Friday, May 27, 2016

Los Angeles Prabhupada Festival May 28th and 29th

PADA: Good idea. Unfortunately, many times we see GBC gurus there show boating around the festival. Lets hope this festival gets more Prabhupada focus over time. Prabhupadanugas should go there and preach the real idea. 

I recall at one festival there Prithu das (Peter Brinkman) was ripping up our literatures and he was tearing up our photos of Prabhupada and then stomping them onto the ground. And of course Svavasa was providing the goondas on hand to make sure these goonda gurus can do these types of things.

That has about summed up the program of the GBC gurus over there in Los Angeles: rip up Prabhupada's photo and his quotes and stomp on his face, so we can worship their illicit sex messiahs instead, ok like Prithu who was one of their gurus over there and he could not even keep the basic standards up. 

Than again Hrdayananda was also there strutting around with his crowd of fawning women etc. So its a little pathetic that these Krishna West guys etc. come there and steal the show. Of course Bhavananda's main henchman Jayapataka shows up sometimes so that people can worship the founder father of the molester messiahs project. And, ripping up photos of Prabhupada and stomping on them, ok that is just about how they have treated his followers. 

Thankfully! Things are changing gradually, in part because these anti-Prabhupada folks are all getting old, dying, they are incapacitated, or people have read PADA and figured out they are rotten eggs. And we are gaining some of the younger people gradually, so its turning around slow but sure. 

Anyway! The sentiment is good, lets hope it gradually becomes the reality over there in LA. Sura das and Svavasa did a great job there lecturing against Jayadvaita there, pointing out that their GBC's gurus are falling down left, right and center, and that is a great step in the right direction. Bravo. We need to encourage more of that and get rid of these Prabhupada photo ripping up and stomping on his face people being worshiped there as their messiahs. ys pd

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