Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Hanuman Dasa Identifies His Guru Lineage

Hanuman das

Sridhara Swami

PADA: Hanuman Das recently claims he is the "only person" exposing the bogus GBC's gurus. Well hee hee, maybe so and maybe not, but a lot of people are exposing them, and we ourselves have been doing that long before he was. 

What is interesting is that Hanuman now says his guru is the GBC's Sridhara Swami, who was voted into the GBC's guru program. Of course, that means the same people who re-coronated their illicit sex with taxi drivers acharya, simultaneously voted in people such as: Sridhara Swami, Jayadvaita swami, Prithu das, Gaura Govinda maharaja etc. 

So Hanuman follows a person who is "2/3 show of hands voted in" to the illicit sex with taxi driver's guru sampradaya? What kind of reform is that? And Hanuman says the ritviks are bogus, because they do not worship an illicit sex with taxi driver's guru sampradaya?

Actually Sridhara Swami was a sort of friend of ours from way back in the day, he was a nice guy, very friendly guy, but he was also a "corporate" religion type, the corporation is correct no matter what, and we have to support that. Shouldn't we support proper siddhanta first, and corporate identity maybe later, but only if it follows the proper siddhanta?

Also, him and his followers called him "The Jolly Swami." 

This is fine, except all of the banning, beating, abuse and assassinating his guru regime caused was not making anyone else jolly. Why are they making banning, beating, abuse and assassinating a "jolly good time"? Did we forget to mention his guru line are among the prime suspects in the poison complaint of the pure devotee?

Hanuman has never explained why a member of an illicit sex guru program can be bona fide?

Hanuman has never explained how a conditioned soul devotee can be a diksha guru and absorb sins like Jesus?

Worse, when Sridhara Swami was very ill for many years, some of his followers said he was ill from taking sins from his followers. When was he authorized to take ANY sins, from ANY one? And didn't Srila Prabhupada tell ALL of US that NONE of US should act as diksha gurus, because we would take sins and thus we would be overwhelmed by these sins, and this would cause us to get sick, fall down or both. 

And die if we get too sick (like Sridhara Swami did)?

Who authorized Sridhara Swami to violate one of these basic points of siddhanta?  

Sridhara Swami was also associated with the Gaudiya Matha program's apa-siddhanta, that says gurus are voted in, voted out, suspended. censured, removed, etc.


Yes, I can absorb sins like Jesus! Any questions?

So the Hanuman project has all of the original deviant ideas that the GBC has:

* He agrees with Sridhara Swami, gurus are voted in, voted out, suspended and removed for deviations.

* Sridhara Swami died in Mayapura "in the loving association" of the illicit sex acharya's program. Swell! Why does he love the illicit sex acharya's program?

* Sridhara Swami's taught his foolish followers that he and his pals could absorb sins like Jesus. This means, he is either very egotistical "I am equal to Jesus," or very insane, because some people in mental homes think they too are equal to Jesus. Srila Prabhupada said we neophytes cannot absorb sins, and Sridhara Swami evidently thinks he is above the law of the Vedas and guru.

* Then again many people think Mayapura is the head quarters of all sorts of deviations, and its not such a good place to endorse and be part of. Going there to be surrounded by and loved by those folks is not a plus?

One thing that is still going on there is the worship of Jayapataka Swami:  

[PADA: And JPS followers are asking for us to pray for him to be able to absorb sins. He was never authorized to take sins either, and its self evident he is not capable of doing so. Why was Sridhara Swami encouraging these people to absorb sins, causing them to get, sick, fall down, and die. What kind of love is that, hey I got an idea, lets make you get sick, fall down, and die! What kind of "love" is this?

In any case, we do not think the Sridhara Swami program is authorized since it is part of the GBC's guru process. We also do not think Hanuman is making any sense when he says the ritviks are bogus for worshiping a departed acharya, when he follows a so-called departed acharya himself, and worse, his acharya is totally part of a bogus process. 

Are we all going to follow Sridhara Swami now, a departed acharya, all because he was dying in the loving arms of the Mayapura crew, which is the citadel of the illicit sex messiahs program? Hee hee! ys pd] 

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