Thursday, May 12, 2016

Right Wing Hindus Pray for Trump Victory

[PADA: Praying to get Donald Trump as the next USA president? Right, and we sometimes get exactly what we pray for, and that's the whole reason we get entangled in this material world. We are praying for just about everything except -- how to surrender to Krishna. Sorry to have to report this, and its nothing personal against anyone, but Donald Trump and his ilk cannot really save us, only Krishna can. 

Srila Prabhupada said -- we should not get entangled in these mundane affairs, or we will become implicated. It is amazing when I see how even some of our own ISKCON related devotees are getting very interested in the mundane affairs of all these politicians. And they are evidently thinking how all this is going to fix things, but meanwhile they seem to have VERY little or almost NO interest in fixing their own Krishna religion. 

Seems contrary to me at least? Same thing is going on with some of the people in India, they have major troubles over there that they should be dealing with, and Donald Trump is not going to really fix their problems over there either. Its a side show diversion from one's real duty and dharma. ys pd] 


Prabhupada: And whatever plan he's making, it will be all frustrated. That is the whole history.[...]
These rascals, on account of false prestigious position, trying to be happy without God. That is not possible. Throughout the history you study. So many rascals have tried — the Napoleon, the Hitler, the Gandhi, this, that. What they have achieved? Nothing. If we honestly study their lives and activities, what they have achieved? Hmm? Do you think they have achieved anything?

Satsvarupa: No.

Prabhupada: They simply wasted their time.

Srama eva hi kevalam [SB1.2.8]

Simply wasting time. Therefore this is the best service, to revive Krsna consciousness for the human society and send them back home, back to Godhead. This is the best service.

[...] [-770126R1-PURI]

[PADA: Right, these folks above are probably not mainstream Hindus but a little cult of fanatics. Yet it is a fact that many Hindus are very obsessed with -- Bollywood actors, mundane politics, mundane businesses, cricket games and so forth  -- whether in India or elsewhere -- in any case. And the result is -- their Krishna devotion is slacking, that's the main point. 

And many so-called ISKCON devotees are on the same road, they seem to be very obsessed with modern politics -- and not so much concerned about the fate of their own religion, or whether or not there are fools sitting in the society's Vyasa seats; concerned about how the society's children have been treated; concerned whether the books are being changed; or even -- showing much concern that Srila Prabhupada issued a poison complaint and etc. ys pd]

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