Friday, May 5, 2017

Kill Guru, Become Guru (Poison issue review: Nityananda Das Video)

Cadmium poisoning is a KGB tool: "In 1995, a Russian banker, Ivan K. Kivelidi, died after coming in contact with cadmium, which is deadly to the touch. His secretary died of the same symptoms, apparently because the poison had been spread on an office telephone handset. In 2008, Karinna Moskalenko, a Russian lawyer specializing in taking cases to the European Court of Human Rights, fell ill in Strasbourg, France, from mercury found in her car."


"Independence from, or disobeying the order of Sri Guru is the cause of so many difficulties. But it is not always easy to detect during the physical presence of Sri Guru."

Srila Bhakti Sri Rupa Siddhanti Maharaja (a senior disciple of Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakur Prabhupada) explains this concept very clearly:

"Only at the time of Sri Gurudeva's disappearance can one recognise the actual identity of his disciples. One can then understand who has approached Sri Guru with what intention.

Even after taking shelter of a sad-guru's lotus feet, some disciples secretly strive to occupy the seat of Sri Gurudeva at the time of his disappearance. Their acceptance of the shelter of Sri Guru's feet was merely deceit. They are, in fact, hostile and inimical to guru.

Moreover, some disciples try to misappropriate the opulence and paraphernalia intended for the service of Sri Guru-Gauranga. This is not understood while Sri Gurudeva is still present, but after he has disappeared from this world, it assumes a terrible form. Know these disciples to be hypocrites, enjoyers and offenders.

Even at the time of Sri Gurudeva's manifest presence, some try to control their godbrothers instead of regarding them as worshipable. Thus they become severe offenders of the Vaishnavas.

Those who have been appointed to the position of temple-manager, but who do not serve in mutual cooperation with others and are reluctant to give due respect to their godbrothers, are sense enjoyers, that is, enjoyers of the matha. Instead of serving Bhagavan they are greedy to enjoy His property. They are a disgrace to the title "disciple".

Many, who are disciples in name only, even try to destroy the institution when Sri Gurudeva disappears because the honour they receive decreases at that time. These people are most inimical to guru and most certainly condemned to hell. Those disciples who deviate and engage in numerous acts of malice against Sri Guru when he disappears were undoubtedly hidden deceivers at the time of his manifest presence."

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  1. AD: I talked to Hansadutta twice yesterday and he told me that this video by Nityananda Prabhu has convinced him that Srila Prabhupada was poisoned. He thinks that the fact that the poison used was very sophisticated means that it was the CIA. He thinks that this should be pursued, but is very sick right now and can't do it himself.


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