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Acyutananda's Blazing Sari Gurus

Dear Friends, Acyutananda prabhu is not on Facebook, but has asked me to present this brief article for the assembled Vaisnavas. Acyutananda prabhu was requested by several ISKCON society leaders to write something about the possibility of Vaisnavis (ladies) initiating. He also requests that any comments be sent to his email box:

He promises to respond immediately. Please share and correspond.


By Acyutananda das (ACBSP)

l. For anyone to accept the position of Guru / acarya in the Madhwa Gaudiya Chaitanya and Rupanuga line, one must be fluent in explaining by logic and scriptural quotation the sublime superiority of Acintya Bhedabhed Tattva over the tattvas of other Vaisnava sampradayas. This includes Vashistadwaita of Ramanuja; Sri sampradaya/Sudhadwaita of Rudra / VisnuSwami sampradaya; Sridhar Swami Vallabha or Pusti Marg; Madhwa' Dwaitavad or Tattvavadi; and Nimaditya's Dwaitadwaitavad. As well as the Adwaita vad of Sri Adi Sankar.

ll. They must be able to defeat the Buddhist (Bodh Dharma) the general athiest and agnostic.

lll. They must be able to defeat the six philosophies of Patanjali's Astanga yoga, Kapila's Sankya, Jaimini's Karma mimamsa, Kanada's "atomic" Vaisesika, Gautama's Nyaya, and Veda Vyas's Vedanta.

lV. They must be spiritually empowered to plant the seed of Krishna Nam Bhakti in the heart of their disciples and vow to take birth as many times as the disciple needs to be delivered.

V. As Rupanuga's, they must present Madhurya Rasa as the ultimate inspiration that will enrich all the other rasas that the jiva can attain and that Prema Bhakti is superior to any other purusarthas.

Vl. They must be qualified to bring their disciples to sadhana bhakti. (Having good character and following 4 regs alone is not evidence of achieving Krishna Consciousness. People have given up bad behavior by becoming Christian, Muslim, and Buddhists.)

If the Guru is on the Uttama-adhikari platform and has accepted the role as teacher, he or she can bring the disciple to know their svarup identity. If they are Madhyam they can bring them to an Uttama-adhikari when the disciple is ready. TO HINDER A VAISHNAVA'S PROGRESS IS APARADHA.

Four kinds of saintly people come to Krishna: Those in Brahmajnan, eg: the four Kumaras; Those seeking wealth, eg: Druva Maharaj; The inquisitive, eg: Maharaj Pariksit; and the distressed, eg: Gajendra. A madhyam-adhikari can bring any of these to Krishna Consciousness, enough so that these desires are fulfilled or until they see that Krishna Bhakti is more desirable, even if these four lesser desires are not fulfilled.

Vll. Guru must always know what position the disciple is in (see BG 12 chap verses 8 thru 12), lest they perform mundane karma and mistakenly say it is being done for Krishna. This is known as sinning on the strength of chanting (and the 3rd commandment of the Bible).

Srila Prabhupad has said, "IT IS ILLEGAL TO BECOME A SPIRITUAL MASTER IF ONE IS UNABLE TO DELIVER THE DISCIPLE.”(SB 2.8.7p) A realized soul must know if an applicant is requesting initiation for any mundane ecclesiastical ranking or is genuinely striving for spiritual success. Srila Prabhupad would always make this statement after diksa ceremonies, "So, are you going to stay and practice and learn or just take initiation and go away?"

Srila Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati Prabhupada said, “A person will get a guru according to his destiny. People of different types vary in their disposition. Krishna Bhagavan manifests Himself as guru, being pleased with such simple hearted sincere devotees. To the deceptive He may, by His maya potency, send them a 'guru' to cheat them. There is no impediment for one who is sincere; He will very quickly meet a bona fide guru"

Although rare, women have been accepted in our line as gurus. Srila Prabhupad said "In general the acaryas are men because they should be seen as the eternal father." A neophyte needs this VAPU of the spiritual master. Unlike the "ritvik" group that says, “Prabhupad is here now.” Yes he is, but you are asking a complete newcomer to have the transcendental vision of a paramhamsa or Uttama-adhikari!!

Genuine, as well as bogus, 'gurus' have appeared in both male and female forms. If genuine, even a sincere illiterate can be empowered to give Krishna to the whole world. Taking the title of acarya is to sit in substitution of Veda Vyas and to call to the world, "Come, I will give you complete understanding of the absolute Truth. I am making myself a public figure for you to see, by my example, how a realized soul acts".

[PADA: OK this is a little confusing. We need to worship the VAPU form of someone, but no one is named? This itself is mayavada. This is the same trouble we are having with Ajit Krsna, Torben Neilsen and Kim Moller. They all say worshiping Prabhupada is the bogus ritvik idea, we need to worship someone else, their alleged living Vapu form living person,  but they cannot name any such living person to give us? Well right, and since Acyutananda says the guru must be equal to Veda Vyasa, its a little problem when they cannot name anyone even close to that standard. 

Thus! We need to worship the non-existing ghost form of a non-named and non-manifesting guru? This makes no sense at all? Srila Prabhupada says that not naming the guru is mayavada, so these people are all mayavada right out of the gate. 

All glories to -- nobody! More amazing, their non-existing guru has no books, no temples, no devotees, no existing evidence of living whatever. Their guru has no living symptoms? Kim Moller told me the same thing, we need to show the neophyte the Vapu form, ok but he has none to show the neophytes. Post dated check. We need to worship the VAPU, but there is none to worship. Of course people in Bellvue mental home also talk to non-existing persons. 

Suppose you put an ad up for a car to sell in the newspaper, and you said -- this car has no form, no name, no manifest existence. How many people are going to be your customers?

Then Acyutananda says this non-existing, not named, phantom acharya person should be realized in the all the tattvas such as Kapila and Patanjali, ok that excludes all of us neophytes right off the bat. The guru must also be well versed in all of the RASA tattvas of madhurya lilas, great, again excludes all of us neophytes. 

And the guru must be able to absorb sins like Jesus and ready to come back to take birth here to liberate his fallen disciples. OK again, no neophytes can absorb sins like Jesus. Who is he talking about then? Sorry, only Srila Prabhupada fits all these qualifications and thus the ritviks are correct to say he is still the current acharya. 

So they are making it sound like there is some substitute person who can take the role of acharya now, but they have no idea who that person is -- or even if there is such a person? So that is why they are not attracting people to their idea, all glories to -- nobody? This is mayavada, and it will not work and is not working. 

At least the GBC identifies their alleged living bodies messiahs, they say we need to worship their molester pada guru, or LSD pada, machine gun pada, pornography pada, homosexual pada, deviant pada, offering hash to shaligram deity pada, Howard Johnson Motel dwelling pada, illicit sex pada, Krishna East and West pada, etc. so they at least have some idea that you cannot simply have no person named as the guru. No person named as the guru is mayavada, its that simple. 

At least the GBC knows there has to be a person to worship, unfortunately, they think Srila Prabhupada is not that person and their various named deviants are that person. Anyway this is more good news! 

Acyutananda is not naming his alleged living guru for a reason, because he knows we Prabhupadanugas will discuss who this person is, and make various tests to see if he is bona fide or not, and he knows no one he has to offer who will fit this position. So that means we win by default, we have someone to offer, they do not. That is why our program is living, growing and expanding, theirs is diminishing and dying out. You cannot make a religion based on the worship of no one and nothing, its not going to fly, period. ys pd]          

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