Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Does Lord Narasimgha Protect False Acharyas? (Andrew Whitlock etc)

Thanks for booting me off your forum Andrew Whitlock. This of course is proof positive of why we have had to make our own public web sites, blogs, videos, and of course public lawsuits, and aid the police / FBI / Federal Marshals etc. with public arrests and SWAT raids and so on, because we are too many times banned by "the devotees" -- like yourself -- from presenting information "inside" the devotee circles. So this blocking effort has caused me to be independent, ok in other words you (and the GBC) folks blocking and banning others is why we had to do that.

This is really not a big problem for me since I learned many years ago, actually around 1980, that its best to be independent and make my own publishing forums and so forth, and its working fine for me as far as I am concerned, because a lot of devotees, and probably tens of millions of public folks, later on agreed with many of my points. 

In sum, I really do not need to be on any forum anymore, the cat is out of the bag so to speak. I could get a big inflatable beach chair and sit on the Golden Gate beach, and not a lot would change. The info is out there already, and its spreading all by itself at this point, there is no actual need for me to push hard anymore.

However, as far as Srila Prabhupada saying that us neophytes cannot take sins, or else they will get sick, fall down or both (and die if they get too sick) I am sorry that you feel Srila Prabhupada is being too harsh, too cruel and uncaring when he says these types of things? And so you kicked me (actually not me, you kicked Srila Prabhupada's statements) off your forum. Yes, boo hoo Srila Prabhupada says so many cruel things like -- false gurus will suffer illness and falling in this life, and go to the lowest planets in the next life. How cruel is that! 

Really, its Krishna ultimately who is so cruel to say these things, and to make these false gurus into cock roaches, fleas and scorpions in their future lives. Maybe yes and maybe not cruel, but perhaps their quotes are trying to wake up people like you -- to the facts of this material world. Krishna also says He casts the sinful down to the lower regions, and these sinful souls thus have to rotate around here for trillions of years, is He also cruel and mean in your opinion? Or is there some standard He expects us to follow, and imitating acharyas is not one of them?  

Of course Srila Prabhupada also says if we eat cows, we have to suffer for that too, apparently that is also cruel and unfeeling? Or is he giving us a warning about what to do and what not to do, for our benefit? There are many warnings, and one of them is -- neophytes should not be diksha gurus and take sins, or they will suffer, and when they suffer, yes that means the system of karma is working nicely, because that is Krishna's system. People who violate the laws of God suffer for that. Now you are saying we should have compassion for these people, apparently because Krishna does not, He punishes them? 

Of course, if you folks were truly compassionate, you would join me in warning these imitation guru people not to take a path that will lead to their destruction. Nope, you want to ban anyone who warns these people not to take this path to their destruction. So you are de facto leading them to their destruction yourself, by taking away the warning signs, causing them to fall into a ditch. In sum, you are the person who has no compassion for them, and worse, you want others to fall into the same pit by stopping us from posting Srila Prabhupada's warnings on this matter. "It's mean spirited to remind people -- they should not violate the orders of Krishna"? 

Prabhupada: If somebody, ordinary man, makes some law, nobody will accept that law. That is not law. But government gives some law that "Keep to the right," you have to obey it. If you break this law, you will be punished. You can say, "What wrong I have done? Instead of going to the right, I have gone to the left. Both ways there are roads and streets." The government says, "No, I ordered you to keep to the right. You have violated. You must be punished." Simple thing. 

"This is adharma: "You have violated the laws of the government. You must be punished." So a dog, of course, if he violates the law, he is not punished. The punishment is meant for the human being, because he has got developed sense. He cannot violate the laws. If he violates... All the books, laws, everything -- education, culture, philosophy, science -- it is all meant for the human being, not for the cats and dogs. So the human being must know what is the actual law. That is dharma. 

Therefore in the human society there is some form of dharma. Either you are Christian or Hindu or Muslim or Buddhist, throughout the whole world, any civilized nation, they have got some dharma or religious system. Why? Through it, you should understand what is the goal of your life. If you do not know that, then proportionately, as you are ignorant, fool, you will be punished. You will be punished.

PADA: OK, violating the laws means, you will be punished. And now you have made Swarupa Hebel your co-site manager, oh swell and he and his pals like Sruta Srava das have promoted Sridhara Maharaja, one of the MAIN people who entices all sorts of conditioned souls to take the post of acharyas, so they will get sick, fall down, and die prematurely from taking sins. The pied piper of the false guru's program is our authority?

And you say you have been writing Jayadvaita swami for 17 years, and we do not know what your relation with him is all about? Well we do know: he is the person who says acharyas engage in illicit sex; he is changing the books; and he asks "why in the hell are we chanting Prabhupada's pranams" etc. We know all about his agenda. And we know you are against us attacking his agenda, because you are blocking us from addressing his agenda.

Now you say, in addition to numerous other cases of GBC's gurus falling ill, Jayadvaita himself complains he is "too sick" to answer his e-mails? OK suppose he is sick from taking karma, and you are not trying to advise him how that is wrong? And you have been associated with him for 17 years, not us? And you want to block people who point out why he and his pals are failing? 

And apparently, you told him what you told me, everyone gets sick eventually, so guru imitation is not a big problem. OK that nullifies Srila Prabhupada's warnings not to imitate the acharyas, or face getting reactions? The average karmi lifespan is 80 years in the USA, thus no, its not normal for so many "vegetarian" people to have terminal illness at or even before age 60?

And Swarupa Hebel says he is "all verklempt" about whether Srila Prabhupada should be the acharya or not, ... we should follow Sridhara's false messiahs program? Swarupa Hebel and his pals like Bhakta das still do not know that promoting conditioned souls as acharyas is the wrong idea?; That its causing their false gurus to get sick, fall down, and die? He still does not see the writing on the wall?

Sruta Srava died prematurely in our opinion, and Swarupa has all sorts of critical health maladies, because apparently, even acquiescing with this program is not a healthy process. Its amazing that Srila Prabhupada said Professor Sannyal was the best of the lot of these three -- Sridhara Maharaja, Madhava Maharaja and the Professor, because Krishna killed Professor Sannyal for promoting the false guru of 1936, to stop him from making more offenses. Apparently the other two lived on, and were able to make more offenses because they were not advanced enough to have their offenses of supporting false guru nipped by Krishna .... !!!

You folks are thus spreading the mad acharya disease epidemic, and even yourselves say these false gurus are getting so badly sick -- they cannot even answer their mails? So the way to fix this disease, is to spread this disease? Did we forget to mention that Swarupa Hebel's / Sridhara Maharaja's bi-sexual acharya's program had dissenters banned, beaten and murdered, and later their acharya's son was poisoned to death to cover up the acharya's scandals, and so their acharya committed suicide -- due to realizing he was ruining everyone around him. 

This is the way forward, Swarupa Hebel and Sruta Srava's conditioned soul acharyas process? And Sridhara's post 1977 acharyas had the same program, banning, beating, scandals, lawsuits and murders ... and we still do not know that was wrong or not? So you added this agenda to your forum?

I forgot, we have to be merciful to these people, and -- not bring any of this up?
Well that means, there is no way to save them. If they do not get the right understanding, then we will have more waves of them crashing on the beach.
In any case, its the same basic principle with everything. We can be merciful to people, by not telling them how to reach Krishna? By allowing them to fail? By allowing them to get sick, fall down, and die, without telling them how to avoid this path?

Worse! What about the followers of these people? Where is your mercy for them?

Praying to be saved from unauthorized taking sins?

We have seen their poor followers praying:

Save Jayatirtha, he is falling down from taking our sins!

Save Kirtanananda, he is sick from taking our sins!

Save Bhakti Tirtha swami, he has cancer from taking our sins!

Save Gunagrahi, he has cancer from taking our sins!

Save Kadamba maharaja, he has cancer from taking our sins!

Save Ramesvara, he is falling down from taking our sins!

Save Satsvarupa, he has intense headaches from taking our sins!

Save Bhagavan, he fell down from taking our sins!

Save Suhotra Swami, he is sick from taking our sins!

Save Jayapataka, he is sick from taking our sins!

Save Harikesha is is sick and falling down from taking our sins!

Save Jaggadish, he is very sick and cannot eat, from taking our sins!

Save Kavichandra, he is very sick from taking our sins!

Save Prithu, he is falling down from taking our sins!

Save Gaura govinda maharaja from his illness!

And now Jayadvaita's Russian guru is "suffering complete mental and physical break down" -- no kidding!


Ad infinitum ...

And even:

Pray to save the Brooklyn temple, from being sold by our gurus!

Pray to get back the Belfast deity, stolen by the gurus!

Pray to save ISKCON from lawsuits, caused by our gurus!

And even:

Guys like Hrdayananda and H. H. Bir Krsna Goswami have said they can be diksha gurus and absorb sins like Jesus -- and they have started speculating about Krishna West? OK they have fallen ...

And Radhanatha Swami buried Kirtanananda in the holy dham, to glorify the falling down as acharyas?

Did it ever occur to you folks, you cannot deviate and then pray to Krishna to fix your deviations? So what about this program's misleading the followers being placed into such illusions? As soon as we say, lets bring this out, these gurus cannot absorb these sins, you block Srila Prabhupada's statements. You are blocking him and not me, and we can see the results of your folks blocking his statements, there is no mercy for the imitations and no mercy for their followers, rather the illusion continues. 

Anyway, you and Swarupa Hebel have a nice party of promoting the worship of deviations, sorry, it will cause these false gurus to fail, and the followers to be in illusion about these failures. Quoting Srila Prabhupada on this topic is the only way forward, just like it is for any other topic. And I hate to be the one to break this to you, but these gurus are getting sick, falling down and dying prematurely, and that is simply a fact of life, don't accept it at your peril.

Yes, praying to Lord Narasimgha to fix deviations will not work, and its not working. When will you people wake up to this fact, its not working and never will? Lord Narasimgha has no interest in protecting deviants, they will fail and their supporters will too. That is too cruel, I know, but its what Krishna does, and no one can change that forever. Of course I know all about it, Krishna is a mean guy, and His statements are too uncaring and cruel, ooops, and this is how we fell to this place from the get go ... hee hee!
ys pd

PADA: Lord Narasimgha will expose the Jayadvaita guru program as fraudulent, and He is doing so more each day ...

PADA angel108b@yahoo.com


  1. "The writing on the wall is now an encyclopedia." Hah hah! Thanks prabhu!

  2. Yes prabhu, that is an exact quote from Swarupa Hebel, he says he is all verklempt on the topic of whether of not Srila Prabhupada should have remained the acharya. That means he thinks the topic of Srila Prabhupada being the acharya is some sort of comedy hour topic. Correct. And Andrew made him his second in command bucket boy.

    Swarupa laughs at anyone who tries to take this topic seriously, just like Hrdayananda and etc. Yes it appears that he thinks all the banning, beating, molesting, scandals, lawsuits and murders and so on are some sort of comedy program. Never mind Swarupa's hero Sridhara was saying the poison sabha are the successors to God. Very deluded!

    And yes, Swarupa Hebel and Sruta Srava were promoting Sridhara Maharaja, founder father of the 1936 guru deviation and huge cheer leader of the GBC gurus. I am pretty sure Andrew Whitlock is very aware of Swarupa's making the whole topic of guru a comedy project.

    At the same time yes, its very odd that these people say, everyone has to die, including you, when we point out that Srila Prabhupada warned us not to imitate gurus or we can become very sick (and die). Yes, it appears that they are minimizing the instructions in this regard. You are right, its like arguing with the managers of a cigarette company, so what, everyone dies, cigarettes or not?

    So they are minimizing these warnings as something for fools. And it appears Andrew was speaking with Jayadvaita for 17 years, but he never once warned the maharaja that he and his pals have no authority to take sins -- according to Prabhupada? So Jayadvaita did not benefit from Andrew, and Andrew did not benefit from Jayadvaita, there was no value to their exchanges.

    Anyway, the good news is, Jayadvaita's / Swarupa's / Sridhara's Andrew's acharyas are getting sick, falling down, and dying, and that is Krishna's way of cleaning this mess up, like it or not. That is how He cleans these guys up, and that is how He cleaned up the Gaudiya Matha mess as well. Andrew is apparently very angry with Krishna for Krishna's doing His job! Hee hee! So yes, is Srila Prabhupada the acharya?, Swarupa does not even know, he is all verklempt (stunned speechless) which means, he cannot say who the guru is, just like Jayadvaita and Sridhara could not. ys pd

  3. No I am not kidding, when I told Andrew Whitlock that imitating gurus causes a person to get sick, fall down and die, he said -- so what everyone has to die anyway, even you. So yes, he thinks he is doing great work covering this warning up, so more folks will get sick, fall down and die.

    Yes, this means he wants MORE people to get sick, fall down and die, after his program has already got a number of victims into this process already, and not even put a warning label on the cigarette package after the fact?

    And he says that our idea of saving people from these reactions "lacks compassion."

    Yep, Srila Prabhupada says do not do this, or you will suffer, but we can toss out Prabhupada's warnings because "everyone has to die anyway." That means he is invalidating Srila Prabhupada's directives, which is why he is promoting Swarupa Hebel and Sridhara's program -- which has caused: mass sickness and mass fall down; some premature deaths; no small amount of beatings, molesting, lawsuits; SWAT team raids on properties, and so forth. Well so what, these things happen every day, what is the problem? hee hee! Apparently there is no problem that should be addressed because --

    these problems happen anyway? So we should take no precautions to avoid problems? And that is his idea of compassion? Yep! ys pd

  4. Correct prabhu, their logic makes no sense at all?

    (A) We should not try to stop people from imitation of guru, even if its causing fall down, sickness and death, because everyone dies anyway. Moreover this is compassion, to allow these people to suffer like this, and allow their followers to be in illusion about all this.

    You are right, (B) This is like saying, its ok to sell cigarettes to children, because eventually these kids would die anyway. And moreover, its compassionate to allow these children to get sick and die, and worse, we need to block anyone who disagrees with this policy, so the children will suffer without any counter check.

    Does this make sense?

    Well not to an ordinary compassionate average guy on the street, but this does make sense only to these "advanced devotees"! Yep, you got it, allowing suffering and death is compassion in their book, never mind the false guru program is causing suffering for tens of thousands of their followers. And we should not check this, in order to be compassionate? Right, then these same people wonder why there are so many problems in the vaishnava community, not realizing, they are the cause of the troubles themselves.

    I think you are onto something prabhu! ys pd

  5. I don't get it either. Yes, Andrew Whitlock and Swarupa Hebel types like to see PADA banned, blocked, shunned and removed, at the same time, they both accept the poison issue, which was forwarded by us at PADA in the first place. So we should be banned, at the same time, fully accepted?

    They have no idea what kind of contradictions they are promoting, and neither does the GBC. So yes, basically all they are doing is creating confusion for the mass of public and devotees. "Stirring the goop" as one of my workmates used to say, does nothing positive, simple spinning in circles.

    PADA should be both rejected and fully accepted simultaneously, hee hee, yep! In any case, they are crying that we are not "being merciful" to the people who ban, beat, molest, sue and assassinate devotees, oh boo hoo, gimme a kleenex already, so I can cry with them. Having sympathy for the Devil simply increases the powers and venom of the Devil, its that simple. ys pd


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