Sunday, May 28, 2017

Radhanath swami Keynote Speaker at Prabhupada-fest (LA)

[PADA: Amazing really, first of all you vociferously insist on establishing the worship of sexual predators, deviants, drug addicts, Vodka drinkers, chicken salad eaters, porno swamis etc. as God's "gurus and pure devotee successors"; And this causes ISKCON to be sued for $400,00,000 and declared bankrupted simultaneously -- alienates the entire second generation; You also aid and abet a program of banning, and beating of dissenters; And according to some ex-New Vrndavana former goons, you even aid and abet the murder of people who dissent from your program (of worshiping sexual predators as God's messiahs); This causes New Vrndavana to be raided by Federal Marshals and so forth; You also write hokey books with mayavada influence which Bhakti Vikas swami says -- needs to be banned from ISKCON; You then bury a known sexual predator of minors in the holy dham; You launch a $20,000,000 lawsuit against the people who want to worship Prabhupada, and make Prabhupada's worship a crime and criminal offense; You hire lawyers to block people from getting Prabhupada's books from the printers, and presto, voila, you are having all sorts of people all bowing down to touch your feet as the hero of ISKCON? 


And this is why the leaders of ISKCON Los Angeles are making a Prabhupada festival, to bring in this guys influence and program? Fantastic progress! At least they are not making "illciit sex with men, women and children guru's" program leader Jayadvaita swami their keynote speaker this time! ys pd]

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