethal ailments, even sometimes very young ones? Is this because the Vaishnava society itself has caught an ailment, of minimizing the acharyas, and its affecting many folks? Good question. ys pd] 

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