Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Fans Flock to Justin Bieber Concert in Mumbai

[PADA: Lots of screaming "Beliebers" and all sorts of Bollywood-ites. Yup, India is going more Westernized, there is no question. Is this good for India is another thing? There were some India folks typically complaining that the concert ticket money should have been used to feed the poor and so on and so forth. 

In any case, nothing personal against Justin Bieber, he is just going where he is welcomed and wanted, but this begs the question, what happened to Lord Chaitanya's movement and why is it not getting more public attention over there, and instead, the Westernized contemporary music shows are getting so much of the attention? I think this is the collective failure of the GBC, and Lord Chaitanya's followers in general, to get Krishna more on the map. ys pd] 

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