Monday, May 2, 2016

RE: Banning Bhakti Vikas Swami Book

[PADA: Well ok, many devotees are falling into illicit sex. Agreed. And this has always been a problem in the Krishna society overall. Agreed. However, to blame this problem mainly on devotee men having too much desire for women is only partly what has happened. And right, many devotees only last 20 years at best, before they "fall away" (including many of the GBC's "gurus").

Yet! A worse problem is -- the GBC is forcing people to WORSHIP persons who are engaged in ILLICIT SEX as their GURUS. And "you become what you worship." Hence, there will be malefic manifestations of this malefic worship process. The worship system needs to be rectified for starters, but unfortunately Bhakti Vikas Swami's guru lineage is chock full of debauchee behaviors. Yey, BVKS has not tried to change the mode of worship, or declare this mode of worship to be fraudulent etc. which is the bigger issue here.

So the first thing that needs to be fixed, is to halt the process of worship of the GBC's illicit sex guru lineage and START people worshiping the bona fide guru lineage by worship of Srila Prabhupada. BVKS has not mentioned this change is required anywhere that we know of. Next problem is, BVKS is creating an artificial burden on women by saying they should be living in a village with their babies, but the GBC is not making these devotee villages? Its Akash Puspa, a flower in the sky. So these women are living with the artificial expectation they should be living in some village being taken care of by the ISKCON society, but what village is this?

And this is the similar problem we are having with Ajit Krishna and Torben Nielsen, they keep saying the GBC guru process is corrupt, fine except, then they say they cannot work with the people who worship Srila Prabhupada as their guru, they still think we need to work with the bogus living gurus process, which is producing all this contamination. The people who are changing the books are wrong, so lets worship the enablers and supporters of the book changers? And the enablers of the debauchee guru process? ys pd]


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