Sunday, May 7, 2017

Emergency Meeting RE: NYC Temple Sale (May 15th)

Radha-Govinda are the presiding Deities of ISKCON Brooklyn

The pending sale of ISKCON’s Radha Govinda Mandir (“Bharati Center”) has been a matter of interest, concern and even controversy among temple board members, congregational members, devotees and interested persons in the New York metropolitan area and elsewhere, especially in light of the GBC Body’s stated opposition to this sale transaction.

[PADA: OK the ISKCON GBC has transferred huge amounts of assets, manpower and properties over to totally independent charities like "The Bharati Center" which are not actually part of the official ISKCON movement. Why should Romapada care about what ISKCON says, when he is not even part of ISKCON? And didn't the GBC approve of making all these independent charities, really making a bunch of shell game charities, as a means of avoiding paying the Windle Turley lawsuit? 

They never even answered the first question, why did they allow all sorts of child abuse, which lead to the lawsuit, which lead to the property spin off charities and so on and so forth? And Romapada has a history of doing foolish projects (remember the Haitian disco, the Bingo hall, and his loan shark program?) so why was he made the GBC's "living" messiah of Brooklyn in the first place?]

In order to foster openness, inclusivity and greater awareness of the current state of affairs as well as to dispel confusion and misconceptions, last year’s GBC Executive Committee (now called the “GBC Brooklyn Temple Sale Committee”) will host an ISKCON Informational Town Hall Meeting on Mon., May 15,2017 at 7:00 PM sharp. The evening’s panel will consist of the following GBC members, assisted by legal counsel:

• Bhakti Caru Swami (2017 GBC Chairman / GBC Brooklyn Temple Sale Committee, Member)
• Sesa Das (GBC Brooklyn Temple Sale Committee, Chairman / 2016 GBC Chairman)
• Praghosa Das (GBC Brooklyn Temple Sale Committee, Member / 2015 GBC Chairman)

Interested persons in the New York metropolitan area are cordially invited to attend. Interested persons from outside the New York metropolitan area may be seated as space permits.

Central Library I Brooklyn Public Library
Dr. Steven Dweck Auditorium 10 Grand Army Plaza
Brooklyn, NY 11238

Mon., May 15, 2017 from 7:00 PM to 8:45 PM (Auditorium doors close at 7:15 PM sharp.)

Contact Us:


• Why is the ISKCON Informational Town Hall Meeting not being held at the Radha Govinda Mandir?

• Why did the GBC Executive Committee formally notify the NYS Attorney General of its opposition to the sale of the temple?
• Is there any NYS case law precedent regarding a seller of religious real property “changing its mind” after a sales contract has been signed?
• What is the goal of the GBC Brooklyn Temple Sale Committee, and what is the scope of its authority?


Do you have a question that you would prefer not to ask in a public setting?
Whatever your point of view, members of the GBC Brooklyn Committee will be available all day long on Tue. May 16, to hear your concerns in person at a convenient location in Brooklyn.
You may schedule a confidential appointment with us by calling (732) 447-3123 or by e-mailing

PARKING: On-street. Also valet parking garages at 1 Eastern Parkway ($19) and 906 Union St ($14).
NEARBY SUBWAY STOPS: Trains 2, 3 at Grand Army Plaza. Trains B, Q at Seventh Avenue

[PADA: This is the result of making independent maverick acharyas like Romapada, they do not care for the authority of the GBC, because they are "acharyas." Hrdayananda also tells the GBC to fly a kite. Their whole system does not work and will not work, until they agree that these "leaders" are just that, temporary managers (subject to the control of the GBC) and they are not self-realized independent acharyas (not subject to the laws of the GBC). 

The Governing Body Commission (GBC) gurus do not have to listen to the GBC, duh, because a guru is not under the control of a GBC! They will never fix this problem as long as they designate conditioned souls as their acharyas. The GBC are the ones empowering, enabling, and facilitating all these false renegade acharyas! 

Anyway, give them a call and let them know that their system stinks! ys pd]

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