Friday, May 26, 2017

Brooklyn Temple Sale Meeting (Video)

The GBC has to meet in the Brooklyn library, because they will also be kicked out of the Brooklyn temple, hee hee! The GBC has handed over ISKCON to the bogus "Bharati Society," so the GBC has legally given away ISKCON. And now they apparently cannot get it back.

Told ya!

And now, they have to sue and take to court -- their own guru Romapada? Hah hah, they have to hire lawyers to check their bogus gurus! That means there is no GBC, there are maverick independent fools posing as acharyas, and the GBC enabled this deviation in the first place, and now they cannot control their gurus -- without "legal courts and attorneys." 

Gaudiya Math pt. II! 

And! What about the hundreds of devotees who left ISKCON NYC because they were basically banned by Romapada? Oh boo hoo, there are not enough people to manage the building, well duh, you kicked them all out! And now the GBC people are calling all this their "responsible governance."

And what about the ex-Seattle deities that are now living under a carport, is that another example of your guys "responsible managing"?

ys pd

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