Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Please Pray for Umapati Maharaja!

PADA: Umapati swami was one of the big help-mates of Kirtanananda swami even way back in the old 1960s days of New York City, and then he was in New Vrndavana after 1977 for quite awhile. He personally told me around 1986 that all of the other 11 GBC's gurus are bogus, but Kirtanananda is the only pure one. Apparently, some other GBC still agree with this idea, and that is why they buried him in a "samadhi" in Vrndavana. 

So this has been a big problem all along, -- all the other 11 GBC acharyas are rotten eggs and bogus, but Satsvarupa is pure, or Bhagavan is pure, or Harikesh is pure, or Hansadutta is pure, but all the rest are rotten. So there has been a sort of personality cult problem going on here, the GBC as a whole are all bogus, but the people working together with the GBC, or those who are voted in as gurus by the GBC, like Gaura Govinda Maharaja, they are pure.   

Why would a pure devotee be part of a "parampara" where all his other co-guru brothers are -- rotten eggs, sexual predators, bogus, sahajiyas, debauchees, fallen, deviants, drug addicts, criminals and etc.? This has never been done, nor does this make any sense? 

Jesus is pure. And how do we know? Because! He was certified and voted in -- by the debauchee messiah's MAFIA club? Pure devotees do not need, nor would the adopt, such bogus certifications. Later on we heard that Umapati was "suspended from being an initiating guru" due to some sort of illicit sex issue, the GBC's statement as follows:  

GBC Releases Statement Re: Umapati Dasa
By: Editor for ISKCON News on April 13, 2011

Mayapura, India, April 13---The GBC released a statement today officially dated Feb 28, 2011, regarding the status of Umapati Dasa. Umapati, a member of ISKCON since the 1960s, had been living in China for many years, and was recently based in India. As reported in the statement, the GBC determined that Umapati is not qualified to accept disciples as a diksha guru, or live within the ISKCON society in the sanyasa, or renuniciate order of life. The statement is as follows:

February 28, 2011

Dear Devotees of ISKCON,

Please accept our humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

Srila Prabhupada instructed that the Governing Body Commission [GBC] is the ultimate managing authority for ISKCON. The GBC is responsible to see that Srila Prabhupada's teachings are properly represented and that the standards expected of sannyasis, initiating gurus and other spiritual leaders are upheld.

The GBC holds those who represent Srila Prabhupada as sannyasis and diksa gurus to the highest standards of moral and ethical behavior. As Srila Prabhupada often cited: "One who cannot deliver his dependents from the path of repeated birth and death should never become a spiritual master, a father, a husband, a mother or a worshipable demigod." (SB 5.5.18).

In recent years, accusations were presented to the GBC that Umapati Swami had violated the required standards of behavior for a Krishna Conscious leader. The GBC carefully considered these allegations and determined that Umapati Swami, now Umapati Dasa, shall no longer be accepted as a sannyasi, nor may he function as an initiating guru within our society.

Umapati Dasa does not accept the findings of the GBC and has informed us that he plans to continue in the role of a sannyasi and initiating guru against the direction of the GBC Body. Umapati Dasa acknowledges that by doing so he will not be accepted by the GBC as a member, sannyasi or initiating guru of ISKCON.

The followers of Umapati Dasa who behave respectfully toward ISKCON and the GBC are welcome to fully participate in any ISKCON center, and are encouraged to remain serving and residing within the Society under the guidance of ISKCON's leadership and other senior devotees.

However, ISKCON will not recognize initiations given by Umapati Dasa after February 2010. Devotees initiated prior to this date are accepted as duly initiated members of ISKCON. Devotees who have only received 1st initiation by Umapati Dasa prior to February 2010, will be required, when and if they are ready, to accept 2nd initiation from a bona-fide guru within ISKCON.

As Umapati Dasa is no longer an ISKCON spiritual authority or member, devotees of ISKCON should not promote Umapati Dasa as representing ISKCON nor encourage anyone new to Krishna consciousness to accept him as a spiritual authority. They should direct such persons to accept the bona-fide gurus serving within ISKCON and uphold the authority of ISKCON's leadership and its decisions. Those who are not willing to follow these decisions should not attend ISKCON programs.

Umapati Dasa himself may visit ISKCON centers, but only with the prior permission of both the Temple President and GBC representative. He will not be allowed to reside in ISKCON temples, nor to teach or lead kirtan at an ISKCON temple, or an ISKCON-sponsored event.

Your humble servants in the service of Srila Prabhupada,
The ISKCON Governing Body Commission

[PADA: So this is a little amazing, the initiations conducted by Umapati before all this are still considered as bona fide. Well -- he had the same illicit sex / sexual predator / beeja all along when he was giving the initiations previously? Why are ANY of his initiations bona fide at all? And he is still calling himself a swami, after the GBC stripped him of that title? What is the use of telling an acharya he is bogus, if he was an acharya in the first place? How can a person absorb the sins of others, if he cannot absorb his own sins? How can a person give pure divyam jnanam aka diksha, when he is meditating on illicit sex? 

Anyway, the reports of his mis-behavior were going on for apparently more than a decade before the GBC took action. OK they do not seem to care what is the standards for their messiahs? The good news! Its looking more and more like their "living gurus" are falling away due to scandals, fall downs, suspensions, removals, and of course -- illness and death. So that will make Srila Prabhupada emerge gradually as the acharya de facto, as is currently happening. ys pd]


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