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Sanat / Mukunda / Prahlad / SULOCHANA's HISTORY / Hitler Prajalpa Program


Thanks for your question about the Hitler Prajalpa-ites. Yes, Dayalu Nita's HKC Jaipur seems to have backed away from promoting and supporting these guys, probably realizing they are not very bona fide. Yes, July 4th is Sulochana's birth day, so this is a good time to straighten out some of the record of his history with us.

(A) First of all, these folks have been saying that PADA has repressed Sulochana's documents. Wrong! We gave several hundred dollars to Sulochana to have his "Guru Business" book printed when Sulochana was present in 1985-6. And we also gave him money on a regular basis for food and other necessities, because he had no actual regular income at the time. And later, we were the first to place his publications online in the mid-1990s, probably a decade before ANY others did.

However, in 1985 the Kirtanananda people said that PADA is bogus for driving a taxi, and using that money for our program, because taxi driving is a low class form of income. You'd have to move around drug dealers, pizzas, prostitutes, and who knows what else, as we did. Ooops, except Jayananda dasa ALSO drove a taxi in the same city as me, and Srila Prabhupada said -- this is fine.

Then the Sanat / Mukunda / Prahlad people all started saying they agreed with Kirtanananda's folks, its "bad money" to drive a taxi (Jayananda is bogus?). And we are bogus for getting that bad money. In sum they STILL oppose our giving money to Sulochana, saying we should NOT be getting this bad money, what to speak of giving this "bad money" to Sulochana, and sometimes buying him bags of rice and beans for Sulochana -- so he could LIVE.  

Instead, I should have spent all my money to be taking college classes somewhere, "to get a better job" and totally forget about helping Sulochana. This is what most of our God brothers did, they became obsessed with "getting a better job" and not in addressing "the troubles" in ISKCON, or helping Sulochana etc. 

Getting a better job is the aim of life? 

Amazing, so its better to spend money on getting a college degree, and getting a better job, than helping Sulochana expose Srila Prabhupada's letters to the devotees and the public? So these folks are among the people suppressing Sulochana by attacking his sources of income. 

We also helped print many original letters from Srila Prabhupada which up till then had NOT BEEN PUBLISHED anywhere. 

We also made copies of the so-called appointment tape which had NOT BEEN PUBLISHED. 

And we also made copies of "the will" which also had NOT BEEN PUBLISHED, and then, these Sanat / Mukunda / Prahlad guys say they are infuriated that we were using our "bad money" to publish all these things, just like Kirtananda's crew was upset with us? Why do they want to suppress all these documents? Why is it they want exactly what the bogus GBC wants?

Worse, these critics even directly imply that Sulochana is a bogus person who has been using "dirty" taxi money, and that means they are totally going along with the complaints from Kirtanananda's program. What they should be doing instead is: glorifying Sulochana, saying he accomplished a lot considering he was fighting a multi-millionaire program with only a few pennies. 

Instead, they are begrudging that Sulochana even had a few pennies. This is a horrible deviation for Sulochana to have a few pennies, and they are infuriated he had even that much. That means they are upset that Sulochana had ANY support whatsoever. 

Of course, what this really means is, they did not even want Sulochana to have a can of beans, they wanted to starve his program out of existence, and not give him even a penny of support. OK that is what the Kirtanananda folks wanted. Yep these guys always want exactly what the GBC gurus groupies and goondas wanted.

(B) They sometimes say PADA joined Sulochana's campaign -- and then tried to take credit for his work. Wrong! Sulochana was in New Vrndavana, and he LEFT there to came to California from New Vrndvana to join me, to work with me here. No! I did not go to New Vrndavana! He came here to work with me, and he did work with me here. 

This is re-writing history. 

Sulochana called me from Texas on his way here, and he said "You are right, these gurus are bogus rascals, I am leaving their company and coming there to help you expose them and take them down." The fact that he left New Vrndavana and came here to work with me is well recorded in many news media places, books like "Monkey On A Stick" etc. and its amazing anyone would try to re-write that history now. Sulochana died fighting for Srila Prabhupada and these guys are not happy, he had a few beans to eat? 

(C) Then these guys said it is wrong to have hundreds of children removed from conditions where they are being abused, i.e. they wanted the abuse to continue, and they still say that on Prahlad's and Mukunda's sites etc. Oh boo hoo, Sulochana and PADA wanted Srila Prabhupada's children's abuse to be halted! Again, same apparent agenda as bogus gurus like Kirtanananda.  

(D) Then after we said that we got the poison tape from a person -- who did not want to be publicly identified, they went and identified the name of the source of the poison tape anyway. In other words, they wanted to help the GBC's gurus by publishing the names of people who are exposing ("snitching") on these GBC's gurus, so they can help the GBC's bogus guru program identify the people who should be banned, shunned and attacked -- and to dry up our sources of testimonials, tapes etc. against the criminals. 

Of course, the MAFIA also identifies their snitches, so that will impede more people from testifying against the MAFIA -- or the GBC's MAFIA. In other words, they are handmaidens of the GBC. A policeman told me, these people who identify snitches against criminals are basically TRYING to get the SNITCHES KILLED, knowing this will aid and abet the criminals. Yet! Good news is, more and more people are openly using their names publicly, and they are losing fear of the GBC and their goonda lover's club such as Sanat / Mukunda / Prahlad.

(E) Then, as soon as we announced the poison issue, Sanat / Mukunda / Prahlad group said PADA is a liar etc so they could discredit the poison issue and help Judas.

(F) Then, as soon as Nityananda came out with his extensive forensic evidence to HELP the poison issue, they started writing how he is bogus, so again they could redouble their help for the Judas party.

(G) Then, to explain their position, they made and audio tape with Bhakta das, defender in chief of Radhanath swami and the GBC's guru program. Why are they always licking the jackboots of the GBC guru's loudest defenders? 

(H) Then, in order to explain things further, they cited sections of Hari Sauri's writngs, after Sulochana said Hari Sauri is painting a bull's eye on us to get us killed by writing against us. Hari Sauri has made it his lifetime work to be Bhavananda's bucket boy, and we all know what was going on the gurukulas under these folks.

(I) And now, we have an increasing number of people asking me if these guys are all illuminati infiltrators who are trying to discredit the Krishna religion by linking it to the Nazis. Hee hee! They just go from bad to worse, apparently. 

(J) Then again, Tamals' people said that he had to go to India to deal with the molesting issue, and that caused his death, and these guys are now crying buckets of tears that Tamal had to go to India -- where he died after that meeting? Why are they not happy that Tamal is gone, like everyone else?

Hee hee! ys pd] 

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