Wednesday, May 25, 2016

HKC Jaipur Totally Baffled by "Karmi" Cop's Question

Dayalu nitai das (Dharmesh Sharma) president HKC Jaipur
Thanks Sudarsan Das Vanacari! You said we should not attack Dayalu Nitai's HKC Jaipur folks. OK fine, lets have a short review of the issues to see who is attacking whom?

1) Dayalu Nitai said Prahlad is his "senior devotee" and many of his HKC leading people have cited -- to both me and others -- Prahlad's website as their authority. In addition, Prahlad das was personally sending me death threats saying he is going to give my photo to the GBC's goondas, to have me killed (which we told all of you repeatedly).

2) Prahlad thus says he is helping the GBC's goondas target and kill devotees, and Dayalu Nitai said, he is the HKC Jaipur's "senior man." That means Dayalu Nitai is endorsing a person whose program is hunting and killing devotees, as we have pointed out here repeatedly.

3) Therefore, HKC Jaipur is aiding, abetting and authorizing a person who regularly visits their property who issues illegal death threats, probably right from their property site. This is aiding and abetting illegal activity, and worse, its being encouraged by many leading HKC people who all tell me how they love Prahlad's program (of making death threats and trying to kill Krishna's devotees). These are same threats we got from Kirtanananda's folks, why are your folks following that process? 

4) Death threats are illegal, just like HKC's using the Akshaya Patra charity name is illegal, just like the other persons the HKC folks are promoting such as Bhakta das are doing all sorts of illegal things and etc. All of which we detailed here on this blog, i.e. the HKC is in bed with criminals and criminal actions, and is aiding and abetting such actions and worse, is encouraging the people engaged in such, including assisting hunting and killing Vaishnavas.

5) So the first question should not come from PADA, since you folks think we are biased against your program. Lets take the question we always get from our friends at the police! The police always ask me the same question, "Why is it that your vegetarian Krishna folk's are so envious of you, they want to drink your blood"?

Whereas! Unlike you guys who, according to some of our police friends, want to drink the blood of the Vaishnavas, the police want to protect us Vaishnavas. In other words, why is it that the hamburger eating police want to save the Vaishnavas, and your program wants to drink the blood of the Vaishnavas? And the police themselves have said this type thing to me many times, "We police are vastly more spiritually advanced than these people, because we want Krishna's devotees to live while these (HKC senior) people want the devotees of Krishna's to die." (unquote) So why is it that the hamburger eating police are more advanced than your guys? That is not even my question, its their question.

So just answer the police's one single point for starters. Meanwhile, Dayalu nitai, Prahlad, Sudarsan and others claim we have not replied to their points, nope, it is they who never replied to our points. And it seems that for starters, they cannot even reply to a simple square one question from the hamburger eating sector?

So this is baffling, the entire HKC folks and all their assembled scholars cannot even answer one simple question from the karmis, they are totally stumped with the simplest of questions, and yet they are pontificating on so many other points? It seems, the police are vastly more self realized than they are, and that is why the HKC and all their minions have not been able to answer this question from the police for years together. Or what? Unfortunately, we also have to tell the police that the sole reason all these people want me to die is, they support the child molester messiahs program, and thus they lick the boots of that agenda's defenders like Bhakta das and Hari Sauri.

This is why Prabhupada says, first become a human being, then later you can think about becoming a devotee. In sum, according to the police, people like HKC Jaipur who promote advocates of hunting and killing Vaishnavas, are not qualified to ask anyone anything else.

Even Sulochana said, the dogs around here run up and lick the Vaishnavas, while these guys who want us assassinated are not as advanced as these dogs. Since the HKC supports a person who wants to see Vaishnavas hunted -- and killed, Sulochana says they are not as advanced as dogs. And he would know! 

Dogs have better Vaishnava acar than this? So if they want to dialogue, as they claim they want to, they first they need to change and quit supporting a person who says he wants to see Vaishnavas hunted and killed. Apparently, the police's question, why do they want to drink Vaishnavas' blood while the police want to save the Vaishnavas' blood, has them totally baffled, what to speak of our further questions! 

Go HKC folks! Write us your reply to ys pd

One simple question from the cops baffles all the combined HKC Jaipur scholars. 


  1. OK now Prahlad says he did not say he was going to promote my photo to the GBC goondas, but he did say that he was going to do that to get me killed, and moreover he did make it public to the goondas, who already have seen me a million times already anyway since I lived with the GBC folks in LA for years together. Can you guys try to get your story straight?

    And then many of the top leaders of the HKC sent me links to Prahlad, so they are ALL promoting listening to Bhakta das and Hari Sauri, and circulating my photo to the goondas program, because the HKC wanted to participate in Prahlad's plan to have Krishna's people offed and promote defenders of the molester messiahs like Bhakta das.

    So the top HKC folks are in bed with the defenders of the molester messiahs program, because they are promoting them, as the top HKC leaders did dozens and dozens of times to me, they all promoted the Prahlad site where the defenders of the molester messiahs are featured as prominent speakers. This is what happened, its history, and the ball is in the HKC court to reply, its that simple. We explained that Prahlad was making death threats, and the HKC still promoted him after that, which means they endorse making death threats. Duh! If the HKC wants to promote a person who is promoting the biggest cheer leaders of the molester messiahs and who is making death threats against anyone who opposes their molester messiahs, its going to be reported by us, thats what we do since 1977! ys pd

  2. Prahlad and HKC say that the real issue is -- that he and the HKC want to attack Srila Prabhupada's methods of collecting funds for preaching. They are saying Srila Prabhupada's open policy of getting funds for his books, temples and programs from Monsanto folks, never mind abortion doctors, Mc Donald's employees etc is totally bogus because this money is thus contaminated, and we need to screen people if they work for Monsanto, or if they are abortion doctors etc and refuse funds from these people. Where was this established by Prabhupada?

    So Dayalu Nitai and his HKC Jaipur gang are joining forces with the Gaudiya Matha folks who told us in the early 1970s that Prabhupada's policy of collecting money from the general public is bogus because, ok Prabhupada is then getting money from abortion doctors, prostitutes, meat plant workers, Monsanto folks and whatever, and this money is thus contaminated, never mind this was the whole method of collecting money for ISKCON the whole time.

    Srila Prabhupada never said we cannot collect money from the Monsanto people, or even from the abortion doctors, he never had a policy like this, he accepted money from all sources basically. Now Prahlad and the HKC Jaipur are saying this policy of the acharya is totally bogus, we need to screen the donors, so they are attacking the whole program established by the acharya. Yep, how did you guess, that is why they cannot build any big programs anywhere. Why are they joining with the Gaudiya Matha's critics of the acharyas? Srila Prabhupada says these are the same people who called him a rotten grihastha, and the HKC Jaipur are making these people's IDENTICAL complaints -- against the acharya's policy?

    And they said Srila Prabhupada's policy of meeting important dignitaries is also bogus, so we should never meet with people like Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Narendra Modi, Pranab Mukherjee and etc. Srila Prabhupada had us openly canvassing to get him to meet such big dignitary politicians, scholars, and similar people all the time. Again, they are attacking the whole process given by the acharya.

    At the same time, they say even driving a taxi is sinful because then we are then delivering pizzas, never mind prostitutes and drug dealers, all over the city. Except Jayanada drove a taxi? So this is why the gurukulis call these guys the conspiracy of silence, they want to silence the protestors of the molester beeja acharyas and not allow the protest to have any income, so the molester messiahs win by default. These folks are on the side of the deviants.

    Meanwhile, yes, they cannot even answer the first question from the police, why are they promoting a person who is trying to have Vaishnavas killed? Sudarsan das vanacari policy is that when bullies threaten the devotees with death, then the devotees should roll over and surrender, this is how his policy caused the criminals to win. Nowhere in shastra does it say Vaishnavas should cave in to death threats and surrender to bullies. So yes, they are basically attacking everything Srila Prabhupada is doing, and that is also why they want to attack his followers day and night. ys pd

  3. Right, Srila Prabhupada said we should not even participate in anti-abortion programs, because then people would confuse us with the anti-abortionist's program -- and not so much as the Krishna program. He even said we should not make much emphasis on the anti-vegetarian program for the same reasons, he said in fact that "even pigeons are vegetarians."

    So he discourages his followers from getting entangled in these mundane, at best modes of goodness programs. He said rather we need to emphasize the positive process of Krishna.

    But these HKC Jaipur guys have openly said this policy of the acharya is totally bogus, thus we need to join with them in the 1960s anti-corporation hippies program, and become publicly know as the anti-corporation-ist.

    And we need to join the Christian's anti-abortion program. And we need to join the Illumin-nutty anti-Draco demons program, and lest we forget -- we need to get into the anti-Monsanto, anti-Bill Clinton, anti-vaccination, anti-India politicians, anti-Jewish bankers, pro-Neo Nazi program, and basically start mundane wrangling anti-this, that and everything else in the world program, which is exactly what Srila Prabhupada orders us NOT TO DO!

    So they are not really against PADA as much as they are against the orders of the acharya, they are trying to hi-jack Prabhupada's movement and make it a mundane wrangling program.

    That all they ever talk about to PADA, well what are you doing about Monsanto? Meanwhile, they said PADA should be taken off the internet, so the molester messiahs will have hardly any competition. Swell, anti-Monsanto and pro-molester messiahs.

    So they are totally against the policy of the acharyas, who said, do not become engaged in these mundane wrangling programs, its all illusion, and stress on Krishna's topics. Of course these guys do not even have to potency to take out one flea at Monsanto, its all a big crap storm over nothing, they will never change anything. Their main objective seems to be -- to stop the Prabhupadnaugas and divert everything over to some sort of mundane corporation thrashing hippie movement, the hippies were also anti-corporation-ists. The hippies used to protest Dow chemicals, and now the HKC Jaipur has become the disciples of the hippie movement. This is exactly why Prabhupada said, these hippies are on the mundane platform and they will never be liberated by their mundane sentimental wrangling process. They are just another version of the people who are trying to make up bogus programs in the name of the acharyas. Of course even the regular anti-corporation hippies are not calling for the death of PADA editor, because they are more in the modes of goodness than these guys are. ys pd

  4. Hee hee, yep, sounds about right, HKC is a place that facilitates Westerners. And the HKC folks are learning all sorts of nonsense gramya topics from these Westerners, i.e. we have to protest -- Monsanto, Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, big India politicians, Vaccinations, Draco demons, abortions, Jewish bankers, NWO, 9/11 commission, chemtrails etc. so this is the result of the HKC association with these Westerners, they have become contaminated with mundane consciousness.

    We have the SAME protests over this pile of garbage stuff every day over here in San Francisco, hundreds of people out there protesting Monsanto, Abortions, Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, chemtrails, NWO, big bankers, vaccinations, and all sorts of other mundane issues, and then the city traffic grinds to a halt and just everybody else hates these protesters.

    So you are right? This means these Western guys went over there and polluted poor guys like Dayalu to become a supporter of mundane protests over mundane things? Gramya katha? Protesting gramya katha materials, and we stay here in the material world, that's all.

    You may be right, Dayalu may have been tricked into this agenda because he is a little naive. Meanwhile Bangalore folks never even mention all this horse manure, because they are focused on Prabhupada. So that means Bangalore is right, these particular Western people are not helping elevate these HKC guys, they are bringing them down to the level of the same foolish protest programs we see every day here in San Francisco.

    So your plan is a good one, that means HKC should drop all of their bogus association with these contaminated Westerners and hang out with the Bangalore folks, who are transcendent to all this gramya katha. That seems like the best plan I have heard so far. Srila Prabhupada told us not to get involved with this stuff, and now you tell us, these foolish Western advisors to Dayalu found a stooge to promote all their mundane programs. Maybe so! Gramya katha ki jaya! Yep, your analysis sounds pretty correct, these Westerners went there to exploit poor Dayalu and make him a corporation protesting stooge, to drag him to their mundane platform full of serpent people Draco demon phantom nonsense. Its a possible explanation. Anyway, lets see! Krishna does not want us to become San Francisco sign waving fools who are stopping the traffic, that is for sure! ys pd

  5. Umm what? Prahlad says we are demons because we had hundreds of children pulled out of abuse situations. Clearly he loves child molesters posing as messiahs programs, because he says it is demoniac for PADA to stop children from being molested in this project, and he wanted the child abuse to continue and not have us halt this program. That is what he has said repeatedly, that our stopping children from being molested is demoniac. Clearly he is a huge cheer leader of child molesting messiah programs.

    Then, the HKC Jaipur's topmost staff members said they agreed with Prahlad, and moreover the topmost HKC staff members cited the links to Prahlad -- and to the GBC's guru cheer leaders like Bhakta das and Hari Sauri, so clearly the HKC staff members supports the child abuse guru network, and they are licking the boots of the cheer leaders of this program. Worse, their hero Bhakta das has been selling designer drugs that according to some reports apparently can cause deformed babies and other horrific issues.

    You say there is no proof the HKC Jaipur folks supported mass child abuse, when their top staff members said they agreed with Prahlad -- it is demoniac for PADA to stop mass child abuse and moreover they cited Bhakta das and Hari Sauri as the authority for the HKC, proving they are with that process. And then Prahlad says we need to kill the people who are against child abuse, ok, more proof he supports child abuse messiah's programs, because that is their process.

    And after we said Prahlad is using GBC goonda tactic death threats to promote child abusing guru programs, the HKC still supported him, that means the HKC thinks it is authorized to have people killed for protesting child abuse. Or what? Yes, I can prove that legally. I already have, all sorts of people including the local police agreed they are a child abuse network, that kills people who protest.

    I do not have to prove anything beyond that, because the police, the media, the mass of devotees, hundreds of victims, and probably millions of other folks all agree with me. The burden of proving me wrong is in their court. Some kuli victims said the HKC folks are more defending of the child abuser guru program than even the GBC folks ... nuff said! Anyway, if you guys think stopping children from being molested is demoniac, whose side are you on? That itself proves my point -- in spades. ys pd

  6. Thanks prabhu, well yes these issues sort of clear themselves up over time. I think you are right, the HKC folks probably realize by now they made a critical mistake with their idea of making a huge public battle with our Prabhupadanuga devotees in the first place, and worse, then making Prahlad their de facto spokesman, and getting all the HKC leaders pumped up to quote from him and his site, when there are so many errors, what to speak of encouraging illegal actions, in his program. I just wanted to refresh this issue because some folks are still holding out that some of these HKC folks have been doing the right thing by saying our stopping child molesting is not a good idea. Its not only "a good idea," its the only idea. I also pointed out that the karmi police are more advanced on this topic, because they also know child abuse has to be halted immediately. It may take awhile for some of these guys to catch up to the karmis. As usual they start off talking about Monsanto and all that, which is not the topic at hand. Of course then again Monsanto people are not saying its wrong to stop child abuse, even they know we are right on this point. So yes, its common knowledge that PADA's idea that child abuse has to be stopped is the right idea, the HKC folks may eventually also admit to that, we will see. No, I am not too worried about them calling us liars and all that either, these thinkers said we were liars when we first reported the child abuse in the early 1980s. Great minds think, act, talk and behave -- alike. We are not liars, we have had our facts validated by victims, parents, the media, and now with some new videos made by other victims and their friends, sorry to have to report this to our critics, but our story is being validated more and more and more every day, and these guys probably know its an uphill battle to prove otherwise. Anyway, lets hope they quit their idea of making huge public propaganda against the Vaishnavas, its counter productive for all concerned. I think you are right, even they probably are figuring that out by now. ys pd


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