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Arcita Dasa "ISKCON is Pure"

Krishna is pure, and His Guru Successor is also pure.

Arcita Prabhu - SB 10-2-9 - 5-7-16 (at the 34.35 minute mark).

Arcita's alleged pure devotee / parampara member / guru program of the GBC is chock full of spectacular fall downs, yet their program STILL says we need to worship various members of their falling down guru lineage in order to attain God. How can one attain God by worship of the falling down? This makes no sense at all?

Arcita says ISKCON is pure, ooops -- therefore -- ISKCON worships an illicit sex and debauchee guru lineage. Again, not making ANY sense. How can we say worship of illicit sex and debauchee behavior is pure? Even children know this makes no sense!

Worse, as soon as our Prabhupada folks say that the actual ISKCON process given by Srila Prabhupada to attain God is -- to worship the pure devotees of God EXCLUSIVELY -- our folks are often banned, removed, if not excommunicated (or sued) from Arcita's program. Arcita seems to think worship of Krishna via media the pure devotee has nothing to do with ISKCON? What is ISKCON then?

Sorry, worship of Krishna via media the pure devotee is what ISKCON actually is. Worse, he seems to think worship of Krishna via media his concocted illicit sex / debauchee and false messiahs program is actually ISKCON. Nope! This is the whole trouble, these people have hi-jacked the name of ISKCON and turned it into a debauchee messiah's worship program, and its being rejected wholesale.  

God is pure, so we need to worship Arcita's "illicit sex with men, women and possibly children" gurus -- to attain God, the ALMIGHTY pure? Sorry, Srila Prabhupada says worship of the impure is bogus, is not authorized, and its not part of his ISKCON process. Arcita says we need to stop criticizing ISKCON, but his program of worship of illicit sex messiahs has no connection to factual ISKCON. He is simply hi-jacking the title of ISKCON to promote his nefarious sexual predator messiah's project.

We are not criticizing ISKCON, we are criticizing the same things Srila Prabhupada criticizes, he says worship of an illicit sex guru lineage takes people to the lower planets, not to Krishna, and we are simply repeating and agreeing with the statements of the pure devotee. Why does Arcita say that repeating the words of the pure devotees is not ISKCON? 

Worse, Srila Prabhupada says that the people who think "guru is ordinary" are ALREADY residents of hell -- narakah sah. Why does Arcita want to drag all of the people in the material world to hell along with his "guru is ordinary" program? The same people who placed a known homosexual / sexual predator of minors in a "samadhi" are being worshiped as gurus there in Los Angeles. This is ISKCON? And people have to offer their food to these people to "purify" their food? Offering our food to a sexual predator's guru lineage is the way to purify our food? Sexual predators are in samadhi with God? And this is ISKCON?

We are not allowed to repeat the words of the pure devotee without being banned or worse, and that is ISKCON? We are sued if we repeat the words of the pure devotee, and that is ISKCON? We are called offenders and driven off the property if we do not promote the worship of sexual predator messiahs, and that is ISKCON? We have had to help the children victims of Arcita's program form a $400,000,000 lawsuit against the GBC for orchestrating mass child abuse, because otherwise the problem does not even appear on their radar, and that is ISKCON? And the same people who orchestrated all this abuse program like Jayapataka -- are still their messiahs -- and that is ISKCON?

There is not one single statement found in any of Prabhupada's writings where he says we need to worship Arcita's illicit sex and debauchee bogus gurus in order to attain God. Arcita's program wants people to worship their debauchee messiahs process, ok fine, but that is their concocted program and it is not ISKCON's program, or Krishna' program, or Prabhupada's program. In fact Arcita's worship of illicit sex guru lineages is not found in ANY bona fide religion, rather worship of illicit sex deviants is rejected wholesale all over the planet as BOGUS.

We cannot find EVEN ONE statement from Srila Prabhupada where he says worship of an illicit sex guru program is to be conducted in his ISKCON, it does not exist. So the persons who want us to worship their illicit sex guru lineage are artificially claiming they are ISKCON, but they are not ISKCON, and their idea has nothing to do with ISKCON. 

Unfortunately the Sandy Ridge North Carolina "Prabhupada Village" folks recently said they agreed with the GBC, i.e. they agreed that Lord Krishna's guru successors and messiahs are usually sexual predators, homosexuals, porno swamis, orchestrators of child abuse and murders and etc., who are falling left, right and center. How is that ISKCON? 

Why doesn't Arcita ever show us even one quote where Srila Prabhupada says we have to worship their illicit sex gurus in order to attain Krishna? He can't, he won't. In other words Arcita is CHEATING people to believe that ISKCON is all about the worship of his concocted sexual predator, illicit sex and debauchee "guru parampara from God." And that is why WE can honestly claim that we are ISKCON and he is not ISKCON, because we follow the orders of the acharya to worship only the pure members of the parampara, and we thus do not worship Arcita's debauchee guru process.    

Where does Srila Prabhupada say we should worship the persons who are falling down left, right and center as the acharyas of ISKCON? ys pd


Keeping our movement pure; As soon as you deviate – immediately you are ordinary.

Srila Prabhupada: Go on. Yes, arcye vishnu sila-dhir gurusu nara-matiḥ. Naraki, if anyone thinks arca-vigraha, the Deities as made of stone, made of earth, or made of something material, and the guru, the spiritual master, “He is an ordinary man”—these are forbidden.

[PADA: Right, Srila Prabhupada says anyone who says gurus are ordinary men are residents of narakah, which is hell. So Arcita is already in hell because he supports a process which says gurus are not only ordinary men, gurus are also -- porno swamis, drug addicts, beer drinkers, sexual predators and even machine gun criminals, and he wants others to go there to narakah with him?]

So why guru is to be considered saksad dharitvena samasta-sastrair, guru is exactly like the Supreme Personality of Godhead? That reason is given here. That reason is -- that he is giving the Krsna knowledge; therefore he is as good as Krsna. Even though his family members or his friends are thinking, “Oh, he has now become guru,” still he should be considered as good as the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

That reason also given there, that even Krsna was taken as ordinary man, but does it mean that He has become ordinary? Similarly any…, our movement, it may appear just like other movement, but because the movement is giving Krsna, that means it is as good as Krsna.

[PADA: Right, our movement is giving Krishna while Arcita's movement is giving us the worship of illicit sex with men, women and children. He is not ISKCON, and in fact he is the worst case example of anti-ISKCON.]

This is the example. Ajnaya hana (follow the order). It may appear to others… And there are so many movements, and the hippies have taken another say(?), but it is not that. It is actually Krsna. So long it adheres to the principle, “I’ll enjoy, I’ll be unaccepted(?).” Otherwise it is ordinary movement.

This same man, he’s guru, so long he gives the real knowledge of Krsna. And the same man, he’s ordinary man, as soon as he cannot give. Same thing, just like a stone doll, when it is worshiped according to the regulative principles it is -- Krsna. And the same doll, kept in the sculptor’s showroom, it is stone.

So if we keep our movement pure, then you are as strong as Krsna. And as soon as you deviate from it, immediately, ordinary. This is the secret. Now it is up to us, how to keep it pure. Then no enemy can kill us. Nobody can kill you. That purity is wanted, then it will… So what is there difficulty? Their purity to kill him(?).

Follow the rules and regulations, worship the Deity, and chant Hare Krsnamantra, as you have given, then you will remain as strong as Krsna. And if we manufacture some idea also, that is no good. Krsna cannot be manufactured; Krsna is Krsna. You cannot manufacture another form competitor of Krsna. That is no good. Then failure. Just like the, your one competitor came to, even in the lifetime of Krsna, Paundraka.

Room Conversation with Siddha-svarupa — May 3, 1976, Honolulu

[PADA: Right, the worship of illicit sex debauchees as Krishna's guru successors is a deviation, it is not ISKCON. Then you are a Paundraka, you are Krishna's competition. And if you are promoting the worship of illicit sex as God's successors and equals to the parampara from God, you are not even up to the standards of Paundraka, you are simply evil. To sum, those who worship the pure devotee are the real ISKCON, those who worship fools and debauchees are not ISKCON, its that simple. ys pd]

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  1. Thanks prabhu, Yes that is great that the Prabhupada village folks had 400 guests for their opening ceremony. That is nice. I am simply saying that their leaders agreeing to be part of the GBC's deviant guru agenda means -- they have not understood the teachings of Lord Krishna.

    Actually! Any ten year old child anywhere in the USA knows that deviants are not fit to be worshiped as God's successors, so they might have 400 people who signed onto that process, or maybe not everyone is on board but the majority are, ok fine, but we have millions and billions on our side. We have the vast majority of humans on the planet now, despite Kali yuga, who are fully with PADA, they agree that deviants are not God's successors and gurus.

    This is also old news, many people told me the same thing in the 1980s about New Vrndavana, oh prabhu, there are 600 original Prabhupada devotees here, so you should not counter the program of worshiping of Kirtanananda! Yes! So many of your God brothers and sisters are here worshiping him now, so do not be an offender and challenge! Right, and maybe many of these 600 from NV are the people who are now living in NC, they just moved their bogus worship program from one place to another?

    Prabhu! This is not about numbers, its about what Srila Prabhupada says. And he says gurusuh narah matih -- narakah sah, anyone who says guru is ordinary and falling is a resident of hell, or narakah. Thats all there is to it, I am not going to argue with the acharya, I'll let them do that. If they send me a clarification of their policy, I'll print and review it. If this had always been all along about numbers being right, then we would have been wrong about Kirtanananda, we were not, they were wrong -- not us. ys pd


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