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Did PADA "invent" Worship of the acharya?

Torben Nielsen / Ajit Krishna / Kim Moller's Living Guru Speaks 

about Ritviks

Here is the newfound messiah of the jagat, Rocana's "Sampradaya Sun" writer / editor Kailasa chandra dasa, living in Moab Utah -- waiting for WW III to blow us all up over here in sunny California. Why are there no images of Sri Krishna or Srila Prabhupada in their video? Did they forget who Krishna is? 

There are only some weird images of their nutty professor's Satsvarupa style of art, and images of Kailasa chandra, but no others? Why are they making Satsvarupa's style art, at all? How did Satsvarupa become their inspiration? Right, he also preaches that you need a living person .... and its himself!  

All glories to WW III Survivalist-pada! 
I am the living person we all need to hear from! 

Who is this unidentified creature (below?)

Has someone been imitating Satsvarupa's art?

Dog or bear, cannot say for sure?

The ritviks worship Krishna and Srila Prabhupada which is -- this, a totem pole of animals?

Worship of Krishna and Prabhupada is an animal totem pole? Why are Torben, Ajit, Kim Moller etc. promoting the idea that worship of Krishna is some sort of cave man's animal pooja? 

[PADA: OK so first of all, neither Lord Sri Krishna or Srila Prabhupada are even pictured on their video, at all. Instead we find these folks are making Satsvarupa's insane styled art, which looks a "more than a little crazy" according to most devotees. Amazing, worship of Krishna and Srila Prabhupada is some sort of "animal totem pole" (see photo above).

At the same time, while they attack the worship of Krishna via Prabhupada as animalistic, they describe no other process of worship of the acharya on their video, or even -- which acharya should be worshiped? Worship of Srila Prabhupada breaks the parampara, you need a living person, and the living person is Kailasa -- and his totem pole idea that worship of Krishna is animal pooja? Have they forgot that we need to worship Krishna and Srila Prabhupada due to amnesia? Who should we worship instead, a Phantom God and guru? 

Worse, by saying we all need to listen to Kailasa as our authority, Torben and Ajit de facto make Kailasa their shiksha guru authority that we all need to accept? Right, we need to listen to the people who say worship of Krishna via His pure devotee is "like worship of animals on a totem pole." That means Torben and Ajit are promoting a person who clearly thinks worship of Krishna via the pure devotee is a horrible deviation. Meanwhile, as they promote the idea that Krishna worship is some animal totem pole pooja, these guys block us from saying -- we need to worship Krishna and His pure devotee!

Srila Prabhupada also says that anyone who wears a beard is not my disciple, "so what" these guys retorted back.

Why is there zero Krishna and zero Srila Prabhupada pictured in their video, especially in the introduction? Why is Kailasa sitting outside his retreat in Moab Utah, where he has been saying California is going to be catastrophically destroyed -- for the past 40 years, instead of showing us his wonderful program of worship of Krishna? Because there is no program? 

So the worship of Lord Krishna and Srila Prabhupada is "animals"? And the person we need to listen to now is Kailasa chandra, who has no pictures of even Srila Prabhupada or Krishna on his video, the only pictured person is, himself. All glories to me!

Then Ajit Krishna asks, why should we listen to PADA, instead of Kailash? Well maybe because we are NOT saying that worship of Krishna and His acharya is an animal's totem pole? Apart from that, Ajit has no idea who originally said we have to worship Krishna via the acharya? That is not PADA, that is Krishna.  

Ajit thinks it is PADA's idea to worship Krishna via the acharya, when Krishna was saying we need to worship Him via media His acharyas millions of years ago. I am simply repeating what Krishna said long ago, but Ajit thinks worship of Krishna via the acharya was "invented by PADA" -- and recently? What! Torben and Ajit say this is all concoction. OK Krishna says we have to approach Him via the acharya, so Krishna concocted this process? And so now we need to say worship of Krishna via His acharyas is "animal life." Well that would make the atheists proud, they also think worship of God via His acharya is foolishness.  
The good news is that finally Torben / Ajit Krishna / Kim Moller have at least identified their "living guidance" as Kaliasa Chandra das, and they are promoting Rocana who is Kailasa's publisher, and Torben is defending Kailasa's video. Kailasa says that the ritviks are bogus because they have broken the parampara of living persons, the next good news is, we finally have a nice living person (from the parampara?) to take shelter of, aka Kailasa Chandra. 

When did Srila Prabhupada say Kailasa will be my living authority after I depart, and he is authorized to say my worship of Krishna program is -- an animal totem pole? The ritviks worship of Srila Prabhupada is bogus and an animal totem pole, so we should instead take shelter of Kailash Chandra Dasa? Why should people listen to Prabhupada (the ritvik idea) when they can listen to Kailasa?  

Kailasa is evidently the living person we need to take shelter of, because he has never identified any other live person, neither has Torben's crew -- so by default its Kailasa himself who is the living person we all need to hear from. And these guys said there is "no proof" that Srila Prabhupada accepts bhoga offerings or offerings of disciples, so we should offer bhoga and disciples to Kailasa? Why do they think Kailasa is qualified to accept offerings of bhoga and disciples, simply because he is living? 

And the reason they want us to worship Kailasa is, he says worship of Krishna is cave man's animal life? Anyway, this shows how desperate the anti-Prabhupadanugas are getting, they have to resort to attacking worship of the pure devotee as animal life, that means, they cannot defeat us, so they resort to argumentum ad hominem -- insulting Krishna for "speculating" that we need to worship His pure devotee. 

And insulting us for promoting what Krishna says. And just when Torben says
Kailasa is "the smartest devotee around," it turns out Kailash thinks Krishna is a dog on a totem pole. How smart are these guys? Yep, it would be comical except these guys take themselves very seriously. 

Its all part of the overall meltdown of all these GBC siddhanta guys, they keep repeating GBC slogans, you need a live person, and then, the only live person they can find are some WW III survivalist or other folks like Rocana, who have no preaching, no programs, no book printing, no temples, no big kirtana, and in this case -- not even a photo of Krishna in their video. ys pd] 

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